Write at Blogjob for Money or Hobby

Time is money drawn by peachpurple

Time is money drawn by peachpurple

I am extremely amazed the daily articles posted at Blogjob are truly entertaining to read.
I have to admit that majority blogjob writers are great at writing personal rants, special events, writer opinions on politics, product  reviews, health related articles and especially Asian/Western recipes which I love most.
I love to write Blogjob in order to share with everyone whatever knowledge I have and topics that I have deep passion in.
You may read some of my blogs that provide tips and advice to guide readers to solve common encountered problems related to health and parenting self help.
Article writing helps one another in various topics.
Writing online at Blogjob wasn't easy, drawn by peachpurple

Writing online at Blogjob wasn’t easy, drawn by peachpurple

Write as a hobby or money purpose
Some writers write at Blogjob as a hobby, to exchange knowledge, to learn how to improve their writing skills or knowledge or maybe to kill their boredom because they feel lonely, no one to talk to since they are living far apart from friends or family.
Writing at this site  not only helps the lonely writers to gain International friends , the authors are able to interact with each other without verbal communications involved.
However, I write at Blogjob for the sake of earning extra pocket money which I believed that I am not the only one doing so.
This is my honest answer which I am sure most writers are here for this purpose.
To earn sufficient points to cash out money for personal usage.
drawn by peachpurple

drawn by peachpurple

Points to achieve
It is not difficult to write various articles to reach the minimum payout of $25 ( 5000 points ) at Blogjob.
You will earn 1 point for :
  • each comment submitted in blogs you read,
  • another author’s wall page,
  • your own wall update
  • Log in ( 2 points )
  • joining a new group
  • accept new friendship
  • like the group you had participated

The best part is earning 50 points for a new blog posted with at least 300 words.

A blog is an article or a post.

With the maximum limit of 150 points per day, it is easy to hit the goal with 2 blogs and 50 activities in several hours.


Blogg money drawn by ing for peachpurple

Blogg money drawn by ing for peachpurple

Writing for money not a hobby?

It would be unfair to admit that writing here is solely to earn the points for the sake of cashing out the money.

I do enjoy writing here because I share my hobbies and passion with everyone too.

Writing recipe blogs are my hobby, sharing my successful attempts in baking cakes, cookies and daily cooking homemade meals for my family.

I do feel happy when people read my recipes, complimented my cooking and baking skills which I do not received at home. You will feel that your effort is being appreciated by someone else, nothing had gone wasted at all.

Most of us must had started off  writing blogs as a hobby but eventually it turned out to be an obsession in earning money to ease your financial problems.

Time is money, money is never enough.


Do you write at Blogjob as part of your hobby or for the sake of earning money?

Appreciate your honest answer.

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drawn by peachpurple

Review: ForumCoin is a Legit Site


forumcoin new post by peachpurple



I first got to know ForumCoin when a fellow member of Persona Paper had mentioned that he had earned USD$25 at this site in the shortest time. I was keen to know more after I had read numerous reviews confirming that ForumCoin  is a legit site that pays members.


What is ForumCoin?

It is a website that fellow members create new questions in the forum. They refer questions as “posts”. So, you won’t be reading any articles or posts there, only loads of questions. You can also earn more coins by using your referral code to gather new members to register here. In addition, you are able to use ForumCoin as a virtual currency to buy and sell items or services you offer to international members.


How do you earn money?

At ForumCoins, you earn 1-2 points per comment you left in the forum questions.

These are the coins you can earn:

  • General Chat – Off Topic: 1.5 Coin per topic and per post
  • CGT – Computers, Gaming & Technology : 1.5 Coin per topic and per post
  • Webmaster Questions, Discussion & News: 2 Coin per topic and per post
  • Business, Money & Wealth – BMW Forum: 2 Coin per topic and per post
  • New Member Introductions: 2 Coin per topic and 1 Coin per post
  • Posts in other forum sections also reward Coin, but in smaller amounts, generally 1 or 2 Coin per post and per topic.


25 Coins for every new member you refer to ForumCoin. To count as a referral the member referred must have made at least 20 posts on our forum. Honestly, this is easier to increase your coins in a day.


forumcoin points and post by peachpurple


How many posts ( questions) you can answer per day?

Each members has the limit to answer 17 posts per day. Which means, each new topic you post online is considered as 1 post and each comment you left in the forum question is considered as 1 post. too. So, out of 17 posts, you have another 15 posts to go. After you had reached 17 posts, you will not earn any more coins even you had exceeded 20 posts. In other words, 17 posts x 2 coins ( maximum), you will earn 34 coins per day.


How do I cash out?

You will need to earn 500 coins in order to cash out USD$5 through Paypal or Amazon gift vouchers or buy a Domain Name. Most members prefer the cash but you have to send your paypal address through PM to the team member. It takes around 14 days to reach 500 coins, you may cash out USD$10 in a month. Not bad and fast earning online.


What is Reputation?

Reputation is the points that you earned when fellow members liked your comments or suggestions. After you had left insightful comments which are helpful, the writer may press a thumbs up button to give you 1 reputation point and rate you. If you leave bad or negative comments, you will receive a thumbs down and minus 1 point . More reputation points indicate that you are a helpful commentor



Currently, my total coins are 420, another 80 coins to reach the minimum cash out. Most people had cashed out several times, so it is a legit site. When I have received USD$5, I will write a blog about it to let you know. So, why wait? Join ForumCoin Now!


Latest Update

With effect from 1st November, all Forumcoin members are allowed to post 10 posts per day. The previous 17 posts had been reduced due to falling rates. You can read more details HERE



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Tips to Promote your Blogs – Increase Traffic Views

Blogjob, the best site by pixabay

Blogjob, the best site by pixabay

Writing at Blogjob is a wonderful site for me.


Aside from publishing my post at Blogjob, I could share the link of my new blogs on different social media sites which are available for me to choose to share or not.


Although it is not compulsory to do so, I make it a habit to share a link of my new post at:


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Linkedin
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest


I did noticed that most writers do not promote their blogs elsewhere. Maybe they do obtain good traffic from Blogjob internal traffic itself.

Unfortunately, my traffic flow is not as high as theirs. Therefore, I had to think of another way to bring in eternal traffic in order to increase my points.

share medias by pixabay

share medias by pixabay

To share or not ?

There should not be any problem with the share media sites because I find more traffic coming into my articles after the URL link was posted.

I am sure Blogjob team would love to have high traffic flow coming in from both inside and outside of Blogjob site.

If it is not encouraged, why would Blogjob provide these  sharing media sites on the top banner of each article, right?


Optional social media sites

Besides the abovementioned 6 share media sites, you could opt for additional sites for more traffic:


  • DIGG
  • Skyrock
  • Blogger
  • WordPress
  • Reddit
  • TSU
  • Redgage
  • DIGG
  • Stumbleupon
  • Delicious
  • Wikinut

Frankly speaking, I do get lots of response from Redgage and Stumbleupon but not the rest. You can check your traffic views from Google Analystic.


I have to admit that internal traffic from Blogjob gives me more points than any share media and writing online sites that I had ever tried my hands on.

Therefore, I regarded these share media sites as the gears to bring in traffic flow to my published articles at Blogjob.

Other methods to promote my articles

In addition to it, I also tried my luck at answering questions by joining forums , Yahoo Answers.

I target on those questions which are related to my Blogjob articles so that I could share my related article link to help people to find answers.

However, do not spam your links at these questions and answers sites.

They might ban or close your account for spamming.



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photo credits: pixabay

Tips to Save your Files | Blogs


data storage by pixabay

data storage by pixabay

As a writer, everyone has to make a good habit to save his data files in a storage device. It could be virtual or store bought device to save your hard work.

Where do you save your files

Saving your important documents and photos or movies in the hardisk is not 100% safe because there is a 10% chance that your hard disk may become faulty, not readable one day without any symptoms.

All of a sudden and your files/blogs are gone for good. No point crying over spill milk.

Storage Devices

In my opinion; I saved all my files / blogs  in 3 different storage devices:

  1. Laptop hardisk -daily
  2.  32GB pendrive-daily
  3. External hardisk-daily
  4. Online Website ( Evernote)-occasional
  5. Cloud Storage (online storage for files and pictures)-occasional

Although I must admit that saving at these 3 devices at the same time after completion of typing is a troublesome chore, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Since my laptop has 3 USB drive, it is easy to plug in the external hardisk and pendrive after I boot up my laptop.

Once I had completed tying in Msword, I saved my draft posts in the three storage places I had mentioned.

Why I would rather go through the troublesome chore?

Touch wood! Just in case if my pendrive fails to recover the files and my laptop goes unreadable/missing/gone for sure  without any warning, at least I had my files kept safely in the external hardisk.

I remembered once my external hardisk went unreadable (missing/gone for sure ) instead and at the same time, I had virus in the laptop hardisk that goes dozens of “error messages”.

All my files were wiped out, I couldn’t retrieve them back with any software and I went bonkers!

Luckily, I had saved my last posts in the pendrive which had saved my day.

Otherwisie, all my hardwork is gone into the drain for nothing.


More option to save your files / blogs

  • Save in a desktop folder.
  • Save in drafts of your main email account, which is free online storage. (Gmail has bigger storage than Yahoo Mail)
  • Saved some in dvds and in memory cards.



Where do you save your files? Do share with me in the comment box

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Photo credits: pixabay

Wikinut Review

Peachpurple, my username

Peachpurple, my username

Why I gave up on Wikinut

I had joined Wikinut  in 2012.

I was hoping to increase my online earnings through writing various articles.

After writing ten posts at Wikinut, I realized that earnings there were low when converted from pound sterling £ to USD; at least that is the way it is for me.
My monthly earnings never went above 40 cents, which is very disappointing. 

That is why I had stopped writing there after ten posts.


Writing on Hubpages

I chose to focus on writing for HubPages instead where I earned every single day approximately 20-30 cents daily , where my monthly total up to USD$ 9, although not very high either, At least it is better than on Wikinut. However, I needed to write at 700 words per article in order to go through the team mimumim requirement.

Low earning puts writer off, drawn by peachpurple

Low earning puts writer off, drawn by peachpurple

Wikinut Referral 
Even though I stopped writing for Wikinut I still had to log in to the site now and then in order to check out my earnings and pageviews.

Surprisingly, I do achieved  £0. 001 cents daily even without any publishing article or leaving comments. 

In addition, I also learned that we can also earn on Wikinut by referring people to their site.

This gave me a little hope to boost my earnings. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as simple as I thought.

In order for me to earn from referrals , these new signed up writers who had used my referral had to publish their own articles, at least 10 of them.

Signups do not earn you any money at all. It is the publishing of articles that I will earn 10% of their earnings.

Hence in other words, if I had 10 people signed up under my referral, but none of them publish anything at Wikinut, I will not earn any money either. This is different from Blogjob and Hubpages.

Thereto, I gave up on writing short summary about Wikinut using my referral links.


Writing online at Wikinut wasn't easy, drawn by peachpurple

Writing online at Wikinut wasn’t easy, drawn by peachpurple

Writing again at Wikinut

Instead, I started to focus on writing new articles 3 days once, 400 words to see how my daily earning goes. 

In the beginning it was hard to accept £ 0.001 cents per day.

Gradually, I started to share my new Wikinut articles at social media sites.

Then, my earning started to grow to £ 0.011 cents daily.

Having stopped writing since 2012 and starting again in 2015, I had finally managed to redeem my earnings £ 2.50 last month.

I love the moderators who read and check my articles before publishing them. Their comments and advises helped me to write better.

Although the daily earning is way too low, at least Wikinut pays the next day and Paypal cleared the payment immediately.


Have you joined Wikinut?

Please share your comments.

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How to Delete MySite ( No Content )

Being a Blogjob newbie, i do feel frustrated when I couldn’t get things done properly.

As a newbie, I am sure that you  had created new sites that you wished you hadn’t , right?

You may have created one or two new Sites promptly but unsatisfied over the Site title later.

The site names that are:

  • not killer titles,
  • not attractive,
  • commonly used by other writers or simply
  • duplicate Site title
  •  it doesn’t sounds catchy at all.

There is an alternative option for you to change your site title instead of deleting it forever.

However, creating too many sites with no blogs isn’t a good move at all.

 If you insisted on deleting the unwanted Site, make sure that the Site is empty, does not contain any blogs. Otherwise, your blogs will be deleted and you will be deducted of 50 points eventhough you had copy and paste the existing blogs to another Site.

Here are the step-by-step instructions how you can do it.

 delete site 1
  1. Go to MYSITE
  2. Select Unwanted Site Name (example: Favorite Breakfast)
  3. Go to Dashboard


by peachpurple

by peachpurple

  1. Select Tools located on the left hand side bar right at the bottom
  2. Choose Delete Site
  3. Check the box ~ “I am sure I want to permanently disable MySite, and I am aware I can never get it back or use Blogjob.com/delete site name/again. “
  4. Select “Delete Mysite permanently.”
  5. Minimize the page tab.
  1. Login to your email account immediately.
  2. Search for inbox, Blogjob email
  3. Click the link provided to delete the site permanently.
  1. Go back to Mysite
  2. Check for the unwanted site name
  3. It has been removed.

Remember that once the deleted site has been removed, you will not be able to retrieve it again.



  • Deleting a Site does not reduce your points
  • Deleting a Blog , there will be a deduction of 50 points in your total point earnings


Is this blog helpful to you?

Please leave your comments below.

Thanks and keep writing!

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photo credits: peachpurple


How to Remove Comments Moderation

Do you find that it is very irritating when your comments submitted were left under moderation until the author approves it?


“Your comment is awaiting moderation.” – this is the message that appears after you hit the Post Comment Button.


drawn by peachpurple

drawn by peachpurple

This indicate the the author had to read your comments first before he approves it and appeared in the article.

When your comment is left under moderation, you will not earn any point until the author approves it too.

No wonder less readers are reading latest blogs published.

Look around your own blogs, count the number of comments. How many are there in each of your blogs? Mine could hardly reach a handful. Worst scenario is ZERO comment which left me hung up dry and disappointed.

Everyone would rather join forums, groups , leave comments on the walls of the author to receive immediate points. It is much easier to collect points at these sites but leaving comments on blogs help writers to communicate with each other better.

Hence, in order to encourage your followers to read and leave comments on your blogs, remove the comment moderation option. Then whenever your follower leaves his comment, it will appear immediately which means new comments are automatically approved , giving your readers 1 point to gain. That would make him happy.

Don’t let your readers wait for his pending point.
This is how you can remove the comment moderation

comment 1

  1. Go to my sites
  2. Select the site that you want to remove the moderation option
    (For example: I chose Festival & Holidays)
  3. Go to Dashboard -> select Settings ->go to Discussion



comment 2

  1. On your right hand side , you can find a list of option you can manage over the comments under your wings.
  2. Scroll down to “Before a comment appears “, UNCHECK both boxes, don’t select any of them.
  3. Press Save changes

The next time any of your new and old blogs under this site will self approve all comments immediately.
Blogjob would not wait for your comment approval.
Your readers will receive 1 point immediately.

A win-win situation for both sides.

Now, everyone is happy

A win win situation to encourage your readers to give read and comment.


copyright all rights reserved by peachpurple

originally written by peachpurple

photo snapshots by peachpurple

photos by peachpurple