Changes to Move On…

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

I drew two pages today, and around 4pm, the Cox guy came to check my TV Box. He gave me another new box, in which he states is even newer than the new box I got two or three months ago. But it was still the same issue. IFC and Sundance indie wouldn’t come on my TV anymore. So, he called his office, and the person said that Cox made changes to the movie channels recently, and IFC and Sundance were transferred to the Essential movie package, which is a bigger package. I am on the startup movie package, which is simple but it includes independent channels, and it is enough movies for me to watch. But, now, I have two indie channels less, due to their weird sudden changes. Oh, well. I guess I will be busy working on my graphic novel and going on hiking meetups. But, what a mess! Maybe this is just the change I am looking for…out with the old and moving forward with the new, whatever is coming into my life next.

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Nutcracker Village and Festive Holiday Events


Saturday, November 19, 2016

Around noon, actually 12:12pm, I decided to drive to the town center by my house to check out the Nutcracker Village event. They are promoting local young dancers for holiday events and shows. Some were kids, and a few were adults performing at the UCI theatre. After browsing the booths, I decided to do a couple of videos until my iphone’s battery went low. But I got enough videos and snapshots. I checked out the new boutique, Nectar, which has bohemian fashions. It looks like a store I am likely to shop at. I also tried some samples at the booths, such as GNC and Cha for Tea. There was a coloring table for the kids. I noticed that Cha for Tea restaurant went through a remodeling phase recently, and they don’t serve food anymore. Now, they mostly serve drinks and snacks. Many stores and restaurants are going through many changes.

At 3:33pm, I was on the internet again, blogging and checking out different sites, like, which is another social network site, but it doesn’t have censorship, for all the people who are already sick of Facebook’s spying . I ate my lunch, which included raw vegan oatmeal, from the oats I soaked in water last night. This morning, I poured out the water, and I enjoyed a bowl for breakfast, along with mixed nuts topping, homemade sunflower seed power, and cinnamon power. And, this autumn, I am enjoying a cup of hot cacao with a vegan marshmallow. It just feels festive and fun for the holidays.

Now, I am recharging my iphone so that I can upload my videos.

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Autumn Art 2016 videos


rihaij / Pixabay

Saturday, 11.5.16, at Showcase Gallery, from 5pm to 7pm art reception

Part 1 video for Saturday’s November 5th art gallery reception at Showcase Gallery. Autumn Art 2016, Part 1 depicts autumn scenes of nature, abstract art, travel, landscapes, and ghost towns. I decided to add cinematic music, Autumn Day, by Kevin MacLeod, which is 3 minutes long for the beginning of this 9-minute video, and the rest of the video is for silence meditation on the artworks. The music just covered the featured artist’s work.

Part 2 of Saturday’s November 5th art gallery reception. It is shorter, and it is mostly about the art gallery party of socializing, discussing art, listening to music, and enjoying the refreshments.

Susan Cole displayed her acrylic painting, “4 Corners Mantra,” which costs $325. Sue Cong displayed 5 photographs, each cost either $250 or $300, and they consist of Afternoon Fun, Catching Dinner, Sea of Blue, Tranquility, and White Mountain. Lauretta Davis displayed 3 acrylic paintings, each costs either $150 or $250, and they are Alone, Ripples, and The Walk. Eileen Ezmunt displayed 2 acrylic paintings, Blue Lattes & Cronuts and Roll me over Tokyo, and each costs $225. Todd Kanney displayed 5 acrylic paintings—Blue, Cool, Fall, Love, and Park, and each painting costs $575.  Veronica Kortz displayed 4 oil paintings—Murietta Hills South, Olvera Street North, Olvera Street West, and Riverside Bridge East, and each painting costs either $400, $450 or $500. Kim Lac displayed 6 Photos—Autumn is coming, Old Time, Orchid, The Fence, The Wheel of Time I, and The Wheel of Time II, and each photo costs either $180 or $250. Maureen MacDonald displayed three artworks, which include a mixed media, a print on fabric, and a photograph—Some Red Rocks, “UT, CO, AZ, NM,” and Rocks, and these artworks cost from $80, $95, and $150. Donna McFarland displayed an oil painting—Sedona Sunset I—and it costs $300. Mary Ann Nethercutt displayed 2 ceramic sculptures—I see corners many many corners and My Precious, and they are both NFS. Elizabeth Nguyen-Espinoza displayed an oil painting—Fabric of Friendship—and it costs $795. Maureen Nolen displayed 2 watercolor paintings—Dance the Night Away and Ladies Night Out—and they cost $295 and $450. Vartan Ohanian displayed 2 oil paintings—5 Corners and All That Jazz—and they cost $1500 and $2100. Roger Reading displayed 4 photographs—Depot Balcony Keeler CA, Depot Windows Keeler CA, Depot Doors Keeler CA, and Rest a Spell Cashbaugh Ranch—and each photo costs $250. Tom Sherwood displayed a mixed media and an acrylic painting. Hit Parade costs $50, while Land Scape costs $100. Jim Van Eimeren displayed 3 digital print artwork—4 Corners, Four Red Corners, and Storm Engine—each cost $225. Maycha Vang displayed a photograph—Unnatural Object, which costs $95. Nancy Villere displayed 2 photographs—Desert in Bloom and Sleeping Giant, and each photo costs $125. Kathy Worden displayed Gyotaku art—Big Fish—and it costs $325. Maria Espinoza Yepez displayed 4 oil paintings—Grapes 1, Grapes 2, Grapes 3, and Grapes 4, and each painting costs $50.



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