My love of wildlife.

I have always had a great love of wildlife from a early age. I guess ever since my first visit to the zoo, my favorite animals are African Lions, Grizzly Bears, Elephants, Hippopotamus’s, Wolves, Tigers and, Buffalo’s at least on land any way.

In the sea my favorite is the Blue Whale, the biggest animal to ever live, the Blue Whale also has the biggest brain in the world and, a heart the size of a Volkswagen, you know the car you used to see as a kid and, yell slug bug lol.

I also love Walrus’s the bullies of the artic these are huge animals that live in icy ocean waters and, prefer it that way, the Walrus has few predators and, is even capable of killing a polar Bear or a Killer Whale.

Lions are my favorite though, because they are social animals, that live in big prides, where they take care of each other, if you mess with one lion, then you mess with the whole pride of Lion’s, the females do most of the hunting, but males keep the family safe, fighting off other Lion’s, Hyena’s, Buffalo’s.

Killer Whales are also awesome animals, that are very smart, the Wolves of the sea they call them, because they hunt in packs.

Last but not least one of my favorite smaller animals is the Beaver, those things are so awesome, literally the carpenters of the animal world, they build damns, as well as their own lodges, they can also cut down trees with just their teeth, pretty impressive stuff, another interesting thing is long ago, there used to be giant Beavers, that could get around 6 feet in height and, weigh 100’s of pounds.

What are some of your favorite wild animals? It truly amazes me all the different gifts God gave these creatures.