How To Change My Site Display Name


Sites are the main blogs that you had created which can be sub-categorized under different blog names.

For example:

My Site: Asian Cuisines

Blogs under Asian Cuisines: Fried Rice Recipe, Chicken Chop Recipe, Chow Mien Recipe


However, I was really displeased with MySite names which I had created since I am a newbie at Blogjob.

I am sure lots of newbie writers had the same problem with editing or changing the Site name which we had created.

We are too anxious to create a new site that we had not thought carefully an ideal Site Title for our articles.

After I had posted this question at the Forum, I found the answers to my question through WordPress forum instead.

Although Blogjob may not have all the questions and answers that we are seeking for, but I am glad that WordPress provided a very helpful Forum site that answered most WordPress writers problem online.

It is quite easy than I thought.

There are 2 methods to change My Site names, the 1st method was tested out by me while the second method was recommended by gina145


Here are the steps:


Method  # 1:

chg site4

Select the number of post

chg site5

Type in the new Site Name and Tag Line



  1. Go to MYSITE
  2. Select the site that you want to change ( example: How to Clean Washing machine)
  3. Go to Dashboard
  4. Go to At a glance at the lower bottom of the page
  5. Click to the number of your post(example: 1post)
  6. Go to Settings and then General which is located on your left hand side bar
  7. Go to Site Title
  8. Type in New Site Title  (example: Household chores)
  9. Go to Tagline
  10. Type in Sub Title Name (example: Tips and Tricks )
  11. Click Save Changes




Method #2

chg site2

Select Settings-> Customize


chg site3

Type in new Site Title and Tag Line


Method #2

  1. Go to MySITE
  2. Select the site you want to change
  3. Go to Customize
  4. Go to Site Title and Tagline which is located on your left hand side bar
  5. Under Site Title, type in the new Site Name
  6. Under Tagline, type in the new Sub Title Name ( Optional)
  7. Click Save and Publish after you are done.

Now, go back to My Site and you will noticed that your ugly unwanted Site Title is gone, replaced by the new title which you had changed.



originally written by peachpurple

snapshot photos and drawings credits: peachpurple

Please let me know if this article helped you. Thanks



How To Create a New Blog at Blogjob

Peachpurple, my username

Peachpurple, my username

I am a newbie at Blogjob


I just started to join in here yesterday after reading a fellow Persona Paper member who had mentioned that Blogjob had earned him a good income of  $25 in a week which was eye catching.


Hence, I decided to try out Blogjob straight away. This sounds easy to me but  it wasn’t.


My biggest problem was creating a blog at Blogjob.

Now , do not get me wrong that writing a new article at Blogjob is very clear in  the forum site where there are kind people out there to give links to guide  newbies.


I did created a new site which is a blog but didn’t earn any points at all.

This is puzzling for me because I read that under the “Rewards” you can earn  points after publishing a new post with 50 points. Now that is a lot!


However, after I had posted my new article, my points didn’t increase at all.

I  managed to find out what was my mistakes.

My new blog did appear in “My Sites” but my points didn’t increase.


Then I followed the steps at Personal Blogger


  1. Go to Sites
  2. Click Create Site
  3. Type in myblogname
  4. Type in my blog title
  5. Click Create.


Now after that, you click onto the new you had just created  ( example the site I just created: )


  • You can see “Nothing Found at the top of the screen.
  • Go to “Get started here” which is located at the middle of the blog
  • It will bring you to the blog site where you begin typing in your article.
  • Now MAKE SURE that “Format” it is click under “Standard

If you choose others, you will not earn any points.

I had tested out “Links” and “Photos”. Honestly, I didn’t earn any points.

  • Now, type in your blog title, add media (add pictures ), type in contents ,  make sure the word count is 300 words at least.
  • Add in your 2 words tags at “Tags” on your right hand side,
  • Use at least 5 tags
  • Under category, you can choose “Uncategorized” or add a new category.  I chose Uncategorized.
  • Under “Set Featured Image” choose a picture that will be your article  profile page.
  • Then press “Draft”  if you want to save and add more text later
  • Press “Publish” if you are satisfied with your article.
  • Once your blog has been published, hover your mouse to your profile picture,  go to “Points” and you will see your new points added with another 50 points.


Hope this article is helpful to you.




written by peachpurple

photo credit: peachpurple