Day 3 of Spring Garden Show 2017: Build a Terrarium

Saturday, 4.30.17

At 1pm, I went to Crate and Barrel, and I found out that the fuchsia seminar was cancelled. Instead, they had a seminar on building your own terrarium. I have always wanted to do one, but since I don’t have a green thumb, I want to do one with fake plants. I even have an idea of my theme—a coastal scene. I plan to browse in Michaels and Joanns for fake items to create my coastal scene as well as the glass bulb.

  1. You start with potting mix or cactus mix, if you are using real plants.
  2. Soil covers include desert sand, pearl stone, river rock, polished stones, and sheet moss. Cactus plants don’t require much water. The rocks are just for drainage.
  3. Inside a glass tilt bowl, start layering items in your bowl. The first layer is the rocks. The 2nd layer is the pre-moistened soil covers the rocks. The 3rd layer involves placing plants and filling soil around the plants until you cover the root balls of each plant. The 4th layer involves adding small white pebbles. The 5th layer involves adding the sheet moss.
  4. Charcoal helps prevent plants from getting bacteria. Place charcoal at bottom, with the rocks. It is important to water at the root ball, when the plant is completely dry. The water at the bottom of the bowl should be higher than an inch.

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