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When Will I Get Earnings from My Blog?

When Will I Get Earnings from My Blog?
When Will I Get Earnings from My Blog?

Some people blog to keep a record of their thoughts and activities for their own use or to share with friends and family. Technically, that’s where the word blog came from – weblog — shortened to blog. Originally blogs were online diaries or journals of daily activities. Some blogs still are. Unless you are a celebrity, though, that kind of blog is not likely to make money today.

People who want to make money for the writing they do on their blogs have to attract people who want to read what they say. There are currently over 150 million blogs on the internet. That’s a lot of competition for eyeballs. How will you get those eyeballs to your blog?

After reading dozens of blogs on this subject, most agree a blogger who wants to earn money must present a solution to a problem a reader has. That reader will probably go to Google looking for answers to his or her problem. Goggle will present links that people have paid to have appear at the top, and underneath will be links to the pages Google thinks will best help people find solutions to the problems they are trying to solve.

If your blog post helps people solve a common problem better than other blog posts, or if your post solves a problem not too many other bloggers have dealt with, you are likely to get traffic from people who will actually spend money to solve their problems.

To make money, you first have to know which problems people are trying to solve and then write something that will help them solve those problems. Review products that will help solve the problems. A desperate person whose kitchen counter is full of ants just may  click your affiliate link to buy a product you suggested. A person who can barely  function because he can’t sleep at night just might click on a link to buy one or more of the product solutions you proposed. Of course, people have to find your blog first, or they will read someone else’s and buy the products from them.

I have been reading many blogs written by people who make money from them. Some review one product and do it very well. Others have websites aimed at those looking for gift suggestions with tabs for different categories. Both sorts of blogs are focused on solving people’s shopping problems

Other bloggers who make big bucks make their own digital products like courses and eBooks to help solve people’s problems. Then they sell them to people. They offer free samples in exchange for joining an email list, and then that list is used to directly market more products.

You can, however, be doing one or more of these things and not be making any money yet. Usually this is because

1. No one is finding your blog.

2. You aren’t giving people the solutions they believe will solve their problems.

I’m not yet an expert in either of these areas. I’m still learning. That’s why I signed up for the Pajama Affiliate Blogging courses. I was encouraged to see my first few Amazon sales come in this month shortly after I started the courses. I have only just begun to apply what I’m learning, but those new sales gave me the encouragement I needed to keep blogging. If you are struggling to make your blogs pay you for your efforts, I highly recommend these courses. I know I’m learning from people whose methods work. Read why My Pajama Affiliate Blogging Courses are Worth Every Cent I Paid for Them. Or go explore the Pajama Affiliate courses for yourself now. It costs nothing to look. If you look now you may still be in time for the New Year’s Sale with prices slashed by almost 50%. But hurry!

Just working hard isn’t enough.  I must learn to work smarter than I have been for the past few years. I’m now taking the steps I need to do that.


  1. wow, it’s great it worked out for you 🙂 I’m always wary of trying out such courses because majority of them are scams.. But your experience has made me believe that good ones also exist 🙂
    I will surely try it out once I have my amazon associates account and other stuff going 🙂

    • I wouldn’t wait. You need good content before amazon will accept you as an associate. If you take the Beginners’ Step by Step Course, you will set things up right from the beginning. Thi will save you a lot of time and energy later, and you will have a niche that will help you earn.

  2. People want to find solutions to their problems but it appears they want gossip. I suppose that’s why Perez Hilton the celebrity gossip blogger earns so much. His blogs drive lots of traffic. When the traffic increases the advertisers will want to pay more and that means more revenue for bloggers.

  3. I am glad it is working for you. I wanted to jump on it. I had the choice do that or get Amazon Prime. I choose to get Prime as right now I am getting free products to really deep discounts for little to nothing. Which is helping me currently get things I need for my home. maybe in the future but not right now.

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