Life in Taipei vs California Desert

I decided to add this observation that I made back at 2012, at a UC Irvine art gallery, display student art. I recently read it, and I thought it sounded interesting, even though I barely remember the artworks from three years ago.

The Wild Hunt, Part II
UCI’s MFA Thesis Art Exhibition presented The Wild Hunt, Part II, between May 17, 2012 and June 1, 2012. Four graduate students, Flora Kao, Scott Klinger, Lauren Merage, and Aaron Valenzuela, displayed their artwork.

In the first half of the University Art Studio, there were eight huge white silkscreen sheets, hanging on a wire, which looked similar to white sheets on a clothesline. On both sides of these sheets, there were black ink or paint marks, roughly scribbled on the sheets, in a chaotic and disorderly manner, as if it was depicting some kind of natural disaster. On a nearby table with two stools, there are two books, opened up on a page displaying a photograph of deserted scenes. One book displayed photographs of the city of Taipei, while the other book displayed photographs of a desert scene with a demolished building and other destruction of China Lake, in the Western Mojave Desert. The pictures looked like of a war-torn area. The photographs of Taipei display a very old city with old building that look like they are about to fall apart. Some buildings are under construction. I notice signs with Chinese writing and motorcycles with Asian license plates.
On the other side of the studio, there is a short film documenting life in Taipei, being played against the wall in three large screens. I notice lots of motorcycles, bicycles and motorbikes as well as some vehicles and yellow taxis zooming by on a street. There were old, cement walls with Chinese graffiti as well as some very old brick walls that looked like they were about to fall apart. Another building structure or wall appeared to have cracked paint on it. Some of the brick walls or buildings have green vines growing on top, which gave the structure more personality as well as history. It appeared to be an impoverished area, in the downtown section of Taipei. But, still, the area looked very clean and tidy, as an old Asian man is seen wearing a fluorescent vest and sweeping the street. A couple of motorcycles are neatly lined along the curb. Occasionally, there was a pedestrian or two walking by as well as some traffic that gave life to this deserted and very old town with a lot of history.

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