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Try Pajama Affiliates Marketing Course for Free

You can now sample the Pajama Affiliates blogging course I have been raving about since I bought it for free. I have since bought several more of the courses. The video courses are  perfect for someone wanting to learn to make real money blogging without any gimmicks or having to make one’s own products to sell. It’s designed for those who want to be successful affiliate marketers.

Try Pajama Affiliates Marketing Course for Free

Many of my readers have expressed interest in this course before and felt they just could not afford to make the investment it took for even an inexpensive course. Anyone, though, can afford  to sample the best of the courses offered for free. Not only will you get to see several of the videos that have helped so many, but you will also be admitted to the members only Facebook group for help and support. If you then decide after watching the videos and being part of the group that you want to actually buy a course, you will automatically be informed on the list of any course that goes on sale so that you don’t miss any great opportunities for a bargain.

If you click the link below you will land on a page that explains exactly what you will get for your dollar. It includes watching some of the actual  course videos watched by those who have bought the course. You will learn some of the most important aspects of affiliate marketing. You will  learn how others are driving traffic to their blogs and converting blog readers to buyers of the recommended affiliate products. I wish I had had this opportunity, but this offer just become available today. You can take advantage of it and actually try out the course before making an investment to  buy it. Don’t miss this chance to get the Pajama Affiliates Fast Pass course for free and get access to the support group for those taking the classes. 

When Will I Get Earnings from My Blog?

When Will I Get Earnings from My Blog?
When Will I Get Earnings from My Blog?

Some people blog to keep a record of their thoughts and activities for their own use or to share with friends and family. Technically, that’s where the word blog came from – weblog — shortened to blog. Originally blogs were online diaries or journals of daily activities. Some blogs still are. Unless you are a celebrity, though, that kind of blog is not likely to make money today.

People who want to make money for the writing they do on their blogs have to attract people who want to read what they say. There are currently over 150 million blogs on the internet. That’s a lot of competition for eyeballs. How will you get those eyeballs to your blog?

After reading dozens of blogs on this subject, most agree a blogger who wants to earn money must present a solution to a problem a reader has. That reader will probably go to Google looking for answers to his or her problem. Goggle will present links that people have paid to have appear at the top, and underneath will be links to the pages Google thinks will best help people find solutions to the problems they are trying to solve.

If your blog post helps people solve a common problem better than other blog posts, or if your post solves a problem not too many other bloggers have dealt with, you are likely to get traffic from people who will actually spend money to solve their problems.

To make money, you first have to know which problems people are trying to solve and then write something that will help them solve those problems. Review products that will help solve the problems. A desperate person whose kitchen counter is full of ants just may  click your affiliate link to buy a product you suggested. A person who can barely  function because he can’t sleep at night just might click on a link to buy one or more of the product solutions you proposed. Of course, people have to find your blog first, or they will read someone else’s and buy the products from them.

I have been reading many blogs written by people who make money from them. Some review one product and do it very well. Others have websites aimed at those looking for gift suggestions with tabs for different categories. Both sorts of blogs are focused on solving people’s shopping problems

Other bloggers who make big bucks make their own digital products like courses and eBooks to help solve people’s problems. Then they sell them to people. They offer free samples in exchange for joining an email list, and then that list is used to directly market more products.

You can, however, be doing one or more of these things and not be making any money yet. Usually this is because

1. No one is finding your blog.

2. You aren’t giving people the solutions they believe will solve their problems.

I’m not yet an expert in either of these areas. I’m still learning. That’s why I signed up for the Pajama Affiliate Blogging courses. I was encouraged to see my first few Amazon sales come in this month shortly after I started the courses. I have only just begun to apply what I’m learning, but those new sales gave me the encouragement I needed to keep blogging. If you are struggling to make your blogs pay you for your efforts, I highly recommend these courses. I know I’m learning from people whose methods work. Read why My Pajama Affiliate Blogging Courses are Worth Every Cent I Paid for Them. Or go explore the Pajama Affiliate courses for yourself now. It costs nothing to look. If you look now you may still be in time for the New Year’s Sale with prices slashed by almost 50%. But hurry!

Just working hard isn’t enough.  I must learn to work smarter than I have been for the past few years. I’m now taking the steps I need to do that.

My Pajama Affiliate Courses Are Worth Every Penny I Paid for Them

What is a Pajama Affiliate?

My Pajama Affiliate Courses Are Worth Every Penny I Paid for Them
Bloggers Can’t Stop Raving about Pajama Associates

Two weeks ago I had never heard of the Pajama Affiliates. Then suddenly all my old Squidoo friends were chatting on Facebook about this great new course they were taking to help them make more money as Amazon affiliates. Now these folks were not new to blogging or affiliate marketing. Most of them have always made more a year than the dismal $13.04 I made in 2015 as an Amazon affiliate. Lesley Stevens, teacher of the Amazon Mastermind Course I’m taking now, made over $50,000 just in December, 2015. When I saw that proof that she knew her stuff I was convinced enough of the value of the course to buy it. After all, a lot of people have learned how to make a sales pitch for a course, but not everyone is offering value.  A Pajama Affiliate is one who is taking a Pajama Blogging course to increase the amount of affiliate income she can make in her pajamas at home.  My Pajama Affiliate Courses are worth every penny I paid for them.

Why I Became a Pajama Affiliate

Last year I purchased a different course on making money blogging and I paid much more for it. Then when I got into the course, again a video course, I discovered that the two teachers made most of their money selling courses and eBooks they had made rather than through the affiliate marketing programs of sites like Amazon. They made most of their money by getting email addresses and marketing their own courses and programs by email . They were teaching their students to make their money the same way. I haven’t finished that course yet. I’m not eager to start writing courses and newsletters. I don’t think I know enough to offer value yet. I saw proof that Leslie has made a lot of her money in Amazon commissions, the same way I’d like to make it. She is a genius at affiliate marketing.

As I pondered whether to purchase the course, my friends continued to rave about it. They claimed they were already starting to make more sales than they ever had before after watching just the first few videos. Although I don’t prefer learning by video, once I signed up for the course I saw that the main points in the video are reviewed in writing under the videos.

That is very helpful for people like me who don’t like to watch things over and over. If course members have questions or want to get feedback, they have access to two private Facebook groups for members only. There is no time limit for accessing the course videos or the Facebook groups. If you can’t afford to buy a course, you can rent access for a limited time at a lower price.  This course often goes on sale, but sales come and go so fast it’s best to just click the image to check the current price. The details are on the page describing the Step by Step Home Blogging Course for Beginners. Just click the image below.


My Pajama Affiliate Courses Are Worth Every Penny I Paid for Them


I’m Getting Value

One thing I’ve learned so far is that if I want to make money, I am going to have to learn to do keyword research. I have always ignored this before because I found it confusing. That is one of the first things the Amazon Mastermind Course covers. Today, since I have already learned so much I can apply immediately, I signed up for Bonus Buyer Keywords. and Free Advertising with Social Media course. These courses have taught me a lot it would have taken me hours of research to learn on my own. The Affiliate Masterclass advertised above is often on sale for a limited time. It has just been updated and improved. If you click the link above you can see the current prices of all courses. Usually one or more is one sale. That includes the brand new Affiliate Marketing Classes Business Bundle that now includes the Affiliate Masterclass and the best of all the other courses. It’s the very best value for your money. Get the Affiliate Marketing Classes Business Bundle now if you have not yet purchased any of the other courses. If you already have a course, you may be able to upgrade at a reduced price. You can even sample the best of the courses for free. 

In the past I have been rotten at affiliate selling. I always felt that some of the people taking the course with me now had had their Squidoo lenses locked for good reason. I thought some of the ones I had seen were spammy, with about three paragraphs of text and rows and rows of product images. That is not what I wanted to write. I don’t like writing catalogs. When I looked at the blogs course teacher Lesley Stevens had written and used as examples to follow, they weren’t spammy at all. They offered real value to readers, and I could immediately see why she got so many sales from them. I would like to blog like that. This informative course is taking the guesswork out of how to do it. I don’t think I’ll be making $50,000 next December like Lesley did this year, but I sure could use $50 a month to start while I’m learning. What a bonus it would be to make even more!

This is your chance to start increasing your blogging income by working smarter instead of harder. Don’t miss this opportunity to take advantage of whatever sales are still in effect as you read this. Now you can sample the best of the courses for free

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