Changing Lens for Different Effects and Perspectives

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Friday, July 29, 2016

At 6:30pm, I drove to Canon Experience Center to check out a photography seminar. George K. talked about using different lens to create “Change of View,” from 35mm to Cinema Lenses.

You can use zoom lens to bring the background scenes up-close without changing the focal lengths. It allows you to change the view.

50mm, F1.2 tends to have shallow depth of field. It is important to have a Depth of Field calculator because it is an important tool for photographers.

90mm telephoto camera allows you to restrict what you don’t want displayed.

14mm wide angle lens is not good for portraits.

He displayed some photographs by a 20mm lens of aircraft drones.

Focal Length is the length from the camera to the focus point. 300 to 600mm lens is used for faraway scenes and landscapes.

How do these tools really work?

Macro Lens has a Stabilizer. After turning on the Stabilizer, choose a Stabilizer Mode from 1, 2 or 3.

There is also Automatic Focus, Manual Focus, and Partial Focus. (I mostly use AF, but I need to practice using MF for certain scenes, mostly nighttime photos.

Limiter is used by Sports Photographers to capture action shots. They use either Full or a particular mm.

Focus Preset puts the focused point into memory.

Fisheye Lens is similar to a regular Wide Angle Lens, but they each create a different result.

Aspherical Lens is used to “eliminate spherical aberration in a range of applications.”

Tilt Lens is the most versatile lens because you can do many perspectives by moving the lens up and down as well as shifting the lens. But you are moving the lens within the image circle. Architectural Photographers use this kind of lens.

You can increase the Mega Pixels by shooting up and shooting down, and then combining both later.

Changing the focus by tilting the lens allows you to increase the depth of field. You can also use tilt and shift together.

50mm 1.2 is low light lens, while 85mm 1.2 is good for portraits.

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Designing Logo Tips

Sunday, July 17, 2016

When considering designing a logo, the first thing you need to think about is font. Go through many fonts and pick the ones you really like, before decides which ones of the ones you like best fits your business, service, and/or personality. Then, decided if you want to use monogrammed initials or the full name, or even business title. Then, doodle different ways of writing that font, as you tweak it here and there to fit it with your business, but still making sure the letters look clear. You might consider infusing the letters with a particular plant, flower, or fruit that symbolizes your image, business, style, or service. How do you want people to see you or associate you with? Don’t be afraid to use a little bit of color, as long as you don’t overdo it by using too much. It is best to use a maximum of three colors, which include two colors that complement each other, and the third color is the accent color. It is similar to fashion coordination of an outfit. For example, you might want to design a black and white logo, but add a red accent somewhere, whether the type, a graphic drawing, or just a part of it in red that you want to make stand out as the main emphasis.

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Canon Photography Art Reception

Friday, July 15, 2016

At 6pm, I went to Canon Experience Center to check out a photography gallery by guest photographer, Taili Song Roth. The photographer art reception was from 7pm to 10pm. We ate snacks and chatted, as we check out her photos, which is mostly of celebrities being themselves in natural poses, but most of these celebrities were dressed up for a red carpet event. All the photos were posted on a lighted wall frame, in which the photographs were lighted up and stood out against the background. Some people printed their photos into a larger print, but I wasn’t aware that people were going to print any photo. When I arrived home at 10:15pm, I realized that I had my disk of photos with me in my purse, and I could have printed another photo with other people. But I just forgot and my brain wasn’t working. I was mostly socializing and chatting during the whole time that I wasn’t really thinking about anything else. I should have printed my Fashion Island pond photo. Oh well, maybe next time! I think sometimes I am absent-minded.

But it was an interesting three hours of mingling as well as checking out other people’s photographs. The photographer, Taili Song Roth’s work is on the internet, if anyone wants to check it out.

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Mixing Media Video

Saturday, July 9, 2016

On Saturday afternoon, I went to another Showcase Gallery art reception in Santa Ana, California. It was from 5pm to 7pm, and the art theme had to do with Mixing Media. The featured artist for this art show was Dominique McKenzie, while the special guest artist was Maureen Nolen and the visiting guest artist was Janet Bludau. Other artists displayed their work in this show, which included Susan Cole, Sue Cong, Bill Fisher, Veronica L. Kortz, Maureen MacDonald, Donna McFarland, Shari Mildon, Kim Lac, Vartan Ohanian, Laura Rice Robinson, Dodie Sy, Jim Van Eimeren, Nancy Villere, Kathy Worden, and George Yu.

This video displays the artworks and the art reception ambiance.

There is a two-man jazz band performing inside this studio, and I decided to use this original background music for my 13-minute art reception video, unless youtube will have a cow about it, claiming it is copyright material and I have to somehow remove it and play over it with one of youtube’s monetized featured tracks. So, we will see what happens by the time I finish uploading this video. But it uploaded well and the everything worked out well. I didn’t need to remove anything and look for a youtube music I can use. I uploaded the video as is, without making any changes this time. Enjoy the art and the art reception party on the above video!

There was a raffle, and Vietnamese artist, Mung Deo, won a gift bag prize, in which all the gifts inside the bag were art-related.

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