Reasons Why I Prefer to Blog In The Morning

Blogging is a time consuming task that takes up almost half of the day for me.

I don’t concentrate on 1 single site but 4 different sites which is why it is time consuming.

Hence, during the weekdays, I prefer to spend my time blogging at 6am in the morning.

That is the time after my son had left for school at 5.45am when the school bus picks him up at the gate.


Reasons why I prefer to blog in the morning:

Peace and quiet

At 6am, most of the people in my neighborhood and my household are asleep.

Only a few neighbors had left their house for work as they work in Singapore. They have to leave at least 2 hours earlier before work starts.

The sky is still pitch black, only the crickets and frogs nature sound could be heard.

This is the best time to write blog posts where I need good concentration to purge out my thoughts.



by piabay


Fast Internet Speed

Yes, the internet speed is 100% faster than night time. Since everyone is still asleep, I could upload my photos at Blogjob and publish my blogposts without any glitches.

Recently, I have not encounter any missing points because I chose the right time to publish my posts, 6am in the morning.


drawn by peachpurple

drawn by peachpurple


Reach my daily goal

One of the benefits of blogging at early in the morning is reaching my daily goal at the shortest time possible. Usually, it takes 7 hours of my time to reach my goals for each 4 sites. At Blogjob, it takes almost 3-4 hours for me to reach 150points. However, when I blog in the morning, I could reach my goal in 1 hour, saving 3 hours in advance.

Therefore, I could spend the remainder time on other sites to get my goals time before I had to start preparing breakfast for my teenager and my hubby.




Ample timeĀ 

After I had finished my goals at Blogjob, I have ample time to draft out for tomorrow’s blog posts. I always prepare my blog posts in advance , so that I don’t have to rush and focus too much time on the laptop. My eyesight is getting poor now.


So, that’s all for now. Need to get things done now-household chores.


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Peachpurple is a homemaker, writes for Hubpages, Wikinut, Persona Paper


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