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Blogging After Being Sick

Blogging after being sick is the worst!  Well, I’m sure there’s even worse things in the world, but think about this from a blogger’s perspective and you’ll see what I mean.  I was getting better at consistency in blogging.  If I wasn’t able to write a decent post, I would get creative with creating such blogs as this so I could blog about my lack of being able to write a decent post.  What a mouthful!  I just tried reading that out loud and props to anyone who does it without getting tongue-tied.  In any case, I was beginning to work myself out of being inspiration-drained and not sure of what to write and I thought “Hey, I might get back into being a dedicated blogger again after all!”…and then I got sick.

Let me tell you about getting sick as a blogger.  Of all the fun stuff that comes spilling out of your body, about the only thing that doesn’t is the “Oooooomph!” to write.  In the moment I’m sure we all know where our attention is focused (and hint for those of you who have never been sick, it’s not on blogging) so that’s completely excusable.  It’s the following week after that’s weird.  So let’s say you’ve survived another nasty outbreak of gastroenteritis (thank you adult people in college who cough and spit everywhere!) and now you’re recovering from the sickness and the blogging hiatus.  Is it okay if I assume all bloggers go on at least a one day hiatus after being sick, because that’s how I’m going to play this one.  Now that you are capable of focusing on blogging, are you really blogging?  Clearly I am not.  I have sprinkled a few blog posts throughout my hiatus (and honestly they’re not bad posts) but these posts are few and far between.  You might think I’ve taken an indefinite vacation from blogging.  I have not, but this being sick as a blogger thing is not making me look good right now.

I do have a lot to tell you.  I have a very amusing picture of me wearing a surgical mask, which is either because I was quarantined or because I’m trying to make surgical masks the new trend.  I’ll let you decided for yourselves.  I have a few hard-hitting issues that I want to tell you all about.  Did you know that Oklahoma state legislators have not learned anything from the Colorado BOE that tried pushing honest AP US History out of their classrooms and now these Oklahoma legislators are trying to do the same in their state?  Did you know that gendered books for young kids are still being created and published, and that is very much a concern?  I bet I even have some book reviews that I started working on, forgot about, and now want to finish.  I…just…don’t…have…the…energy.

Paying Online Markets Don’t Exist Apparently

I have another thing to be puffed-up about.  I would love nothing more than to update my Freelance Writing Whisperings blog with a new first impression of a new-to-me website post, but I keep running into a wall.  As my title states, paying online markets don’t exist apparently.  I’ve diligently Googled or Bing searched “articles for pay”, “freelance writing websites”, “blog for pay”, “write for pay”, and many other variations.  What in the world is going on?  The majority of my search results either take me to other people’s blogs about paying writing websites (most that no longer exist) or blog posts about how to be an online freelance writer without any links.  How is any of that going to help me?  I wonder if the new hotness is social networking with pictures and without pay.  Instagram and Snap Chat seem to be popular.  God knows why you would share your personal images with the world when you aren’t compensated for it.

How am I going to maintain a blog such as Freelance Writing Whisperings if I don’t have content for it?  It’s great that I don’t have content when blogging here on Blogging Blahs, but I want quality material to create quality blogs about!  I can’t afford to delete the blog when it’s beneficial to myself as well as others, but I’m not sure I want to look like I’m neglecting it either.  I was a loyal reader of this cat blog (which has nothing to do with paid writing platforms, but go with me here) that suddenly stopped featuring content.  There was no warning about it shutting down.  It just…stopped.  I don’t want to put any of my potential readers in a frustrating position like that.  What do other more experienced bloggers/freelance writers do when their niche content isn’t continually updated so they can write about those updates?  Nobody told me how to handle this when I started blogging.

What happens if I delete my blog and then suddenly there’s so many paying writing markets that I can’t keep up with them all?  I have deleted blogs only to realize they were exactly what I needed to focus on, maybe not all the time but whenever I needed to release some deeply pent-up thoughts, and I had to recreate the blogs.  I’ve invested too much time in Freelance Writing Whisperings to delete it!

I’m at a conundrum.  Did I use the word correctly?  Anyway, I worry that no matter what I decide to do, I’ll make the wrong decision.  Do you all have any thoughts?

Inspiration Drained: What is Wrong With Me?

What is wrong with me?  I have decided to use blogging as a way to earn supplemental income, which means that I will blog a considerable amount (keeping in mind that every post needs to be some sort of good quality, even if they’re more therapeutic than hard-hitting).  I love blogging.  I love writing in general.  This should be the easiest task I’ve ever set for myself.  Ha!  Right now I have no desire to put fingers to keyboard.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m hurting for ideas.  Right now I have the ideas racing through my mind, fighting each other for which one gets written about first.  I shared them on a status update and I’ll repeat them here.

  • I could write about the semi-fight I got into with my folks last night when we discussed race/ethnicity/country of origin.  They have no idea that it’s weird when you are genetically white (read: the so-called dominant race that is quickly losing that status) but are physically tan and have people asking “What country are you from?”  My mom was like “Maybe they’re just trying to start a conversation.”  Some conversation starter!  If they were really curious, they wouldn’t accuse me of lying when I told them I’ve lived in West Virginia my entire life.  I think I would know best about where I live.
  • I could write about the career fair today.  The new idea is to write about why I’m holding off.  Today is the career fair where you’re looking for a long-term career.  The student employment fair is coming up on March 2nd. Right now I’m looking for a job, not a career.  I’m going to go to the student employment fair so it’s not like I’m talking myself out of anything.  I just don’t belong at a career fair until I’m looking for a career.  I’ll go to the career fair in my fall semester of college before I’m ready to graduate.
  • A new thing I could write about:  I sent an email to one of my former instructors about observing her class for an assignment.  I haven’t heard anything back and I am terrified.  Once I get a response I can talk about where to go from there.
  • Another new thing:  I just watched a movie trailer for this new apocalyptic horror movie called These Final Hours.  I should start collecting upcoming horror movie trailers again.

I have way more ideas than I have available points for the day, but I just don’t have any desire to write!  What is wrong with me?

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