4 Nutcrackers and 1 Dead Mouse

Saturday, December 17, 2016

I woke up late today, at around 1pm, and suddenly I realized that I had an event to attend later at 5pm. I forgot all about it because I forgot which Saturday it was on. When I went downstairs to feed Gumby and eat my brunch, I checked the art reception postcard and I noticed that this reception is for this afternoon from 5pm to 8pm. So, I plugged my iPhone to recharge, before going upstairs to get ready. I left my townhouse at 4:30pm. I noticed it is cold outside today, which felt very wintery and Christmasy. I decided to wear my knit gray leggings, knit pink and gray turtleneck short dress, short UGG-like ankle boots with pompoms, and denim jacket that I had decorated with gems, studs, pins, and patches when I was in my early twenties.

At the art reception, I end up doing a lot of videos. I did one video to display the artwork and the colored ribbon it won. And, other videos were of the OCFA awards.

At 10:15pm, while uploading my first video, I suddenly heard Gumby make gagging noises. So, I went to see if he is OK. He was sitting in front of a tiny dead mouse. I wonder where he found it because I have never seen mice or rats inside my townhouse. After my first cat died in 2006, I had mice or rats in the utility attic, which probably went there through the chimney on the roof or the pipes outside that are attached to the house. But after I adopted Gumby in December 2008, these rats magically disappeared because they smelled a cat inside my house. I don’t know where this tiny dead rat came from, all of the sudden, because I have never seen any mice or rats inside my townhouse, and I have been living in this townhouse since June 1986. I hope the parents rats aren’t going to come inside my townhouse looking for their dead kid. Maybe this tiny baby rat came inside my house from the garage, when I drove in at 8pm tonight, and it sneaked inside the house when I went inside my house.

This dead mouse or street rat reminds me of the Nutcracker story. I do have one broken nutcracker that I accidentally dropped in my garage a couple of years ago when I was putting it away. One arm broke off, but I creatively and successfully glued it back on with chewing gum that I chewed until it was soft and sticky, and then applied it to the shoulder area of the nutcracker to keep it in place. So far, it is sticking, until I might need to redo it in the future with a new stick of gum, if it falls off again. The gum worked better than crazy glue because the gum was much thick, like a bandage for a wounded nutcracker soldier. I eventually fixed my wounded nutcracker, but today a dead baby rat appeared inside my townhouse. I just hope there is no more because I do have a cat, and Gumby is the one that found this very tiny mouse or rat.

After I uploaded the first video, I realized that many of my videos have suddenly changed their status to non-monetized. So, I had to go through each one, on six pages, to remonetize them again. Youtube must have gone with some kind of changes, which messed up the status of my videos.  By 3:15am, I finally finished going through all my videos, and changing background music to make sure it can be monetized. I think I did it for most of them, but a couple gave me a hard time. I don’t care anymore. I did what I can. I will finish uploading Saturday’s videos later.

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