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Bloggers Need Other Bloggers

Bloggers Need Bloggers
Share What Friends Write

One thing I’ve been learning as I’ve been blogging is that bloggers need each other. Rather than thinking of ourselves as competitors, we should be looking out for each other’s interests — not just our own. As many of us have learned, we can’t depend upon Google to send us traffic. It changes too often, and there’s always others competing for placement on our keywords who may have more money than we do to promote their listings. This is why we need to help promote each other in social media and with backlinks. Bloggers need other bloggers to help them succeed.

One of the best bloggers I know, Janice Wald, is also one of the most generous. You can find Janice at Mostly Blogging. You will learn something you don’t know from her, I guarantee it. She also hosts meet and greet blogs that allow you to get some exposure to her vast audience.

I have been seeing visits to my main blog increase since I’ve  been working with others to help them get more social exposure. As I read their blogs, I learn more about what works and what doesn’t and how I can apply it to my own blog. There are many Facebook groups where bloggers can help promote each other’s pins, Google+ posts, and maybe more social sites.  Janice Wald has some sharing set up for Stumble Upon, a site I haven’t used as much as I should. Check her blog I linked to above for more information. I have also found Triberr very helpful in extending my Twitter reach.

As I read the posts of others, even if I can’t think of a comment to make or don’t have time, it’s not much effort to give a blogger a G+ or a pin on a post, and it will do  them worlds of good in being more visible online. We all want to be successful. But we should also be thinking in terms of what we can easily do to help make our blogging buddies successful. If you read a good post, share it on one or two social media channels.It only takes a minute, and it’s a precious gift.  Be sure to also install sharing buttons on your blog to make it easy for others to share your posts. Every now and then look up your friends on Google + or Pinterest and give their pins and posts some love by commenting, liking, and / or giving a +1 or repinning. Let’s help each other become more successful.


  1. I totally agree with you on this; we need to support each other. And you mentioned our newest member of The Writer’s Door, which I’m so happy we have with us. I’m sharing this, because more bloggers need to realize how important it is to stick together, and share each other’s work.

    • I am also very happy Janice joined us. I’m still not sure how to take advantage of all the opportunities she offers, but I’ll learn one of these days. The important thing is that she offers these networking opportunities for bloggers to get more exposure.

  2. That’s one of the things I like about BlogJob. I don’t have to go out searching for useful posts like this one because they’re right here.

    I share posts that I think will interest my friends, but unfortunately I don’t have a big social media following.

    • What social media do you have accounts on? It’s OK with me if you post your user names on my wall or private message from wherever we can send them. Then I can look at them. I think you follow my Twitter Gale427 account. Send me an @Gale427 message so I can make sure I’m also following you. If not, I will, and then we can DM each other without the 140 character limit and share account info.

  3. Absolutely! We need other bloggers to interact with and interaction is always a key in writing world. Even before I joined BlogJob I always love tweeting others’ posts. 😊

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