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Haven’t Felt the Drive to Blog

I haven’t blogged for a good two months, and that’s being generous.  I am always active with my BlogJob status updates, especially where pop culture or news is concerned.  I’ve also been ranting and raving about different college experiences this semester, which I should probably apologize for since it’s only probably interesting to me.  That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop doing it; sometimes when I have a lot on my plate, I need to get it out there to maybe maintain my sanity.

Of course, I was going to explain why I haven’t been blogging recently.  I don’t know the exact reason.  I mean, I often think “I should put this in a blog!” and in my mind I create a good skeleton for what the blog would look like.  I was even going to create a new blog, something along the lines of My Hate Mail in which I post and comment on all of the fun things people have said to me or about me on Facebook.  I’ve been getting a lot of death threats and “You need god!” in recent weeks, so that would be a lot to write about.  To return to the idea of posting status updates on my college work, I could in fact turn some of those mini posts into a full-blown blog on Lovely, Lovely English (personal reflections on college English work and other writings as well as posts considering writing-related career musings) or The Language, Literature, and Literacy blog (a more serious news blog about language, literature, and literacy events).  There are many opportunities when I think I should blog, but I never get around to it.

I consider my BlogJob work serious, even when the posts I create are more of a way for me to unjumble my thoughts.  I’ve never believed that being a serious freelance writer means “Be serious or quit!”  We all need to blow off steam or write about things that are just fun.  I haven’t been gone because of fear that my posts aren’t good enough or relevant enough or a waste of space.  Regardless of what people on Facebook say about me, I think I have a legitimate voice.  If it’s not fear holding me back, I wonder what it is.

I want to say that the atmosphere on BlogJob has changed with the flood of new users and I feel lost in so many new names and faces, but that would be completely unfair because I think a good majority of us contribute something special to the blogosphere and it’s in fact a way that I can get more interested followers.  Beyond all that, it’s kind of a fun challenge, trying to carve out a niche and maintain a strong voice.  That isn’t exactly what’s holding me back either.

Right now I hate to admit it, but maybe it’s simply that my college work (which will be a long process since I’ve decided/out of necessity that I will be going first for a Masters in English and then a Ph. D. in composition and rhetoric) must take precedence over blogging.  Maybe these status updates are my best way of keeping in touch with BlogJob plus anyone else who randomly stumbles across me while I have to focus on school.

Blogging After Being Sick

Blogging after being sick is the worst!  Well, I’m sure there’s even worse things in the world, but think about this from a blogger’s perspective and you’ll see what I mean.  I was getting better at consistency in blogging.  If I wasn’t able to write a decent post, I would get creative with creating such blogs as this so I could blog about my lack of being able to write a decent post.  What a mouthful!  I just tried reading that out loud and props to anyone who does it without getting tongue-tied.  In any case, I was beginning to work myself out of being inspiration-drained and not sure of what to write and I thought “Hey, I might get back into being a dedicated blogger again after all!”…and then I got sick.

Let me tell you about getting sick as a blogger.  Of all the fun stuff that comes spilling out of your body, about the only thing that doesn’t is the “Oooooomph!” to write.  In the moment I’m sure we all know where our attention is focused (and hint for those of you who have never been sick, it’s not on blogging) so that’s completely excusable.  It’s the following week after that’s weird.  So let’s say you’ve survived another nasty outbreak of gastroenteritis (thank you adult people in college who cough and spit everywhere!) and now you’re recovering from the sickness and the blogging hiatus.  Is it okay if I assume all bloggers go on at least a one day hiatus after being sick, because that’s how I’m going to play this one.  Now that you are capable of focusing on blogging, are you really blogging?  Clearly I am not.  I have sprinkled a few blog posts throughout my hiatus (and honestly they’re not bad posts) but these posts are few and far between.  You might think I’ve taken an indefinite vacation from blogging.  I have not, but this being sick as a blogger thing is not making me look good right now.

I do have a lot to tell you.  I have a very amusing picture of me wearing a surgical mask, which is either because I was quarantined or because I’m trying to make surgical masks the new trend.  I’ll let you decided for yourselves.  I have a few hard-hitting issues that I want to tell you all about.  Did you know that Oklahoma state legislators have not learned anything from the Colorado BOE that tried pushing honest AP US History out of their classrooms and now these Oklahoma legislators are trying to do the same in their state?  Did you know that gendered books for young kids are still being created and published, and that is very much a concern?  I bet I even have some book reviews that I started working on, forgot about, and now want to finish.  I…just…don’t…have…the…energy.

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