Happy Halloween

My grey catwoman halloween costume in 2013

My grey catwoman halloween costume in 2013

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

It is very early Wednesday morning as I internet-surf before bedtime. Since it is almost Halloween, I thought I would post my Halloween video I made last year from some Halloween Party in 2012. I also added some of my photographs and other snapshots to create an Illuminati Halloween story.

The story idea was inspired from all the internet videos that I watched as well as all the websites that I visited all over the internet since 2000. So, it was based on extensive research from the internet. I learned a lot of stuff, which helped answer lots of unanswered questions that I had when I was a child. I learned a lot of truths, which helped answer why many incidents that I encountered in the pasted seemed weird and strange as well as just didn’t make sense. These truths revealed to me lots of lies and deceptions.

But here is my video, OC Illuminati Party 2012

which explains the holiday, Halloween, as it really is, not “trick or treat,” but more like “tricks, more tricks, and lots of lies and deceptions,” but where are the treats?

Enjoy watching my Happy Halloween video, and have a safe and happy Halloween, whatever your plans are.

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