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Talking to Myself Again

I was inspired by a post written by “Rusty” about feeling invisible in a sea of bloggers on BlogJob.  I’ve felt this way ever since BlogJob opened to new members this year and I wasn’t sure how to express it, but after reading Rusty’s blog post I knew what I wanted to say.  The short version is that sometimes I feel like I’m talking to myself when I post to a group or write a blog post.

I have not been as active on my BlogJob blogs as I could be and I always say it’s a timing concern. That’s not a lie; Over this semester I have spent more time writing my senior thesis and YA Literature final project essay than blogging.  School comes first.  That said, towards the end of the semester, about November, I had more and more free time because I was getting to the end of my senior thesis project and already had the skeleton for my YA Literature paper laid out.  I could’ve gone back to blogging much sooner.  The additional piece of information is that I know we don’t always write about subjects that interest the general reading public and therefore nobody is entitled to views, but like Rusty I was losing hope in being heard.

The overall atmosphere of BlogJob has changed, and I feel confident in stating that it is this reason some of us are dropping off the radar.  In the earlier days of BlogJob, you knew the core bloggers and could discuss blogs and the issues of the day with them.  With the influx of bloggers, the core group expanded.  While the positive aspect of this expansion is that there is a wider base of knowledge on many subjects and you can learn more about marketing and blog promotion, there are less of those general discussions and more about the business end of freelance blogging.  Some of us are less useful (which is natural) and fall by the wayside.  I won’t change my blogging interests to fit the new atmosphere and I know that is going to hurt me.  So be it.  I also want to put it out there that sometimes I don’t like talking to myself.  I blog rather than journal because I feel like I have something important to express and sometimes I miss being seen.



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