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Feeling Lost Again

I try not to get caught up in the competition for getting the most views or comments because it’s actually ridiculous. I am not specifically addressing BlogJob with this; Whether it’s a paying website like BlogJob or a free, unpaid social network like Facebook, I really don’t care if I go “viral” or not.  On BlogJob specifically, I want to post articles of quality and some sense of completeness unless it’s my very personal Quotes For Release (which is still created in such a way that there is a clear narrative).  I do like getting the initial 50 points and subsequent views from referring visitors from other websites, but I write content that is intended to be useful and/or timely.  I should not be feeling disappointed that I don’t have the reach of more prolific bloggers because honestly they are working harder at promoting their blogs and deserve more attention…But I am.

Right now I admit that I’m feeling lost in the crowd of blogs, both on BlogJob and in a sea of blog websites.  Part of it is my own doing.  I say that I take my freelance writing on BlogJob seriously, which is true, but I could do much better at promoting my work and interacting with my fellow bloggers.  One of the keys to being noticed in a positive way is to form a sense of community and encourage others.  It’s true that the more you interact and show support, the more you receive.  I absolutely need to increase my interactions.  And I’m not just saying that so that I can draw attention to my work. My fellow bloggers at least on BlogJob (because I know them more here) deserve support.  This is on me.

My frustration is stemming from a BlogJob message board discussion that has been resusitated entitled “What Do You Consider Quality Content?”  The general consensus is that quality content falls between 500 to 700 words (more than a blurb but less than a mini-story) and readers can be turned off by longer content.  I happen to write longer posts, usually because I’m so interested in the subject that I have a lot to say.  In addition, my posts about current events and movie/book reviews have a lot of links that I cite and describe in the post. It is surprising how many words you use describing articles and such!  The problem is that I often go over 700 words and readers prefer shorter posts, so I feel like they’re not reading any of my longer work.I don’t know how to negotiate what readers prefer with my writing style.

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