Read New Blogs or Old Blogs


drawn by peachpurple

I am very surprised to see the frontpage of Blogjob Sites are loaded with fresh blogs daily from international writers over the net.

Everyone of us would take a couple of hours per day to read other writers’ blogs and leave insightful comments while receiving 1 point upon approval.

Unfortunately, do you ever noticed that ONLY your latest blogs are being read with likes, a handful of comments left by the readers compare to those old blogs that had been published a week ago?



Read New Blogs or Old Blogs

Would you rather read the latest blogs featured on the SITES frontpage ?

Would you rather browse through the writer’s profile page, search for interesting blog titles?

Would you leave your comments even without reading the entire blog?



I love reading your blogs! drawn by peachpurple

Here are my opinions between the pros and cons of New and Old blogs:

  1. It is easy to scan through interesting blogs with Killer Titles when you are on the frontpage of the SITES page. (Pro)
  2. New blogs receive more likes and comments compare to old blogs. (Pro)
  3. New blogs are related to latest news on the block, up todate and interesting reads.(Pro)
  4. Not all new blogs may have visitors at all.(Con)
  5. New blogs are getting boring with non senseless articles.(Con)
  6. Old blogs with good and helpful tips are well sought by readers.(Pro)
  7. Link old blogs to new blogs attracts reader attention is stay close with the author works. (Pro)
  8. Readers do not have the habit of looking up old blogs of an author. (Con)
  9. Old blogs are not categorized (Con)
  10. Old blogs contents are out of date (Con)



To be honest, I usually read the newest blogs of Blogjob with Killer Titles. Latest blogs may not feature the best articles on the block. Some are related to rants of the authors which isn’t my cup of tea.

Sometimes, I would look into the author’s profle page, peer into the Sites that he had created and browse through the titles. I must admit, I had found dozens of interesting and helpful blogs which are days or weeks old.

Blogjob, the best site by pixabay

Blogjob, the best site by pixabay

Hence, old blogs shouldn’t be cast aside. Try interlink the old blogs with the new blogs to attract more traffic.

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Peachpurple is a homemaker, writes for Hubpages, Wikinut, Persona Paper


  1. I browse to the writers profile and check if thereĀ“s an interesting blog for me to read or if the writer that I like, wrote a new one. I would never comment to a post which I have not read. I always read before I comment. Your drawing is amazing Peachy.

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