How to Make Your Baby Happy?


Your baby loves lots of cuddles and kisses, so pamper her with it. When getting her sleep, you might want to sing her lullabies and that will make her fall asleep so soon.

Even if your baby’s tummy is full, she still craves to suck maybe her thumb or give her the pacifier for her to be happy or else she will start grouching unless you take a stroll with her.

Play around with the baby by flashing her a goofy and silly grin or widen your eyes. She would love looking at you and will laugh with you because you’re giving her an idea how it looks like to be happy.  You can also kiss her nose and lean in so close.  Anything you do that makes her smile will make her thrilled.

You can teach the baby to do stretching because this would make her feel good. Do this by gently extending her right arm and left leg out from her body. You can reward her after with loving hugs and kisses.

If your baby groans like he’s feeling pain or if he keep drawing his knees to his chest even if you just fed her, then this could be a sign that she has a stomach ache. What you need to do is calm her tummy by laying her on your lap face down and tap his back, with that, there would be a pressure on his belly and the gas would be released. You can also lay him on his back and try pedalling his legs.

In case your baby gets diaper rash and he gets cranky, just apply zinc oxide ointment on the spots where irritation occurs.

Your baby will start recognizing colourful stuff by 3 or 4 months. They can also start grabbing things and kicking out clutters. To make her giggle, simply hold something vibrantly-colored stuff and let her reach it.

You can also give you baby a soothing massage. It will feel good for her to be gently massaged in their cute little toes and give her a kiss.



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Taking Care of an Adopted Baby

Although I am not a mom but I really love babies and I dream about having at least two in the future. I also have experienced taking care of a baby for years, because my family adopted a child, she was 6 months old when she came into our life. My mother wasn’t able to take care of her so, I took her place since I am the eldest daughter. Most of our neighbors suspected that it was my baby and someone got me pregnant out of wedlock but it wasn’t true.

The baby was very sickly, she had cough, bloated tummy and it’s very obvious that her mother didn’t take care of her well. My mother taught me how to take care of the kid and it was a bizarre feeling to do it for the very first time but saving the baby’s life is for me an achievement though. It’s very hassle when the baby is sick and you have no husband to help you take care of it. Now I know how it feels to be a single mom. There was even a time that I blamed the mother of the child for my sleepless nights, for the illness of my mother and for all the sacrifices we did for this child.

Taking care of a baby is really a daunting task especially if it’s not your own. My father paid me monthly for taking care of the adopted child. Little by little, we learned to love the child and she was very pitiful because her father died and her mother has no job to feed her, that’s why she looked for a job and left her baby to us. Now she’s already 6 years old and grows up bubbly and happy. She’s now our legal sister. Her biological mother never treat her like her own and they’re not in good terms with my mother presently.

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Melai’s Showbiz Friends Defended Her Over Her Bashers

Netizens expressed their sentiments on Melai Cantiveros who is suing the woman who bashed her and wished for baby Mela to get raped. That woman is named “Shawie Constantino Enriquez”. She said that Melai is her idol but she got upset since the comedian is promoting Mar Roxas as her president. This woman is allegedly a suporter of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. She then activated her account after being exposed on social media. Melai said that that woman messaged her and told her that her account is hacked. It’s just excuse though, she might be scared now because Melai will do a legal action against her because it’s a slander and she violated the Cybercrime Prevention Act.


Carla Estrada and Jolina Magdangal showed support for Melai. Her bestfriend and Mela’s godmother Angelica Panganiban also defended Melai and the baby against the bashers. Jay Ar speaks up about this issue too and supported the comedy actress. They were together in the show “Your Face Sounds Familiar”. The group of mother netizens also showed support and symphaty for Melai. Here’s what some of them said:

Go!! Melai sampahan mu yan ng kaso ..

Kc pati anak mo dinadamay ..alam nya namang walang kamuang muang ung bata..sana mahuli na yng nag bata sa anak mo. – Ashley Nadera

Dapat talaga di nalang isinali yung baby..kung nilait lang si melai siguro mapapalagpas pa yun..pero kahit sakin di ko kaano ano nakaka offend yun ..mas lalo kung sa anak ko ang gyera tlga..kaya dapat pag isipan muna natin mga salitang sasabihin..kasi mahirap makasakit ng kapwa kahit artista pa yan o kagaya natin.- Norrieh Koy

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What’s the Most Memorable Movie for You?

The most memorable movie for me was “Titanic. This is the only movie that I kept watching and it still made me cry. I have first watched this piece when I was like 13 and it taught me the true meaning of love. I was very innocent that time when it comes to relationship and never wished to have a boyfriend at my young age. But the story of this movie brought me to a fantastic world of love. It gave me shivers and tingling sensation inside. Aside from the fact that I love disastrous and action-packed movies, I really like how the characters delivered their lines and of course the setting of the story. It was very disheartening and nerve-wracking when the ship sunk and the people were screaming. Many were trying to battle against death but fortunately, they fell down to the very cold ocean while the ship was sinking and they died.

I really felt so sad with those children and other people who weren’t able to save their own lives and no rescue team arrived until later. Some of them died because they were drowned in the water. Some died due to the freezing cold water and some deaths were caused by those iron stuff falling down from the ship.

Kate Winslet or Rose in the movie looked so beautiful and Jack- the guy character played by Leonardio de Caprio was very vibrant. This actor looked so handsome in his young age too and they really look good together. I was so “kilig” in their romantic moments in the movie especially when they were on top of the ship and were holding each other’s arms. Jack was stunned by the mesmerizing beauty of Rose the first time he saw her and so was Rose to him. That was then the start of their love story that unfortunately killed thousands of people in the same cruise.


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Why do Girls Wear Makeup?


From the dawn of history, cosmetics have already been experimented by the ancient women. Roman playwright Plautus said that, “A woman without paint is like food without salt”. Other prominent geniuses in the past also said that women wearing makeup look so feminine, classy and fabulous. Shakespeare’s Hamlet sounded rude to tell Ophelia this: “I’ve heard all about you women and your cosmetics too. God gives you one face, but you paint another on top of it. You dance and prance and lisp; you call God’s creations by pet names, and you excuse your sexpot ploys by pleading ignorance.”

If you ask women about it, you will be shocked to get myriad of responses why they’re wearing makeup. Some women will say it will make them confidently beautiful when going outside and wearing no makeup would make them feel naked. So, cosmetics have been a part of the most women’s life. Especially those who work in the government and certain offices and establishments, they’re always required to wear makeup. Not just because they’re required to but because they need to look pleasing and presentable to their clients.

Some other women would say, they’re using makeup to express themselves because they can always flaunt different styles of look that fit to the event they’re going to and it characterizes their emotional state. Some men would prefer their woman to wear make-up because for them it’s a necessary seasoning which can turn them on. Wearing makeup can doll you up and can make a woman look sexy and enchanting to men. Wearing makeup can be fun, it is theatrical element to paint the face allowing women to channel different types of personalities and aesthetics. Makeup is now so ubiquitous in our society that women are able to mask their insecurities through it and can’t go out without it.


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Well-Spent Sunday

My week is not complete without God. Today, I woke up earlier which is not my thing because since I was in college, I was already used to night classes schedule and when I had my first job, it was also in a night shift until my next job and up to present. So, in short, I’m more of an evening person. I really find it a struggle to wake up early morning and to sleep early at night. But no, I will never miss the moment for me to spend time with my Almighty Father. I feel so very calm and happy and fulfilled every time I go to church.

As Christians, we are not just obliged to go to church, read the bible, attend fellowship, make disciples, prayer meeting, we also need to watch our words, action, and thinking. We need to be meek, forbearing, humble, patient, be willing to sacrifice self-interest. We shouldn’t let the world swallow our soul. Even material things can mislead us because this is the area of our life where the devil attack us. We need to walk in righteousness and be like Christ.

I love listening and singing Christian songs, it makes realize my spiritual inadequacies and remind me that God’s love is there waiting for me to embrace it and enjoy fellowship with him. I love Jesus and I pray that He will help me love Him with all I am so that I can live by His will.

Christian songs are so nostalgic for me. It make me feel so loved by the Lord as He died for my sins and cleansed my whole life. God has been working so much in my life right now. I know I belong to God and I am very thankful that He snatched me back from the devil when I strayed away from Him.


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What You Shouldn’t Do on Your Period?

The most emotional time of the month for women is when their period comes. With our abdominal cramps, mood swings and other hormonal issues, getting out of bed can even be hard enough as it is. There are lots of things you should abstain from when you’re having your period.


You should never spend time exercising while on bloody days. You feel stomach bloating during this time and you would end up blaming yourself for staining your exercise clothes. Don’t worry after a week, you can be sexy again.


It could be risky for you to go to the kitchen while on your period because what if your housemate does something to annoy you while you’re holding a knife and your emotional attack occur? You better not venture the kitchen on your period.

Eating lots of Chocolates

Don’t easily believe in clichés that chocolate will make you feel better on your period. No it’s not true, it will only make you feel angry after.

Start Arguments

If you feel like you don’t like to talk, then you better be quiet because you may end up arguing with your friends or boyfriend because you uncontrollably say bad stuff to them out of your bad mood caused by our hormones. These hormones mess with us and make us mean.

Get out of Bed

Don’t bother getting out of bed because no one would even try to deal with your emotional outburst. All you have to do is sleep and have some good rest.

Do House Chores

If you’re worried about your messy bedroom, kitchen and living room, don’t bother cleaning them up. You’re not in a good mood to pile them up. Just attack them when the period is done.


Running is not advised by health practitioners during your period. This can be the worst thing you can ever do. It will not make you feel better and you will be bound to be puffy anyway. Thus, sweating won’t be beneficial for you during this time.

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What is Love?

Everybody wants love but how will you know if what you’re feeling is love? Can you even define the word itself? Sometimes we don’t contemplate on these philosophical questions even when we are engaged in pouring out and receiving love. Here’s some women’s definition of love:
Love is more than just acceptance, martyrdom… love is the answer to so many questions. it is not just a feeling… it’s doing your best without thinking you’re the best, giving the other what they need even if it could mean your poverty… it’s having the joy amidst all the hardships you might encounter in trying to love. once it’s given, you’ll receive it back (maybe in another form) however long it takes..
love… it’s the source of all hope. & as humans, we are supposed to put it where it is needed most. 🙂 – Kore
To me, true love is when you can completely be yourself around another person in good times and bad. It’s loving each other’s differences and appreciating them exactly as they are. Love is the feeling that something is missing when you are apart and the realization that everything seems so much better when you are together. Vanessa S.
What a loaded question! I can’t help but instantly think of the 1st Corinthians Bible verse. It just gives such an amazingly perfect definition of love (1 Corinthians 13:4-7). When I think of what love means to me personally, though, I think of all the different types of love I have for the people in my life. There’s romantic love, family love, friend love and the most incredible love of all: soul mate love. I knew my fiancé was ‘the one’ when I realized he is the only person in the world that I love romantically, as my family and as my best friend. Our love is easy! Love should never be difficult. Life is difficult enough. — Jenna W.
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Illuminati: Myth or Real?


I’ve been thinking a lot about this recently. For me, it will be so easy to believe that there exist some groups of elite and influential people who control way more than its fair share of strings on a universal scale. However, this idea seems to take away the improbability linked with such types of conspiracy theories. It can be compared to the notion of cancer that infects the overall consciousness.



According to the conspiracy theorists, the Illuminati is an ominous group of secret power brokers, who have been members of the league for several centuries. They are wealthy, famous, powerful and influential. Among them is the U.S President Thomas Jefferson, and the rapper Jay-Z who is known as the spirit master.


As the other sources say, the Illuminati conspiracy has manipulated many governments, stock markets, popular restaurants and other establishments. They also have something to do with the energy prices and assassinations. Many also believed that they murdered those famous celebrities who declined their offers of joining and the ones who were members but tried to get away from the group. They use tricks to deceive the vast number of people. They treacherously persuaded many to participate in their secret rituals that are commonly based on the ancient Egyptian mysticism like those hand signs and emblazoned symbolism.



It’s fairly easy to get in the frame of thinking that they are creating this secret group to control the world. Why? Because they do have money and they are famous. Even in the field of politics, anyone can obtain a distinctive position in the government if you are rich and famous. The money rules the world today and it’s a very saddening fact.

Anyhow, the Illuminati to me is still obscure. I sometimes think that they are evil tyrannical autocrats that are not conscious of repercussions of the kind of life they’re living. How about you, do you believe that this group do exist?


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ABS-CBN vs GMA Rating as of April 28, 2016

ABS-CBN remains the leading network when it comes to high-quality productions, films and programs on TV.  To the extent, their morning show Umagang Kay Ganda got (3.0%) national rating against Unang Hirit of GMA with (2.6%) rating. Be My Lady is going up with its rating of (18.0%) against “Princess in the Palace” with (8.7%).
In the noontime shows, It’s Showtime ruled it with (17.6%) score while Eat Bulaga! is still struggling to tie it up or exceed it with its rating of (14.3%). Doble Kara (17.3%) and Tubig At Langis (14.1%) beat Hanggang Makita Kang Muli (12.8%) and The Millionaire’s Wife got a score of (9.7%).

My Super D (13.5%) keeps winning over Wowowin (11.4%)

When it comes to the evening shows, FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano is still unbeatable with the high score of (40.3%) against Poor Senorita of (16.4%). Unfortunately, the 2016 Oppo Pba Commissioner’s Cup (Live) (7.3%) didn’t make a big splash.


28 April 2016 Comparative Total Philippines (Urban+ Rural)
Ratings Data: ABS-CBN vs. GMA7 and TV5     
Source: Kantar Media / TNS
O Shopping (0.4%) vs. Tunay Na Buhay (Replay) (0.9%)
Umagang Kay Ganda (3.0%) vs. Unang Hirit (2.6%)
Magandang Buhay (5.7%) vs. Shaman King (8.4%) / Yo-Kai Watch (11.7%) / Bleach (13.0%) / Dragon Ball Z (13.7%)
Naruto Shippuuden (7.9%) vs. Knock Out (12.6%)
Kapamilya Blockbusters ‘Street Fighter The Legend Of Chun-Li’ (13.7%) vs. Mako Mermaids (12.3%) / Hi School Love On (10.9%) / You’re The Best (8.7%)
Be My Lady (18.0%) vs. The Ryzza Mae Show (8.7%)
It’s Showtime (17.6%) vs. Eat… Bulaga! (14.3%) / Wish I May (12.5%)
Doble Kara (17.3%) vs. Hanggang Makita Kang Muli (12.8%)
Tubig At Langis (14.1%) vs. The Millionaire’s Wife (9.7%)
We Will Survive (10.4%) / My Super D (13.5%) vs. Wowowin (11.4%)
TV Patrol (28.4%) vs. 24 Oras (17.6%) vs. Aksyon (3.7%)
Fpj’s Ang Probinsyano (40.3%) vs. Poor Senorita (16.4%) vs. 2016 Oppo Pba Commissioner’s Cup (Live) (7.3%)
Dolce Amore (31.8%) vs. That’s My Amboy (16.0%)
The Story Of Us (17.4%) / Jane The Virgin (8.1%) vs. Because Of You (13.4%) vs. Carlo J. Caparas’ Ang Panday (2.7%) / Arrow (2.3%)
Tonight With Boy Abunda (4.6%) vs. Naku Boss Ko! (6.9%) vs. Aksyon Tonite (1.9%)
Bandila (3.0%) vs. Saksi Liga Ng Katotohanan (4.4%) vs. Reaksyon (1.0%) / News 5 Presents Presidente (0.7%)
Sports U Ikaw Ang Panalo! (2.1%) vs. Reporter’s Notebook (2.6%)
O Shopping (0.7%) vs. The 700 Club Asia (1.2%) / Shop Tv (0.4%) vs. Shop Japan (0.3%)

Credits: ABS-CBN Social Media News Room