Some Art at UCI

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Since today is a beautiful afternoon, I decided to go for a walk to the UCI campus to check out the UCI Claire Trevor School of the Arts. I enjoyed my peaceful walk to UCI, and on my way there, I saw a lizard or salamander on the sidewalk. I actually thought it was fake, until it moved. I haven’t seen a lizard or salamander for a long time. Maybe they come out during spring weather. The last lizard or salamander that I saw was probably the green Geico promo, in which I have little dolls of it because it is a UCI sponsor. Here again are my three mini Geico dolls promoting UC Irvine, Geico Insurance, and being a UC Irvine Alumni.

endjuly2015 003 endjuly2015 004 endjuly2015 005

At the Beall Center, they were displaying their art installations, WETWARE: Art/Agency/Animation, and it will be available to check out until May 7th. It is basically art sculptures and videos of scientific content, which includes biology, engineering, computer technology and other electronic gadgets, and other mechanical-looking art. It kind of reminded me of steampunk items. The artists in this gallery include Lucie Strecker & Klaus Spiess, Orkan Telhan, Adam Brown, Evelina Domnitch & Dmitry Gelfand, Gilberto Esparza, Thomas Feuerstein, and Anna Dumitriu. Their work emphasizes such as aspects as spiritualism, metabolism, microbes’ usefulness, synthetic biology, and interesting shapes of electronic gadgets that look like futuristic urban insects, almost like drones.

For more information about these artworks on display, you can check out the website, UCI’s Beall Center


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