My Incentive at Blogjob


The other day, my FB friends were asking me; “What is your incentive at Blogjob?”

This is an embarrassing question. What is the meaning of “incentive”?

I hit the google search and found out that incentive indicates :

the purpose of a person to do something for a purpose

the object or reasons that encourages you to do something at Blogjob.

Oh I get it now!

So, here are my incentive for writing at Blogjob.



  1. Are you here to write? 
  • Yes, I am here to write about sharing my recipe posts that I had cooked or baked everyday.
  • I do write at Hubpages but more often here than there.
  • All my recipes are original, home cooked and tested by myself.



  1. Are you here to share your words and wisdom?
  • I am not Albert Einstein or William Shakespeare.
  • Sharing my knowledge would be my opinion on certain topics that I am keen or talented in.
  • I would prefer to learn from the veteran writers, experienced Bloggers who are kind to share their tips and tricks on writing online and money earning topics.


  1. Are you here for the honest interaction?
  • Yes, I do interact everyday, at least 10 posts , leaving my comments but the problem is I don’t receive any return comments.
  • There seems to be more “LIKES” than comments. Don’t you think?
  • Hence, sometimes, I just “LIKE” some posts and carry on reading without commenting.
  • Very disappointed but then, 1 point for every “like” and “comment“, I can accept that.


Blogg money drawn by ing for peachpurple

Blogg money drawn by ing for peachpurple

  1. Are you here for the money?

Well, you can’t deny that!

  • Read the redemption posts.
  • Everyone writer who had redeemed his first Blogjob payment or reached 5000 points / 10,000 points would definitely announce his achievement on the wall or blog post.
  • Blogging for earning money is not a guilt but a taste of satisfaction of victory


Good grief, writing isn't easy at Wikinut drawn by peachpurple

Good grief, writing isn’t easy at Wikinut drawn by peachpurple

  1. Are you here to cheat the system at every corner?

No, definitely not!

I don’t want my account to disappear for a stupid mistake.

Plagiarism and spamming are the most stupid ideas to apply at Blogjob.

You will lose money and your account once Sir Sheridan had been informed.

So, why take the risk? Be honest with your original work.

Write a blog post as your heart desires. That is the way you do it.

Copyright allrights reserved by peachpurple

photos and original drawings b peachpurple



Peachpurple is a homemaker, writes for Hubpages, Wikinut, Persona Paper


  1. Well…was it yesterday or Friday when I linked to one of your recipes? But didn’t take the time to go back to the Wall and hit the Like button, and don’t remember whether I typed a comment on the post or not?

  2. That is one thing I noticed about Blogjob. You do not get many comments on blogs. Some are a hit and miss. I do visit everyone who leaves me a comment. I like leaving comments, as it helps me gain a point and then at the same time.

    If I like their I will subscribe.

    I do pay attention to those who do not comment on any of my blogs. I have one I like to follow. I still read their stuff. I don’t comment on as much. Due to not being visited. As I tend to spend my time visiting blogs that return the favor.

  3. Yes, yes. I definitely agree. I don’t do my daily commenting. I do it in bulk, though. I go to 2-3 posts and leave my comments. I make sure that I don’t spam my friends article with ok, nice. Good post. I am here to earn as well not to please everyone – I am no philosopher to give wisdom and sound advice.

    • Yes, people do read the posts we blog. You can check those by checking your stats to see how many people visited. The one thing peopel fail to realize, we don’t earn from views. Blogjob members get points for leaving comments or receiving them on our blog posts. If more blogjob members would visits each other, we would all be bloggers helping each other.
      That is why it is important to build up your blog followers. Which is hard to do.

  4. I try! Some days with so much to do and to post 2 and comment or forums, I cant get to everyone because I run out of points, I don’t even know a way to increase them at the moment. But I do enjoy your posts and I have tried to cook a couple of your recipes 🙂

  5. Well, I agree to what you have written here Peachy. Although I don´t have much time online at Blogjob like before, I still visit it everyday and I read at least 10 blogs and I always comment. Sadly, I don´t get much in return and so I just stick to the bloggers whom are always commenting on my sites. Enjoy your weekend @peachpurple.

  6. I am here for the earning (LOL) so I just leave comments even if those authors do not comment on my posts. As long as they approve my comments I highly appreciate it! Comments and Commenting help drive traffic to our blog! So, let’s keep commenting as much as we can! I just hope everyone on BlogJob has mobile-friendly appearance theme. 😅

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