Gay Rights In Africa 2

There are two main religions in Africa; traditional and Christian. Both religions are vehemently against homosexuality because for the traditionalist it is completely against the laws of nature and for the Christian, it is against the will of God. Now, let me take it from the Christian point of view because Christianity is the most dominant religion in Africa. Besides, I am Christian so I can explain better.

I remember a comment a friend of mine made which sent me down laughing with my legs in the air. She was talking about sex with her boyfriend after making a promise to me few days ago to be devout in Christianity. When she realized I had heard her tell her friend about her sex life, she looked at me with a stern face and gave a heavy sigh of throwing in the towel,” I am sure God made a BIG mistake when he said we should abstain from sex….” She gave a number of reasons that seemed very reasonable but the fact still remains…it is the word of God.

The fact that we sometimes wish the bible was never against some of our actions does not make them right. In our own thoughts, there are many actions of man that are justified and therefore deserves no correction nor amendment. Sometimes it may even seem stupid in our sight but it is not surprising because “Our ways are not the ways of God”.

Our bodies and minds may dictate to us differently but one thing Christians cannot do away with is the bible. No matter how hard we try to adulterate the word, the word will remain truth. We may choose to ignore it but we know what the word says.

Welcome to the mind of Africa. Now, answer this yourself,” Do you think gay rights will ever be accepted in Africa?”

Gay Rights In Africa

Human beings generally have their thoughts, ideas and perceptions driven by something; sometimes the driving force behind the idea is not obvious but it is still there nevertheless. One thing I tell my students is that, there is a reason for every action they take; there is no answer like,” I did it for no reason…” There is always a reason.

Africa, a continent known for her rich cultural values and religious belief aside poverty and corruption of course, has gained a great deal of popularity in this vane. The entire system is structured in a way that makes very little room for anything contrary to the beliefs and values of the people.

“Is it possible for gay rights to gain stance in Africa like it has in other continents?” Well, let me take you through our system of marriage. In Africa, marriage is a union of families; it simply does not involve two people; it goes beyond that. It is usually about finding somebody for your family and the society. If you are lucky to love your partner, it is a plus but if you don’t, well you are happy because everyone else is. In Africa, there is hardly anything like, “Mind your own business”. Nope. “Your business is my business if you are my neighbor. I don’t need your invitation”, an African would say.

The African society places a huge value on starting a family; if you never started one; you probably never lived. In some parts of Ghana, West Africa where I am from, if a man lives with a lady for a number of years as a girlfriend or fiancé without actually getting married, he is forced to get married to his partner when she dies. Yep, you literally marry a corpse. You only do not get to enjoy your honeymoon……

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Meaning of strikes contd..

Do the strikes that we see fall within the following or they are uncalled for.

There are many types of strikes but, this course shall be limited to the following:

Economic: these are intended to resolve a bargaining impasse pertaining to demands for improvement in wages, benefits, working conditions among others. They can only occur in connection with contract negotiations.

Unfair labour Practices: the purpose of these strikes is to enforce the employer to cease committing to or doing what the union considers to be unfair labour practice. It may or may not occur during negotiations.

Jurisdictional strike: it is a kind of strike aim at putting pressure on an employer to assign work to the members of one bargaining unit rather than another or to put pressure on an employer to recognize one union as representative of its members when he/she has already recognize another.

Student strikes/protest encompasses a wide range of activities that indicate students’ dissatisfaction with a given political or academic issue through mobilization to communicate this dissatisfaction to the authorities and the general society with the hope of finding a solution to the problem.  Some the protests include sit-ins, occupations of university offices or buildings or even suicide.


Strikes are taking over many parts of Africa and it is reducing the rate of work especially in a country like Ghana , West Africa that is simply a display of the unhappiness of the citizenry to the sitting government.

Strikes also known as Industrial action is accepted worldwide as an integral part of collective bargaining.

The term has been defined as the collective, organized, cessation, or slowdown of work by employees to force acceptance of their demands by the employer.   Again, it is defined as work stoppage, the concerted refusal of employees to perform work that is assigned to them in order to force the employer to grant certain demands, such as increased wages or improved employment conditions. The term is also defined as action by unions, employees or employers to pressurize the other party in the furtherance of an industrial dispute

In Section 175 of the Ghana Labour Act 651 of 2003 defines a strike as: “an action by two or more workers acting in concert which is intended to restrict in any way the service they normally provide to the employer or diminish the output of the service with a view to applying coercive pressure upon the employer…”

It would be observed from the foregoing definitions that it takes at least two workers to embark upon a strike action and a strike is intended to restrict or curtail work or diminish output. Its purpose is to bring coercive pressure upon the employer to grant the demands of the striking workers.

The term lockout may be construed as an employer’s decision to debar unionized employees entry to the workplace until such time that the employees accept to work on the employer’s terms and conditions or based on a lapsed collective bargaining agreement. A Lockout occurs when an employer closes the workplace, suspends work or refuses to continue employing a number of employees during a labour dispute. Furthermore, Lockout is the exclusion of employees from the employer’s workplace by an employer for the purpose of compelling the employees to accept a demand in respect of any matter of mutual interest between employer and employee, whether or not the employer breaches those employees’ contracts of employment in the course of or for the purpose of that exclusion.

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