Weird Connection


Have you ever encounter weird connection when you are outdoor?

Today, I was at another residential area, visiting an old relative at her home.

Her residential area is located 30minutes from my house, different phone number, different username and different modem.

Now , at the moment, the adsl line of her modem was blinking which means there was something wrong with the internet line.

I had tried turning off the modem switch, on it again, still the ADSl light kept blinking.


Hence, I changed to another spare modem that she had in hand.

Unfortunately, the same result occurred.

I helped her to make a report by calling the telephone center.


Indeed, after the telephonist had checked her line is faulty , spontaneously produced a report number which I had jotted down. It will take 24 hours to 48 hours to fix the internet problem.

It seemed that the internet port had been disconnected or “jumped” which required the technician to fix it.

After I had put down the phone, I tried to go online buy switching on my cellphone wlan.

Immediately, it connected to my home internet line.

Although the modem was turned off, I could use my cellphone to connect the wifi connected to my home modem which was 30minutes from my relatives house.

Isn’t it weird?

I managed to have this weird connection and blogging right now online at Blogjob without the modem on.


Miracle isn’t it?

I wanted to make sure that the modem username and password were not mine, I had switched the modem on and went into the settings.

Thank goodness , those were hers.

Ironically, this is not the first time I could connect WIFI to home modem when I am out.

I think it is connected to my cellphone WLAN.

Anyway, I had better shut off WLAN and disconnect it.

Otherwise, strangers would be able to access to my WIFI.


Have you ever encountered such weird connection?

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Persona Paper is Shutting Down

Persona Paper is shutting down.

It is having the same problems as other sites (BBW, BMN, WE, DTC, WN ) that we had known which had closed down last year.

Everyone is blaming on the ads revenue and we can’t blame them for making this final decision.

Writing online at Blogjob wasn't easy, drawn by peachpurple

Writing online  wasn’t easy, drawn by peachpurple

What I have to say

To be honest, I had been writing at Persona Paper since January 2015.

It is almost a year and I am ashamed to admit that I HAD NOT REDEEM any money yet.

The minimum payout is USD$20 but I had earned USD$6 until today.

I do not mind if I am not being paid at all because I had not contributed much at this site.

Persona Paper is alike Mykites and the dead BBW.

I like the writing format, the community harmony and personally, I was surprised that the level of spamming is extremely low. The team management had done well on this part.



Why I don’t write at Persona paper Often

  1. The only disadvantage is the low earning which had disperse some of its’ writer from writing posts daily.
  2. Another problem was the popping advertisement which had caused my laptop OS failure several times.

According the Norton Anti Virus, it was malware virus from this site because every time I log in Persona paper, the ads kept blocking my view.

Hence with this ads problem, I had cut down on my visits there.

Good grief, writing isn't easy at Wikinut drawn by peachpurple

The reasons

Some writers had seen the signs of Persona paper facing some problems for quite some time.

People are pinpointing at Adsense as the main cause to had driven Persona Paper to step into the coffin.

When people reads posts, some may click on the ads to generate revenue to the site. I don’t click to ads on any site because I don’t trust these ads.

Time is money drawn by peachpurple

Kind admin

  1. Although the admin had mentioned that she wasn’t sure who will receive the payments, I am sure that she will try to send out payments via Paypal for those with high amount in pending at the moment.
  2. It was kind of the admin to inform that those writers who are earning less than USD$20 payout, may or may not receive payments too if there is sufficient funds.
  3. Furthermore, writers are given ample time to back up their posts which was kind of the team to be so helpful.



Anyway, I am glad to say, I had enjoyed my stay at Persona Paper, although I don’t contribute much posts there due to the abovementioned reasons.

In addition, I won’t be backing up any of my posts either since majority are rants and nonsense article.

Let us not stop writing at whatever sites that had left us.

I will be focusing on Blogjob and Hubpages everyday and hope to meet some of our Persona paper friends here.


Bon Voyage Persona Paper!

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Why I Don’t Often Write at Persona Paper

Writing online at Blogjob wasn't easy, drawn by peachpurple

drawn by peachpurple

I started to join at Persona paper in early January 2015.

At first, I was pretty active there since Bubblews had been cheating on me since October 2014.

I had to find other baskets to invest my eggs, so I was recommended by a fellow friend to try Persona paper out.

Since the minimum payout is USD$20, I thought that I could cash out fast but something had been bothering me so much.

You see, I use my laptop and sometimes my cellphone to log in Persona Paper site.

The biggest problem is the ads on the site and the so-called malware virus.

Both my laptop and cellphone are protected with anti-virus software which I had downloaded for free.

Whenever I log into my account, search for articles to read, the pages kept pooping out messages that my gadgets are infected with virus in Malay language: “Whatsapp Anda Sudah Lupuk” with the whatsapp green logo.

I had to close the site, start “Full Scan” to make sure there aren’t any virus. Unfortunately , it was confirmed a malware virus.


What really happened to BMN? - drawn by peachpurple

drawn by peachpurple

I wasn’t the only one having this problem because when I typed in the message, there are several forums discussing about this message pop ups.

I had to download Malwarebytes in my cellphone to scan and delete the ads virus.

As for my laptop, I had to reformat the whole OS and refrain from using this Persona Paper again.

In the Google chrome Extensions, I found a couple of odd plugins which I had not downloaded.

Removed those odd plugins and restart my laptop. Checked again the extensions, confirmed they are gone.

However, once I start to log in Persona Paper, the pop up ads popped again and the odd plugins reappeared in the Google Chrome extensions.

This is really annoying and tiring. I did the Full Scan and removed the malware virus again.

Now, I use my cellphone to log in this site but not often.

The most is once a week, the least, once a month.

I don’t intend to close my account yet  because my earnings has accumulated to USD$8.

I don’t want to give up yet until I could find a way to stop those malware virus from attacking my laptop.

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How to Claim your Missing Points for New Post

The first time when I noticed that My Balance points did not increase after I had submitted a blog post, I panic!

That happened a few months ago and I did not realized that I could claim my missing points by filling up the Missing Point Form. ( click here )

The best way to claim your 50 points is to submit the form IMMEDIATELY or on the same day.

If you planned to claim the 50 points after several days or weeks, you might not succeed because I had tried that and failed to claim them.

When I had found out that Missing Point Form does exist, I was too late. I had submitted 3 new blog posts 1 month ago but didn’t claim them immediately.

I tried to submit the form after 1 month but was not entitled which I believed it is hard to trace back for the admin team. It was my fault.

Do remember these tips:

  1. Always check your Balance Points before publish a new post.
  2. When you noticed that your Balance points DID NOT INCREASE after the new blog post had been submitted and published, claim your Missing Points IMMEDIATELY .
  3. It is not too late to claim your 50 points in 24 hours.


How to claim your Missing Points

  1. Fill up the Missing Points Form with:
  2. Your username
  3. Link the post : URL link of your new post (missing point)
  4. Press SUBMIT button
  5. You will receive an acknowledgement page right after the submission.
  6. Remember to save the screen shot of the page in case you need it as an evidence .
  7. You may need it to prove that you had  form if you had not received the entitle 50 points after 48 hours.

I had been experiencing Missing Points 2x a week for the past few months but I don’t mind as long Sir @sheridan did awarded the 50 points into my account very quickly.

However do remember that USA time and Asia time is different.

Do allow Sir Sheridan to wake up before you keep bombarding him with your pleas.

From my experience, it took 12 hours to received the missing 50 points.

Hence, don’t worry.

You will get your points as long you had submitted the Missing Point Form and let Sir Sheridan know about it on his profile wall.

Here are the screen shots that might be helpful to you:


Step 1:

Type in your username and copy, paste the URL link of your new blog post that wasn’t given the 50 points by peachpurple

missingpoint 1

Step 2: Your 50 points is in your account

missingpoint 2

Screen shot by peachpurple

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screenshots by peachpurple

17 Points Deducted , Again

What really happened to BMN? - drawn by peachpurple

drawn by peachpurple


I sure am glad to have posted a thread at the Blogjob Forum.

I wanted to know the reasons why I had been deducted 1 point for  unapproved comment or deleted comment which I did not do.

Having 3 points deducted in 1 week is acceptable but I couldn’t stand it when I had log into my account to encounter -17 points deductions at once.

There you go again, 17 points deducted again for a reason which I had to investigate.

I am grateful that Sir Sheridan had taken the initiative to explain the few possibilities behind the deductions:

  1. the post that I had left comments was deleted by the author of the post.
  2. Short posts, duplicate contents and plagiarism posts were removed from this site which I had commented.
  3. The entire blog post was deleted by the author on purpose.
  4. The author had closed his Blogjob account and removed all his blog posts.

However a couple of days ago, my blog points were deducted 17 points at once.

Hence, I went to check at MyKites instead of Blogjob.



Low earning puts writer off, drawn by peachpurple

drawn by peachpurple


My 6th sense was right.

A fellow blogger from Blogjob had posted an article at MyKites that she had deleted all her blog posts and closed her account here which had resulted to my points of deductions.

A day later, several Blogjob writers had highlighted points deductions on another thread forum too.

You can see the reasons of her actions at MyKites which she had posted. ( Click onto Mykites which will lead to her post)

By now, you should know who the author was.




I am sure there is a misunderstanding of the comments that a writer had left on this author’s blog post.

Although the writer had apologized to the author for her “untactful” comment, which I had not read and I don’t know which post was that about, some of us here are being “punished” for an unfair reason.

Although I couldn’t say who is right or wrong because what I had read was a one side story as I have not heard the other party reasons, I learnt a lesson that one should not act aggressively without pondering the consequences.

I sincerely hope not to encounter another BIG blow of points deduction again.

Please reconsider before you take any actions, there are other writers out here who are innocent.


As a fellow MyKites writer had said ”

 Money is not everything in this world. Your health your mind is what’s important. Fighting and bickering won’t do any good. Let go and move on”

I agree with her.


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4 Simple Ways to Create Own Images


Every Blogjob writer knows that one is  not allowed to use copyright images

or photos without the site owner’s approval.

We can use free images or photos from free to use websites such as or



As for me, I had started to use my own images, drawings and photos .

Frankly speaking, I do find that creating my own images are not difficult at all.

This is how I collected my own images in my photo lists:

red peppers taken by peachpurple

red peppers taken by peachpurple

  1. Cellphone built in camera
  • Take photos with my cellphone for all my recipes I had baked and cooked.
  • I took the step by step photos in order to provide readers a better view of how

the instructions are implemented in the tasks.

Therefore, this could prove that the recipes I had posted are real, originally done by me.


Doughnuts baked by peachpurple

Doughnuts baked by peachpurple

2) Take photos with digital cameras

Digital cameras are portable, small in size, convenient to bring along in handbag, backpack and slip into our jeans pocket.

It is easier to snap photos when you walk around the park, shopping mall which you may find them useful for your blog contents.





3) Draw my own images or cartoons.

  • I am a passionate lover for drawings.
  • I started to indulge myself into drawing since my teen days in school.
  • Unfortunately, I do not have the talent in coloring.
  • As you may see, almost half of my post were uploaded with my own drawings.
  • My hand drawn cartoon characters signifies what I think or feel that goes along with the contents. Amazingly, most writers found them comical, superb and I am happy when they appreciate my drawings with compliments.

At least someone appreciate my talent. Thanks !


chg site5

Snapshots on the screen by peachpurple

4) Use MsPaint-

Sorry, I am not good at using MsPaint as some professional writers do.

However, I do use MsPaint for my snapshots on screen.

If you are good at using certain programs , you could create your own images by adding text to

your photos taken or inserting cliparts .

Go ahead create your solely own images that nobody can copy.

Show your creativity as I did on my drawings.




If you are not talented on neither, simply omit the images.

Great articles contents is much important that could draw a great deal of views too .

Do you prefer to include images into your blogs?

Are you talented in drawings or taking photos?


Written , drawn by peachpurple

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