QuickRewards Payment!


Got my QuickRewards payment! I love this site! I’ve been a member of this site for years and they always pay within 48 hours of cashing out. Above is my latest proof of payment! I cashed out yesterday and received my payment today!

Here is a little bit of this awesome paying site (information gathered from QuickRewards) <—

  • Founded in 2002
  • No minimum required to cash out and PayPal payments are processed daily
  • Cash out at any time and as often as you’d like

There are so many different ways to earn at QuickRewards

How to earn:

  • Shopping (competitive cashback rates; shop today and get paid cashback via PayPal within a week)
  • Completing surveys (daily surveys and additional targeted surveys)
  • Reading emails
  • Performing searches
  • Visiting websites
  • Printing coupons
  • Watching videos
  • Playing games
  • Trying new products
  • Signing up for newsletters
  • Entering contests
  • Listening to online music

When you cash out you can cash out for:

  • – Cash back via PayPal (with no minimum required to cash out and be paid within 48 hours) and my favorite way of cashing out!
  • Electronic gift cards, including Amazon and eBay
  • 50 physical gift cards to choose from (mailed weekly) including:
    – Disney
    – CVS
    – Target
    – Walmart
    – Kohl’s   – ToysRUs
    – Sears
    – Home Depot
    – Regal Theater Group / United Artists
    – and many more to choose from!

Click the banner below to sign up at quick rewards or use this link:

I hope that you love this site as much as I do! It’s really good and does pay.

My Current Earnings at Tsu



Above is a pic of my current earnings at tsu! Yes it’s 100% legit and the site is totally free to join. I was paid in September after signing up in July.

What is Tsu? Tsu is basically a social networking site. You use this site just like you do your Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr,or twitter. But..you are getting paid to post your content. I always tell people that Tsu is a wonderful site with wonderful people. This is very true! I have made so many awesome and friendly friends since joining.


Earnings are updated daily! When you sign up, your earnings will be small but you have to stick with the site and treat it just like your other favorite social networking sites.

To earn on Tsu is pretty simple. Here are some wonderful tips.

  • stay active and post daily
  • Make new friends and followers daily
  • Follow and friend other people
  • Visit other user’s pages
  • Like, comment and share their content and they will do the same with you
  • Refer others to tsu and grow your network (you earn from active users that you refer and who they refer too)

These are just some tips on how I have been earning over $2 daily. I signed up in July and have reached the point where I am earning 2-3 a day just by staying active and even referring others. Referring others of course is not necessary but it does help put a nice little boos to your earnings!

Feel free to join Tsu and give it a try. When I signed up I quickly became hooked because it is such a friendly and positive environment. I found myself going back every day. I find myself there a lot more than I am on Facebook.

–> Click here to sign up and become a Tsu User 

New to SFI

Ok so I’ve been looking for good online businesses and I ran into SFI. I’ve mentioned it before that I have been making money since about 2004 or 2005. SFI is one online business I remember hearing about since then but I never actually really gave it a try. Since I have so much free time I decided that now is the best time. I did some research and it really does look legit. Proof of payments have been posted up and many have been a part of SFI for many years.


A little about SFI:

  • SFI stands for Strong Future International
  • 17 year old Business
  • Totally free with no purchase requirements
  • Get paid instantly each month via check, Paypal or Payoneer Mastercard
  • long-term residual income
  • Free training, marketing tools & websites
  • Many different ways to earn
  • Has many thousands of products

Feel free to sign up under me if you wish. Like I said it’s totally free and so many people have been paid. I’ll be giving reviews about the site and more as I become more adjusted to this site.

At first the site may seem overwhelming since they do provide you with so much of information. If you take the time to read it carefully you will slowly begin to adjust to it. It’s pretty simple and there is so much help available. I believe that if we treat this site like any other business you can succeed. So I am not going to give up on the site that quickly. lol.

It’s important to treat your business like a business!

—–>If you are interested in signing up click here. <——

Since it’s totally free I feel that it’s a good deal and something worth trying out. Especially to those who are totally motivated. Give it a try and see for yourself. Grow your downline!

How to earn $3 a day at Tsu


Yes this is totally the face I made when I found out I was making $3.00 a day by just posting on Tsu! I posted this gif onto my tumblr a couple of days ago.

Each day Tsu updates your earnings. Check your wallet (account) to see how much you earn. I sometimes forget to check and I had logged in to see how much I have and boom I had made over $3 in one day just for posting my own content and making friends on tsu.

I’ve been making money online for several years and I have never been able to make $3 in just one day. I can honestly say that this can be done by anyone.

My tips to making $3 a day on tsu (do what I do):

  • stay active each day (log in and chat with tsu members)
  • post your content (minimum of 3-4 pics and statuses)
  • Like, comment, and share other member’s pics and they will do the same. This helps your earnings too.
  • Invite others into your network with your own personal invite link. You earn a percentage of what they earn as long as they are active

This is how I have been succeeding at tsu, it’s really that simple. It’s totally fun and 100% free to join.

Join tsu—> https://www.tsu.com/blessedxoxo

Created a new ad for Tsu!

Since Facebook & Instagram have stopped allowing links from Tsu even though Tsu is totally professional and legit I decided to get creative! I’ve been creating my own picture ads to Tsu  to share on my Facebook and Instagram.

I decided to create an ad that contains my current earnings & link to the site. Yes these are my actual current earnings since cashing out in September. I cashed out in September for $168. I’ve posted my proof of pay here.



I’ve been blogging a lot about Tsu lately because it’s an amazing social network site that really does pay. The people there are so amazing and friendly. They have become like family to me. I recommend this site for anyone that is looking to have some fun and earn on the same time.

If you love sharing your own photos or promoting your websites, music, links, taking selfies or anything like that this site is for you. You will have so much fun that you are forgetting you are earning! Lol it really is true. Yes I do have $72 in my account since cashing up in September.

I recommend staying active, posting regularly, making friends there and refer others to the site to watch your earnings increase. This site is amazing! I wouldn’t be promoting it if it wasn’t legit. That would be a total waste of time. Sign up under me and I’ll help you out!


My new Ipsy Bag arrived!

Just got my awesome lil Ipsy Glam bag in the mail today! I love receiving these bags in the mail! It’s like my birthday every month. lol! These are the goodies that I received for the month of October:


Each month when you subscribe (for just $10) you receive Five different beauty products and a cute little makeup bag.  These products vary from cosmetics to facial cleansing products. For just $10 a month I knew it was going to be a good deal. It’s a total win win situation!

Okay so here are the Five different goodies I received this month:

  • Dr. Brandt Skincare Microdermabrasion skin exfoliant
  • Delectable Coconut & Cream Ultra Nourishing hand cream
  • theBalm cosmetics Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick
  • pur~lisse BB Tinted Moist Cream SPF30
  • Dose Color Pill Nail Polish in Stormy

I personally love everything I received this month! I’m not much of a hand cream person but when I smelled the Delectable Coconut & Cream hand cream I was in love! The smell is delicious and it left my hands really soft for a long time.

I’m loving Ipsy! This is my third month as an Ipsy subscriber and for $10 it’s a total deal.

Sign up at Ipsy


Tsu really does pay!!

When I joined the awesome growing social network Tsu I never imagined that I would be getting paid. I thought that it was going to be just another site I join in an attempt to make extra money online. I have been earning money online for several years now. Always on the lookout for good paying sites. So when I joined Tsu I never imagined that it would truly be as legit as it is.

I signed up and quickly become hooked to the site. The features are wonderful and the people are truly so friendly. Tsu has this awesome lil feature where you can create your own gifs in the matter of seconds.  I quickly became hooked!

After a while I started to refer others to tsu. I noticed that even before I had received any referrals I was earning here. By September I was ready to cash out. I waited till I reached $168 to cash out. My payment came within two weeks of cashing out. Tsu was really good with emailing me. They even emailed me a pic of my check that it was ready to be sent out. What site does that!? Tsu does. It’s a legit paying site. Awesome people here. It’s worth trying out. Yes..Tsu does pay! Look below. It’s my first payment. I’ll be cashing out soon again. Once I do I’ll post that proof too.



Tsu envelopes are the best!

I joined Tsu several months ago in July. I have always loved sites that pay you to post content. What really caught my attention about Tsu is that it was not just a simple little forum to post on. Tsu is an actual social networking site much like Facebook.

The main difference between Tsu and Facebook is that Tsu actually pays it’s users for the content they post. Facebook keeps all the money. Tsu shares it with it’s users. So I decided to give the site a try! I began to see proof of payments very quickly on the site. Many users were posting the payments up.

What quickly caught my attention about these payments is the little black envelopes they came in. They come in these nice, slick black envelopes that really catch your attention. So my advice to people is when you join the site. Stick to it, refer others to Tsu (you earn a percentage from the content they post), stay active and watch your earnings go up!

I quickly reached payout by September. I quickly cashed out once I saw that I had reached $168. Lol! Here is my black envelop from Tsu, inside of course was my check totaling $168



To join Tsu Click Here or the picture above

Give the site a try and get to know all the awesome people there. After a while you forget that you are earning from the site. I became hooked and have even managed to refer some family members that are now also addicted.

When you sign up under me I will help you with your earnings by Introducing you to others (gets you more friends, followers, and viewers to your content), and I also help by sharing your content to the Tsu world. Thank you and good luck!

Ipsy. Beauty for & by you!


Join Ipsy!
You receive personalized makeup and beauty products, exclusive offers, and how-to video tutorials from our Ipsy Stylists.

Each month subscribers receive a beautiful makeup bag filled with different makeup & beauty products!
All for only $10 a month.
Refer others and earn points to redeem for more great and recommended beauty products! Beauty products vary from cosmetics, hair products, skin care products, and even perfume and makeup tools (brushes, sponges). It’s wonderful!
Become an Ipsy subscriber

Personally I love Ipsy for only $10 a month it’s not bad. I get a free bag, full sized products, some samples to test, and I even make points that are redeemable for more awesome beauty products. It’s like having my birthday each month.

I’ll be posting pics of my ipsy bags each month after they arrive. It’s exciting. I am now on my third Ipsy bag and I absolutely love it! It’s really one of my favorite boxed subscriptions so far! Sign up and check it out for yourself.

Become an Ipsy subscriber

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