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Another Round of Inspiration Drainage

I am once again in an inspiration drained mode and it’s worse than the time before.  At least during my last inspiration drainage I had the desire to write and the problem was coming up with ideas.  Tonight is worse because I’m missing the desire to write as well.  I’ve never understood how full-time bloggers have a continual flow of ideas because I swear that’s not humanly possible.  I write when there’s something that needs to be said or something that I need to get out of my mind.  I know writing about being inspiration drained doesn’t seem like something that needs to be written about, but I promise there’s a reason for it.

So I briefly considered how professional writers always seem to have ideas for their latest blog posts.  Bear in mind that while I consider myself a writer and a blogger, I don’t consider myself a professional blogger.  I speak solely from my own experiences as a sporadic blogger and I would highly recommend that you take these thoughts as such.  I offer this disclaimer because I’m going to let you in on a secret.  Ready?  Bloggers don’t always know what to blog about.  Sometimes we have to write posts about being inspiration drained so that we can be inspired (maybe).  Those steady streams of posts are what we write when we finally get inspiration.  I’m telling you the behind the scenes things that go on in a blogger’s mind so that maybe you realize we aren’t always a bubbling fountain of inspiration.

I never had this problem with blogging, but for every other activity I’ve attempted (and failed!) I’ve had a tendency to beat mysef up over not getting it right the first (or 100,000th) time.  If I overcame that hurdle, I would beat myself up for not being dead-on every single time.  I bet others have experience this frustration as well.  I thought I might e performing my good deed of the day by assuring all of you that whether it’s an active activity or sitting in front of the computer blogging, it’s okay not to be perfect and it’s okay to be drained of inspiration or enthusiasm or whaever else.

By the way, writing about this round of inspiration drainage has not done anything to boost my inspiration.  It’s safe to say that some days just aren’t right for blogging.



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