How to Remove Comments Moderation

Do you find that it is very irritating when your comments submitted were left under moderation until the author approves it?


“Your comment is awaiting moderation.” – this is the message that appears after you hit the Post Comment Button.


drawn by peachpurple

drawn by peachpurple

This indicate the the author had to read your comments first before he approves it and appeared in the article.

When your comment is left under moderation, you will not earn any point until the author approves it too.

No wonder less readers are reading latest blogs published.

Look around your own blogs, count the number of comments. How many are there in each of your blogs? Mine could hardly reach a handful. Worst scenario is ZERO comment which left me hung up dry and disappointed.

Everyone would rather join forums, groups , leave comments on the walls of the author to receive immediate points. It is much easier to collect points at these sites but leaving comments on blogs help writers to communicate with each other better.

Hence, in order to encourage your followers to read and leave comments on your blogs, remove the comment moderation option. Then whenever your follower leaves his comment, it will appear immediately which means new comments are automatically approved , giving your readers 1 point to gain. That would make him happy.

Don’t let your readers wait for his pending point.
This is how you can remove the comment moderation

comment 1

  1. Go to my sites
  2. Select the site that you want to remove the moderation option
    (For example: I chose Festival & Holidays)
  3. Go to Dashboard -> select Settings ->go to Discussion



comment 2

  1. On your right hand side , you can find a list of option you can manage over the comments under your wings.
  2. Scroll down to “Before a comment appears “, UNCHECK both boxes, don’t select any of them.
  3. Press Save changes

The next time any of your new and old blogs under this site will self approve all comments immediately.
Blogjob would not wait for your comment approval.
Your readers will receive 1 point immediately.

A win-win situation for both sides.

Now, everyone is happy

A win win situation to encourage your readers to give read and comment.


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Peachpurple is a homemaker, writes for Hubpages, Wikinut, Persona Paper


  1. That sounds like a good idea. I didn’t realize people wouldn’t comment if they didn’t get points right away. I think it is silly. As you will still get the points. I am in my email all day long. So, I accept moderated posts right away. Unless I am in sleeping, they must wait. I have it where members are moderated for their first comment on my stuff. As I have seen a rise in spam comments.

  2. But, doesn’t the blog owner get a point for approving each comment also? Hmmm. I guess it would still be better to get more people commenting than it would be to get the one point. I’ll have to look for the setting for that.

  3. @thisnthat just to inform you, I had tested out 2 different writers blogs.

    @iyanpol12 blog doesn’t have “waiting for approve comment”. So when I posted my comment, immediately received 1 point for approved comment

    @calondra101124 blog needs “waiting for approve comment” When I posted my comment, I didn’t get any point.

    Maybe you can test out on different writers blogs and see your points

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