Won $5 from Beer Money Nation Drawing Contest

Turkey Drawing that I had won - drawn by peachpurple

Turkey Drawing that I had won – drawn by peachpurple

Good news!

I had won 500points = USD$5 from Beer Money Nation drawing contest!

Yipee! I was thrilled when the admin had announced the drawing contest results.

There was 3 prizes;  the winner gets 500 points  while 2 consolation prizes with 100 points each.

I must admit that it was a good competition to compete with these young talented artists.

These 2 writers at BMN are young adults in mid 20s while I am a housewife with a teenager , almost the same age as them!

The turkey drawing contest was officially announced on 25th November 2015 in order to celebrate Thanksgiving Day which was just a day away.

The criteria was to:

  1. draw a turkey by hand
  2. write BMN somewhere in the picture
  3. put in your username
  4. upload to imgur website
  5. send the link to the comment box in the post where the competition was held.


It took me 3 minutes to draw the turkey since I am familiar with drawing cartoons. Sketching was a breeze for me but the hardest part were taking the photo with my Lenovo cellphone and uploaded it to imgur site.

I got panicked when my cellphone was running low on battery. As you can see, the drawn picture was not very clear but I had managed to snap 2 photos of them and uploaded them as fast as I can.

As for imgur, you are required to register , which was quite fast, in order to keep your images uploaded . For guest user, you need not register the site since you are there to view it. 

At Beer Money Nation, you are able to participate contests and giveaways to win points.

Previously, there was a giveaway contest for best comments to thank for on Thanksgiving day. 3 writers had won with 100 points each. My heartiest congratulation to them!

The best part was getting congratulate response from friends. I felt so delighted and happy with their kind and encouraging comments.

Thank you everyone here and there for your well wishes.

Yes! I have won !


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drawn by peachpurple


Beer Money Nation Review

Blogg money drawn by ing for peachpurple

Blogging money drawn by peachpurple

Recently, I had found another blogging online site where you can earn fast money as Blogjob.

It uses WordPress format as Blogjob but a few features are different on the platform.

It is called Beer Money Nation ( popularly known as BMN ). Join HERE 

1 point equals USD$0.01, which is similar to Blogjob.

Here are the tips how you can earn your points:

  1. Every new, original written post = 10p
  2. Every comment on other writer’s post = 1p
  3. Reply comments on your post = 2p
  4. Update your or other writer’s wall = 0.5p
  5. Update your profile = 0.5p
  6. Referral link -someone registers under your link = 50p
  7. Daily log in = 1p
  8. First time register , immediately gets =10p
  9. Approve comment = 1p

Here are my honest review on Beer Money Nation after I had registered on 16-11-2015

drawn by peachpurple

I love BMN =drawn by peachpurple



  • No words limit, as long your post is related to the category chosen. A few writers had published 1 long sentence (approximately 10 words )with an originally taken picture uploaded at imgur, gets approved and earned 10p. However, most writers write at least 100 words for every post.
  • Categories are fixed. Most posts are in the Uncategorized or Off Topic category. Hence, no messy, unorganized categories.
  • You can edit your post when it is still under Pending.
  • Contest and competitions are frequently organized by the admin to encourage writers to join in. Prizes are very eye-catching. I had won 500p (USD$5) for winner of Turkey drawing contest. Consolation prize for 2 person with 100p each (USD$1)
  • Lots of Forumcoin and Blogjob friends had registered. Feel at home with people I know. @grecy095 is the most active and top writer at Beer Money Nation.
  • You can send PM (Private Message) to your friends. It is hidden from the public.
  • Quick to reach redeem points. Minimum required 500p = USD$5, writers are eager to reach goal daily.
  • Redeem points option: Bitcoin, Paypal, Google Wallet and Amazon Gift Card


Good grief, writing isn't easy at Wikinut drawn by peachpurple

Good Grief with the cons= drawn by peachpurple


  • Lots of rant posts daily. Some of the posts are very short. Writers are trying to earn 10p just to publish a post. No informative contents.
  • You cannot create your own category.
  • No set featured image. You have to use imgur to upload your image online. Then copy the jpg link of your photo and paste in your post.
  • You cannot edit your post after published.
  • Needs 24-48 to approve your posts. You won’t be able to see all 10 posts at once or the next day. By luck, you may get 5 approved, the rest wait for another day.
  • Spamming comments are rising. Had to report the spammers to the admin.
  • You have to keep track of your published post on your own. You can see the first 12 post under your username but the old posts are hidden.
  • No Forum or groups for writers to join. No discussion here.

Overall, I would say, GO FOR IT! If you are lazy to write 300 words here, go for Beer Money Nation. Lots of writers from are writing 100 words or less on BMN and earning 10p . I must admit that Blogjob gives better earning for writing post (50p).


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Original drawing by peachpurple


Hubpages Review


I love Hubpages – drawn by peaachpurple



This is my review on Hubpages, a blogging website which I had been writing for 5 years.

Next year will be the 6th year of blogging, the longest ever for me.

Hubpages is similar to Blogjob, Squidoo, Helium.

My profile page is Peachpurple Hubpages

When you create a new article, it is called “Hubs” which is similar to “Blogs” as to Blogjob.

In this site, you will earn money through different programs or so-called “sites”


Time is money drawn by peachpurple

Earning money at Hubpages drawn by peachpurple


How do you earn money at Hubpages

  • Sign up for Hubpages Earning Program
  • Sign up at Ebay
  • Sign up at Amazon
  • Sign up at Adsense
  • Share your referral links
  • ( Please use my Peachpurple referral Link, appreciated with thanks )
  • Join in Hub Contests
Writing online at Blogjob wasn't easy, drawn by peachpurple

Writing online at Hubpages wasn’t easy, drawn by peachpurple

 What should you do at Hubpages

  1. Write at least 700 words per hub
  2. Include your original images , photos, put the credits under your name
  3. You can use pixabay, freedigitalphotos, any free to use image website , remember to put credit under the site name
  4. You can include video, polls, quiz, recipe layout into your hub
  5. You can include capsules ( links ) to Amazon, Ebay which attracts your readers to click the ads. You earn money from there.
  6. You can use ready-made layouts or templates offered by Hubpages when you “Start a Hub”
  7. You can learn how to use Hubapges through the Learning center which is the FAQ, full of step by step instructions to guide you along.
  8. The community is user-friendly, helpful, leaves insightful comments to each newbies and regular members.
  9. You can Flag down user or Report Spam if you find the comments or hubs are inappropriate , spamming and plagiarism. The buttons are there for you to click on.
  10. Minimum payout USD$50, you can accumulate your monthly earnings. Once your earnings reached USD$50, it will automatically transfer your earnings to your Paypal  on the 28th of the next month.


If you are looking for a long-term earning site, I would recommend you to try Hubpages.

If you are looking for a good site with useful contents, helpful tips, Hubpages is for you.

However, if you are looking for a site to earn quick money in 2 weeks, Hubpages isn’t going to turn you a millionaire that quick.

Have a look at my recipes, crafts and articles at Peachpurple Hubpages and you will understand why I love that site.

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Photo and drawing credits: peachpurple

Read New Blogs or Old Blogs


drawn by peachpurple

I am very surprised to see the frontpage of Blogjob Sites are loaded with fresh blogs daily from international writers over the net.

Everyone of us would take a couple of hours per day to read other writers’ blogs and leave insightful comments while receiving 1 point upon approval.

Unfortunately, do you ever noticed that ONLY your latest blogs are being read with likes, a handful of comments left by the readers compare to those old blogs that had been published a week ago?



Read New Blogs or Old Blogs

Would you rather read the latest blogs featured on the SITES frontpage ?

Would you rather browse through the writer’s profile page, search for interesting blog titles?

Would you leave your comments even without reading the entire blog?



I love reading your blogs! drawn by peachpurple

Here are my opinions between the pros and cons of New and Old blogs:

  1. It is easy to scan through interesting blogs with Killer Titles when you are on the frontpage of the SITES page. (Pro)
  2. New blogs receive more likes and comments compare to old blogs. (Pro)
  3. New blogs are related to latest news on the block, up todate and interesting reads.(Pro)
  4. Not all new blogs may have visitors at all.(Con)
  5. New blogs are getting boring with non senseless articles.(Con)
  6. Old blogs with good and helpful tips are well sought by readers.(Pro)
  7. Link old blogs to new blogs attracts reader attention is stay close with the author works. (Pro)
  8. Readers do not have the habit of looking up old blogs of an author. (Con)
  9. Old blogs are not categorized (Con)
  10. Old blogs contents are out of date (Con)



To be honest, I usually read the newest blogs of Blogjob with Killer Titles. Latest blogs may not feature the best articles on the block. Some are related to rants of the authors which isn’t my cup of tea.

Sometimes, I would look into the author’s profle page, peer into the Sites that he had created and browse through the titles. I must admit, I had found dozens of interesting and helpful blogs which are days or weeks old.

Blogjob, the best site by pixabay

Blogjob, the best site by pixabay

Hence, old blogs shouldn’t be cast aside. Try interlink the old blogs with the new blogs to attract more traffic.

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Why I Quit Triond

Low earning puts writer off, drawn by peachpurple

Low earning puts writer off, drawn by peachpurple


Triond is one of the popular online publishing website that publishes anything that you write which is almost similar to Hubpages and Wikinut. I like the quick and easy way to upload my photos and publish my new articles promptly, without any glitches or error messages.

I had been Triond member since 2012 and had published 12 articles so far. Why I quit Triond? I am sure that I may not be the only one who had gave up on Triond. Just to share with you, these are the reasons why I quitted Triond:

  1. Low Earning-

Each new article that I had published, I would receive 5-11 views per day. As the earning is calculated by 1000 views @0.01 cent, it is impossible for me to reach the minimum payout amount of 50 cents. The earning was ridiculously low and it was impossible for me to reach 1000 views for an article. My last earning for the whole year was USD$0.23 cents!! When will I ever reach 0.50cents?!!

  1. Low Views-

Each day, my total views for all 12 articles are 7-10 views per day. I did try to add in one or two new articles but the views increased by 2-3 views. Hence, I deleted and removed all 12 articles and moved them to Blogjob. I was astounded that each article could attract at least 30-50 views !

  1. Wrong category-

Triond often published my articles under the wrong category. For example, my food recipes are posted under the “Shopping” category. I had reported the mistake to Triond but nothing was done. It remained under the wrong category until I deleted the article.

  1. No forums or community support-

When you have a problem, there is no place such as forums or community support where you can post your questions or seek any answers. The only way out is to ask other Triond members for help. Fortunately, there are many kind and helpful Triond members who are willing to give a helping hand. Hence, it depends on your luck to find the right friends who could help you to solve your problems.

  1. Not Found In Google-

Even I had posted my 12 articles at various sharing media websites, I still could not find any of my Triond articles at Google search Engine. I tried typing in my article title or part of the sentences but failed to search anything. However, if I repeat the same procedure after I had posted my Triond articles (which were removed earlier on ) at Blogjob, I could find at least 3-4 articles at Google search engine.

Why Triond is not my cup of tea?

  1. Triond is a great place for freelance writers who are keen in publishing articles for better viewership because Triond allowwriters to share their posts at many sharing media websites which are locate just next to the “contents” section.
  2. Triond is not a revenue sharing website for you to earn fast money as Blogjob. Since my purpose of writing is to earn some pocket money, Triond is just not my cup of tea.
  3. I quitted Triond, deleted my 12 articles and removed them before I post them to Blogjob.

Anyway, this is just my opinion, some may not agree to my reasons but I am sure glad that I had done the right decision by removing my Triond articles to Blogjob. At least someone is reading my hard work! Greatly appreciated Blogjob friends and non-friends and guests!

Thanks for reading my article.


How to Detect Spamming Comments

Writing article is an enjoyable hobby for me.

Most of us writers expect to read some comments left by our faithful viewers after publishing each blog everyday.

It is nice to have honest comments, encouraging advises and words of appreciation to show how well sought are our blogs.
However, how do we detect comments left is consider spam or not?

Lately, I had noticed several of the comments left on my articles which are spam ads and links to different websites. These spam comments are detected by Akismet which co-operated by WordPress.

I am sure that I am not the only one  who is facing spamming comments as I had read several Blogjob writers posting blogs regarding these issue.

It is a good news that writers had united, work together to stop spammers from spreading by notifying the Blogjob support team by flagging or report them.


Here are 5 useful tips to detect spammer comments:

Good grief, writing isn't easy at Wikinut drawn by peachpurple

drawn by peachpurple

1. Guest User-
Weird usernames such as “Online shopping deals” or “Commercial Carpet” are definitely sales people. None of the writers that I had followed use this straight forward usernames which clearly stated that they are not genuine writers at Blogjob. These are spammers from external sites, as @laksh had mentioned.

In addition, look at their email address. They registered odd email address under weird websites. I had seen some porno emails on my spammer emails. Remember not to open them.



2. Same Off Topic Comments-
Leaving the same sentences in the comment box of different writers is consider spamming too.

The most common comments are:

# Hello my friend! I wish to say that this post is amazing, great written and come with approximately all important infos. I would like to peer extra posts like this .

# Thanks for the sensible critique. Me & my neighbor were just preparing to do a little research about this. We got a grab a book from our area library but I think I learned more from this post. I’m very glad to see such wonderful info being shared freely out there.
# 154388 20912Thank you for your extremely great info and feedback from you. san jose used car 889129

You may notice that these comments are not related to your blog contents at all.

Copy and paste the same comment on different articles across Blogjob, that is something we should not do.



3. Advertisement Comments-

These fake writers or maybe Guests usually add in external links and writes something that is totally off the topic. Some of them are external readers, non registered Blogjob writers.

In other words, not related to your blogs.

One good example I had recently read was:

Guys I just want to share this incredible way to make $3,500 a month online by taking paid surveys (https://hopcube.net/paid-surverys-online-now.html), yes it is crazy right from home on your free time you take surveys for companies that need information from regular people about new products and you get paid, this is a great way to make some serious extra cash each month. read more at https://hopcube.net/paid-surverys-online-now.html , I hope I to help someone at blogjob.com by sharing this. 

( I am sure you had seen this message, right? )



4. Empty profile page

Most fake writers profile page is empty, blank, no avatar and no blog.

Avoid these people.

Do not click connect to them.

Press “Delete permanently
What you should do:

Report immediately to Blogjob @sheridan regarding this fake writers.

They will take actions against those annoying people and we genuine writers will have a peace of mind.

Do not allow spammers to write freely.

Let us all stop spammers from spreading.

Thereto, writers will feel much comfortable, happy and continue writing at Blogjobor  for many years to come.

Hope that these tips are helpful.

Do you have any other tips to share with me?

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