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Speculations an Introduction

Speculating pretty much comes as natural to me as breathing. For as long as I can remember, my regular inclinations have been to constantly exercise my deductive reasoning skills. And the more enigmatic that the matter might be, the more my speculative mind is attracted to draw forth deductions about it, often with multiple possible or tentative conclusions.

Consequently, my blog will be about that very process of speculating about this and that, various and sundry, as the interests strikes. Sometimes my speculations can run down highly creative paths. Being both an artist and a writer, that only stands to reason. As I’ve pointed out in another of my blogs, such is the natural way of the Creative. A creative person is harder to pin a specific label on. And as far as I’m concerned that is a good thing, for in general I find such labeling of people repellent. It’s too much like stereotyping, and I know from experience that stereotypes are lies.

Abstract Image 2060 More Reduced
The Flukish One ( Abstract Image 2060 ) by Bill M. Tracer Studio Creations

So, as I’ve expounded upon in my Creative Blog, I am not just an artist, nor am I just an author. Likewise, I am not just a speculative philosopher, nor only an explorer of metaphysical realms, and I’m more than just a futurist and gazer into that elusive Akashic Record, rather I am all of these and more. As such, I am a Creative, and then within the greater context as a subset of that, I am also a Speculative. The life of a Creative Speculative is much like a quest. This blog will give an account of this quest of the Speculative. Along the way I will also include some of my art, sometimes to illustrate my thoughts, but perhaps more often as not to just decorate my blogs with some splashes of color to excite the mind.