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My grey catwoman halloween costume in 2013

I added three random photos, which include my grey catwoman halloween costume in 2013, the inside of a Showcase Gallery art reception, and front end of the art gallery on 4.16.16.

Friday, April 15, 2016

After 4pm, I drove to the Canon building, which is in Costa Mesa and around 3 miles away. When I arrived, I was informed that the Portfolio Review was for the people who signed up for this seminar in order to get feedback on our photographs. I thought it was a portfolio review for professional photographs and I didn’t bring any sample of my work. Oh, well, maybe next time. I will just check out other people’s photographs this time, and I will know what to expect for next time when they have a Portfolio Review again. It started a little bit late in order to wait for all 16 people who signed up for this seminar. It is interesting to check out everyone’s photographs because each person has a different style and different ways of photographing. I actually recognized one of the artists from Showcase Gallery, but she isn’t able to attend tomorrow’s Showcase Gallery art reception. She displayed some of her mannequin photography, in which I am also into, but my style is much different. Some young people in the next room were having an art reception, and refreshments were set out for everyone in the building. Most of it was meat. So, I just snacked on some salad and a glass of water. The Portfolio Reviews were finished at 9:30pm, and I drove home on a quiet night.

While checking out the other people’s photographs, I was thinking about making more videos and using some of these ideas and concepts. I could probably draw my graphic novel in similar way, but it will be much harder to incorporate such concepts in drawing form.

But, now, I will summarize some of the artistic ideas that I picked up.

“Spotting” in photography is created via Photoshop, in which it has to do with manipulating one’s photographic artwork for presentation purposes. You can transform nature and action scenes into a work of art.

When using models in your photography projects, focus on the model’s facial and body expression as well as their poses to bring out certain moods and themes. It is all about using lighting, strobes, hand poses, and composition.

And, remember to shoot the whole story with scenes from certain significant areas that pertain to the story in some way. Bring out the culture and the specific people who live in that area. (I need to remember this when I draw my graphic novel).

Use special effects in your artwork, such as reflections. And, cutback on famous people in order to make the scene more interesting, real, natural, and credible. It is all about timing.

Photograph mannequins in a creative and artistic way by adding your own personal style, whether unconventional ideas and props or nontraditional humor. Just make your work different in order to stand out among your competitors and other artists.

Consider using different perspectives in each scene. It will give you a modern edge, or just a new and fresh way of seeing things, which will likely improve work your work, giving you that inspiration or change you were looking for.

In action shots and sporting events, considering using a camera with wide lens.

And, don’t be afraid to get close and mix with your subjects in order to take a better photograph. Get involved with your community, other people, and your surroundings. Socialize, meet people, and interact together. It will likely help you create more credible, real, and natural photographs, bringing out the essence of that scene or the characters in that scene.

Considering taking photographs in black and white film, or you must just do it in color and then gray scale the photographs later on Photoshop. At least, you will have your original colored photos as well as your manipulated black and white version for different effects. Going into a crowd at a big event and tell a story with the random characters you encounter. Use such special effects as blur and colors to further enhance your scenes and artwork.

For better portraits and editorials, consider interacting with models in order to encourage natural poses or certainposes that you want the model to do for a particular scene or theme. It is your job to inspire your model to portray your vision that you want to capture.



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