My review of The Rocky Horror Picture Show I attended this year.

This past Saturday, Halloween night, I attended the final annual production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the historic Vista Theater in Negaunee Michigan. This production is unlike any other, from the set to the costumes and the audience participation, you are always in for a treat and maybe a few tricks. This year was a great one, the house was sold out! As the whistle blew and the lights dimmed we all took our seats and prepared for the show yelling “WE WANT LIPS”. Four girls came down the aisle of the audience in their skimpy usher costumes and flashlights singing the opening song “Science Fiction”, the crowd cheered and started singing along. The show starts off in a wedding scene and everyone in the crowd throws rice. After the wedding scene they sing “Damn it, Janet” but in the middle of the song a young man dressed as the Joker from Batman got on the stage stopping the production in its tracks and sending the actors off the stage. He pulls out a piece of paper reading something along the lines of “Two years ago here at The Rocky Horror Picture Show I met the most beautiful girl in cat ears. Now we have a beautiful baby girl.” he went on to bring her on the stage and got on one knee. He proposed, and she said yes! It was so lovely I almost cried. When they got off the stage the play continued. One of the funnest parts of the play is getting up and dancing, doing the “Time Warp” and no matter if it was your first or your tenth time going to the play you know how to do the dance, because the directions are in the song and it’s a blast!

In my opinion the best part of the show is during the song “Sweet Transvestite” when you meet the character Frankenfurter, the mad scientist from the planet Transylvania, originally played by the actor Tim Curry in the movie. In the play he played by local favorite Bobby Glenn Brown who has been portraying Frank N Furter for many years noting in the play he has done one hundred and forty eight performances. When Bobby “a.k.a.” Frank arrives on stage the crowd went wild, hooting and hollering “We love you Bobby”. The energy in the crowd was amazing. This year at The Rocky Horror Picture Show the cast and crew put their heart and soul into everything, the music, the costumes, and the set, giving it all they had for one last hoorah!


Monday’s are my favorite day of the week. Yes I know that sounds a little crazy but when you think about it not really. The bus comes and takes the children to school. My husband has gone to work and suddenly silence. Time for me and I love every minute of it! Yes, I have a to do list a mile long. I do so enjoy the weekends and the family and friends. Yet I have also learned the true value of “me” time. If we as women learn to invest in ourselves, we will have more to offer others. Plain and simple. Yet it isn’t that simple to apply. No I have no idea why it is so very hard to apply yet it is. I often find that I put away my families clothes before mine. Also I give the better pieces of meat or the more pleasing looking pieces of cake. I do not want to stop doing these wonderful things for them. I just want to start making sure that I do wonderful things for myself as well. I definitely want to make sure that I make time for God. Because for me that is very important. No, I am not pushing religion of on anyone. My beliefs are my own. When I invest in the Lord first I feel better about myself and then I am a better person to everyone. It really is so exciting starting another new chapter in my life! I use to feel a little sorry for myself because I have a recurring brain tumor that while not cancerous is life threatening. Now I look at each day as a blessing! So as I start this week I am making a decision to be happy and to invest in myself so that I have great things to give to God, my family and my friends. Please join my on my journey.