My Spiritual Warfare

I didn’t have the desire to post last two days ago. I felt down and depressed. I felt like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. There are really times that you don’t feel well like the devil is attacking your soul making it so melancholic like you don’t understand what’s your purpose in life and that’s exactly how I felt the other day. I lost my motivation to work and to plan for my future because I felt like was on the verge of removing the last vestiges of my loveliness and sanity.


To the extent of my sadness, I walked through my room and locked the door. I hid there and cried out. I prayed harder for whatever that makes me depressed. My only refuge if I am in an instant when there’s no more hope left is my Savior, my Protector, my Almighty Father in heaven. Since I gave my life to Him, I experience fullness, I experience joy, I experience love. But somehow, the evil attacks me most of the time. I have gone through a lot of storms in my life last year and until this time but prayer has always been my shield to go through all of my struggles, to overcome those nightmares and defeat the devil.

In my life, I experienced moments in mountaintops and in deep valleys of despair but all through it, Jesus never forsake me. He held my hand and picked my broken pieces. He healed my sickly soul and restored it. He led me back to the path of righteousness. Although there are times that I’m in pain and agonies, all I hear was His voice calling out my name. He calmed the storm in me, He has answered my prayers but sometimes He says “No” but it doesn’t mean that He doesn’t love me, it means that He’s keeping me away from harm because in His arms, no man can harm me and that’s what love is all about.


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Fruits to Eat for a Sexy Summer

What are your plans this summer? Do you wish to flaunt a sexy figure under the scorching heat of the sun but having a hard time losing weight? Well, maybe I can help you with that. There are actually fruits that can help you shed some pounds. You don’t need to spend loads of bucks just to buy slimming pills which can compromise your health. Little did we know that the fruits you come across daily are not just delectable and healthy but also very helpful in slimming down. Here are the fruits you should include in your diet regime.


Raspberries have the ability to produce adiponectin, a hormone that can reduce levels of glucose in the body. It contains flavonoid anthocyanin which aids in the productions of the said hormone. It also enhances metabolic rate and curb cravings.


Watermelon is the best fruit especially for summer because it contains 92 percent of water which rehydrates your body. You can make a smoothie out of it and it will be a very refreshing treat under the sun and will help you get rid of pesky bloat.


Pineapple is not just good for your heart but it also aids in proper digestion. For those who have been suffering from constipation, this fruit is perfect for you. It has a  higher amount of the enzyme bromelain, which aids in breaking down protein and solve digestive problems. If your digestive system is properly working, then your fitness goal is easily achieved.


This fruit is not just high in vitamin A and C but also the best buddy for your weight loss goal. This is very tasty and you can devour it anytime. This contains fiber and can lower blood sugar level. If you have a balanced glucose, your body can easily shed some and regulate hormones easily.

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7.8 Magnitude Earthquake Hit Ecuador


Ecuador specifically Pedernales city was razed by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. This has killed 235 people and left the city very devastated. Millions of properties are damaged. This city has 40,000 inhabitants and it was reported that 80 percent of the population and infrastructure were damaged. The quake lasted for an hour and the rescue team wasn’t able to get through because of the rescinded roads. By its own means, the inhabitants disband their own town.


During the quake, the President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa was not in the country. He was in Vatican and he went back right away to help his people and give them relief goods and anything they need.

Both north and south of the site epicentre were seen being incredibly damaged. Another remarkable damage incurred by the quake to the country is the bridge situated in Guayaquil, south which is the biggest city of the country. There are also reported numbers of landslides that caused delay in the rescue and caused accidents to other rescuers and even residents.

The airport control tower was also been so destroyed, this tower is located at the coastal city of Manta. In the country’s largest city, Guayaquil, south, fell a bridge. There have been numerous landslides, which 1,557 people were wounded as evaluated by Vice President Jorge Glas.

This is not the official list yet, there are more in the next few hours because they haven’t dug in the grounds yet for buried people inside and haven’t been rescued.

There were many people who are still traumatized this time. On 1979l Ecuador was also shaken by a high-intensity earthquake because Nazca plate and the South American plate clashed together.

The most affected area of the country is Pedernales, which is the nearest beach place of Quito. It was indeed very catastrophic for the place. The electricity was shut off and phones don’t have signal.


Credit: earthquake alert, BBC, wlfi

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Brazil: The Next Target of Islamic Terrorist?

Brazil became agitated after they heard that they’re the next target for the Islamic terrorist attack. As we can recall, Paris was being massacred by the Islamic group of terrorist which killed 90 people and caused traumatic experience to 130 victims who were there in that event. Not many people know that right after the attack, one of the members of the Islamic State terrorist group tweeted on Twitter threatening Brazil to be their next target. That member was also seen in famous ISIS videos.

This guy is Maxime Hauchard. His post says that,“Brazil, you are our next target. We can attack this shit country.”

This terrorist group keeps recruiting many people from around the world to join them in their atrocious vision which is to kill innocent people especially the westerners. It is even reported that they already have many people recruited from Brazil. Because of the increased members of ISIS from this certain country, Luiz Alberto Sallaberry, who is the director of the Department of Counterterrorism of ABIN said that there will be great chances for it to be attacked. He confirmed that the guy who posted on twitter is a terrorist member.

The director also said on TV’s and magazines explaining the strategies that the ISIS use to recruit people especially the younger ones. He also added that this terrorist profile is the one who made lots of threats to French people. This is really very dreadful and threatening for countries not just Brazil.

The Department of Counterterrorism of ABIN is strengthening its task force in every country especially those that have already been attacked by this group and those who have become so fearful of the possible attacks. This is to prevent the attacks last year in France and recently in Belgium to happen again. This terrorist named Maxime usually appeared on the videos killing people inhumanly.

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PiliPinas Debates 2016: Who Has the Guts to be the Next Philippine President?


As the temperature of the sun rises, the crowd waiting for the most awaited presidential debate of the Philippines is also getting thicker. The answer to who will be the next president of the country will be answered real soon. This event is the most important part of the candidacy of the presidential candidates. It gives the people the chance to ask questions to any of them referring to their platforms or their plans on improving the Philippines.


The event will happen at 5:45 p.m sa ABS-CBN CH 2, ANC HD, DZMM TeleRadyo, at TFC. If you’re not at home this time, then feel free to watch the livestream online if ever you have a Wi-Fi connection wherever you are right now. This is important that we are updated of the current events in our country because each of us contributes to the future of our economy.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte remains the number one presidential bet in the survey and I see a lot of profiles on Facebook showing support for Duterte. But no, I won’t follow the crowd. I have my own prerogative and I will vote for whoever I think is the perfect fit for the country.

I didn’t have any interest in politics at all and I never cared about who runs for this and that because I am so dismayed with the previous candidates who governed the country. The upsurge in criminal records is still there, the high rate of the OFW’s who work as Domestic Helper is still there. The next president should be able to make the country self-sufficient without having to send poor people in the rich countries to serve the rich bosses. And I realize that it is a part of our citizenship and we should participate in whatever is happening in the country to be called a Filipino.


credits: ABS-CBN

ABS-CBN vs GMA as of April 21, 2016

These two giant TV networks have been competing day by day when it comes to the ratings of their shows on national TV. Based on the surveys, ABS-CBN has always been the leading network when it comes to teleserye. In the noontime shows of each network, It’s Showtime now beats the rating of Eat Bulaga of GMA although it keeps trending on Twitter. Take a look at the detailed data below.




21 April 2016 Comparative Total Philippines (Urban+ Rural)
Ratings Data: ABS-CBN vs. GMA7 and TV5   

Source: Kantar Media / TNS

O Shopping (0.3%) vs. Tunay Na Buhay (Replay) (0.4%)
Umagang Kay Ganda (3.1%) vs. Unang Hirit (3.0%)
Magandang Buhay (5.6%) vs. Dragon Ball Z (9.8%) / Yo-Kai Watch (11.2%) / Knock Out (11.4%)
Naruto Shippuuden (6.7%) vs. Kapuso Movie Festival ‘Matakot Ka Sa Karma’ (10.5%)
Kapamilya Blockbusters In The Name of The King A Dungeon Siege Tale’ (12.3%) vs. Hi School Love On (9.9%) / You’re The Best (8.8%)
Be My Lady (17.4%) vs. The Ryzza Mae Show (8.4%)
It’s Showtime (17.5%) vs. Eat… Bulaga! (13.6%) / Wish I May (12.4%)
Doble Kara (17.0%) vs. Hanggang Makita Kang Muli (12.8%)
Tubig At Langis (14.5%) vs. The Millionaire’s Wife (10.4%)
We Will Survive (9.9%) / My Super D (14.6%) vs. Wowowin (12.6%)
TV Patrol (29.5%) vs. 24 Oras (17.5%) vs. Aksyon (2.7%)
FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (43.7%) vs. Poor Senorita (15.5%) vs. Movie Max 5 (3.1%)
Dolce Amore (32.7%) vs. That’s My Amboy (14.9%) vs. Carlo J. Caparas’ Ang Panday (2.6%)
The Story of Us (18.3%) vs. Because Of You (12.5%) vs. Bakit Manipis Ang Ulap? (0.7%)
Jane The Virgin (9.1%) / Tonight With Boy Abunda (4.9%) vs. Heart Of Asia Presents (5.6%) vs. Aksyon Tonite (0.8%) / Reaksyon (0.8%) / News 5 Presents Presidente (0.8%)
Bandila (3.0%) vs. Saksi Liga Ng Katotohanan (4.1%) / Reporter’s Notebook (2.9%) vs. Shop Japan (0.1%)
Sports U Ikaw Ang Panalo! (1.4%) vs. The 700 Club Asia (1.6%)
O Shopping (0.7%) vs. Shop Tv (0.6%)

With the overall rating, ABS-CBN is still unbeatable. It’s no wonder why more and more celebrities from GMA network and TV 5 are moving to ABS-CBN. But this shouldn’t be the reason for the lower rating networks to be discouraged. This should serve as their motivation to improve more and go beyond what ABS-CBN has achieved. This is quite challenging for them, isn’t it?


Credits: ABS-CBN social media newsroom



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Mystica vs Duterte!

Wow! This is war! Mystica has been bombarded with brutal messages from Mayor Duterte’s supporters after she slammed the presidential candidate. She said in her video that she’s afraid that Duterte might be the reason for the possibility of another Martial law to happen in the country. Here are some of the netizen’s reactions to her viral video.

Nhins Pelaez Cubuc

Dakdak ka ng dakdak palibhasa Laos kana,isa kang pokpok,maniac,magkano binayad say ng boss mo,million na galing sa nakaw sa kaban ng bayan,humanda kna shabu pa more hinihintay kna ng rehas na bakal.wla ng papansin say Laos Laos Laos.

Cynthia Estrada ·

And you have a dirty mouth
Like · Reply · 4 · Apr 15, 2016 1:20am

Andrew Reyes ·

Cynthia Estrada and you are iduot
Like · Reply · 13 · Apr 15, 2016 3:22am

Cynthia Estrada ·

Andrew Reyes Hi andrew. I left a message in your box. I volunteered for Mar and Leni and hope you vote for them. Botanta ba kayo? Irish Citizen?
Like · Reply · 1 · Apr 16, 2016 2:52am

Grace Reatiraza

Hahaha nagpapapansin si kahit kailan di mo matitinag mga DDS solid na solid kami at lalong dumarami mga supporters ni digong.matanda kana dapat gumawa ka na ng mabuti.peste ka mistikang pesti.kapal ng face mo.bayaran pagkatao mo para lang siraan si mayor.wala kang magandang nagawa sa mayor marami ng napatunayan.
Some also made videos as retaliation to Mystica’s video.
anti mystica 1
Mayor Duterte has gained lots of supporters in the country and even the OFW’s, they’re always screaming for Digong to be the next president of the country. He’s currently leading in the national survey. Some say that Duterte can’t be a perfect fit for the country as president because he’s immoral. Some say he should be the president of the Philippines because of his strong personality that makes criminals afraid to commit another crime. But Mystica doesn’t believe that he can resolve the crime rate in the country in 3 months. How about you? Who is your next president?
Credits: YouTube, Zeibiz
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JaDine’s “This Time” Movie: Bad and Good Comments

JaDine love team is having a very hectic schedule these days due to their newest movie project called “This Time”. This will be in cinemas on May 4, 2016. JaDine fans expressed their excitement for the movie while  it saddened me on the other hand because there are also people who continuously bash the loveteam and can dare to say bad stuff about them. Here’s some of the good and bad comments for JaDine. I hope the love team won’t mind the bad ones and just continue doing what makes them happy in life.

Paulo Jugado – “excited na ako sa movie na ito… dito sa amin pinag uusapan na kung kailan manonood at kung saang mall manonood… for sure blockbuster ito di gaya ng iba diyan memagawa lang movie…. mga JDF before kayo manood niyan magdala kayo ng oxygen… for sure kakailanganin niyo yan kasi kililigin na na naman kayo…. magdala din ng plastic bag… para pag gusto niyong tumili din niyo isigaw kasi sa sinehan bawal ang maingay…. hahahaha….”

Mae Ann Briones – “admin wag ka namang ganyan nag expect pa naman ang iba na hindi na sunod sunod ang pagpost mo ng article ng jadine dahil tapos na ang OTWOL kaya tapos na ang “pagpapasikat” kuno sa teleserye na yun , kaya admin wag magpapahalata ano ka ba naman hihihhi excited much na ako sa movie na yan macucurious ka kung ano ba talaga ang plot ng story hihihih”

Kate Alexis JD Loquinario – “Tiwala lng jds . dahil para sa kin gusto ko cla magkatuluyan sa huli . parang DONGyan … nagsimula sa LOveTeam tapos naging Mag best friend . naging real couple and then Naging husband and Wife na … gusto ko Sila parin in the future”

Antonina Garas – “Nanunukso lng itong teleserye…Avoid it…be smart some other educational drama.
.Gidget falls in love is over.!!”

Faye Sanchez Nakuh – “Another Flop Movie na Naman nila yan”

Capture 1



Credits: ABS-CBN

ALDUB Won Lots of Awards!

Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Foundation’s Box-OfficeAwards happened last Sunday, April 17, 2016. And one of the love teams that won a lot of major awards was the ALDUB or Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards.

Here is the list of their awards:

  • Most Promising Female Star
  • Breakthrough Recording Artist of the Year
  • Most Popular TV Program Musical/Variety
  • Highest Opening Day Gross of All Time for My Bebe Love
  • Breakthrough Male & Female Movies & TV
  • Highest Rating of a Noontime Show of all Time for Eat Bulaga

Alden and Maine came to the awards ceremony holding hands and were so close together. They obviously now have grown a deeper relationship. It is reported that Alden went to Maine’s house to pick her up. It seemed like they’re now so comfortable with each other.

Aside from ALDUB, there are also other loveteams who came there and have got awards. They are AnBie (Andre Paras and Barbie Forteza), KathNiel (Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla) and JaDine (James and Nadine Lustre)  but only James came there to receive JaDine award.

Alden and Maine became very emotional and were so happy after being awarded the Breakthrough Stars. Maine said, “’Considering the short time that I’ve been in this industry, It’s a huge honor to be included here and to be acknowledged. Thank you very much again.”

Alden was so awed by the awards they got as a love team, he said, “Ako po, I’ve been in the industry for a little over five years now. I have waited for this moment for a long time. Thank you very much for this opportunity.”

Alden kissed Maine and that has made The Grand Marriot Ballroom filled with screams, thrill and shudders.

Just recently, they got another awards from 12th USTv Students’ Choice Award. These are:

– Special Recognition of a Social Media Phenomenon to AlDub and D’ Explorer Sister
– Students’ Choice of Variety Show to Eat Bulaga


Photo credits: PEP, Phil Star

Nadine and Kathryn: Who is Better?

I’ve been a fan of JADINE since their first teleserye called “On The Wings of Love”. The acting skills of Nadine and James are very incredible. They both act naturally and they’re not trying hard like the others. Although Nadine is bashed by many other people, I still love her for James. James is very cute and handsome (chuckles).

On the other hand, the comparison of Nadine and Kathryn Bernardo has always been there. In this picture, the fans of each actress do a comparison between them. Here’s what their fans can say about them.

Dana Lee- “At first glance, they do look alike. They really do have similar facial features. If you don’t know Nadz, you’ll probably think she’s Kath, but a few seconds later, you’ll realize she’s not. Yes, you’ll naturally think of Kath first because, let’ face it, Kath is more known than Nadine since Kath’s been visible on TV for these past few years. Anyway, for me, their difference lies in their personalities. Kath seems to be more of like the serious and shy type while Nadz seems to be more of like the funny and friendly type, one with a dynamic personality. Just my opinion. smile emoticon That’s all.”

Kenzie Dolor – “Don’t be blind’s not like I’m accusing Nadine..but can’t you see it?’s pretty obvious that Nadine lustre is copying kath’s mechanism..I mean she looks Kathryn because maybe she’s copying kath?…look guys,,nadine’s postures and also the way that kath looks like it’s pretty obvious that Nadine is doing the same…maybe nadine shows that she can defeat or get kath’s title..but whatever it may be..let’s just all respect the opiñon of every fan on each side of the said artists….but one thing is for sure..originality of one’s person describes his/her uniqueness as what the real identity behind that person..”


Photo Credit: KathNiel facebook page