My Art Agenda

On Saturday, January 23, 2016, I went to Showcase Gallery to check out an art reception and record a video of the artwork. About 250 OC artists displayed their artwork, which is mostly about romance and love. In the Featured Artist section of the art gallery, Barbara Close and the Calligraphy Group displayed their artwork, which looked poetic.

Sylvia Kowal created personalized Valentine greeting cards, and a two-dollar donation is recommended to help the Scholarship Fund.

Nancy Villere placed the colorful vertical banners that are hanging down from the ceiling. She is mostly known for his photography and paintings, but she also does jewelry and scarves.

The Guest Artist, Bill Fisher, displayed his “Garden Wall,” which included some lovely photographs of colorful flowers, which put me in the springtime mood.

Young Shin Kim displayed some traditional Korean ceramic sculptures.

There was also a BJ Wilson painting.

Stay tuned the next art reception, which is on March 5th, where Dan Williams will be the Featured Artist.

Then, on April 13th, there will be another art reception, which is about the OC Imagination Celebration. This art receptions involves the artwork of many teenagers and younger. There will also be awards given in the Annual Artist’s Eye Competition.

So, I will be making two more art videos, one in March and one in April. Also, I just remembered that the next Spring Garden Show 2016 will probably be in April. That weekend event should keep me busy with blogging as well as making videos. For more information about these artworks, you can watch the latest video that I put together, which is on my youtube page. And, I will still work on my graphic novel.

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Full Moon in Leo on 1.23.16

my photo of the Full Moon in Leo on 1.23.16

my photo of the Full Moon in Leo on 1.23.16

IMG_1276 IMG_1275 IMG_1274 IMG_1272 IMG_1271 IMG_1270 IMG_1269 I added some snapshots from the art reception. I also added a video of the art reception under Love Letters link, which displays the whole environment and artworks.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Today was a nice, warm day because it felt more like springtime. At 3pm, I decided to go to Showcase Gallery early so that I can make a video of the artwork on display. When I arrived there and turned on my iPhone, I realized that I needed to delete more items in my storage because it wouldn’t let me take photos or record any videos. So, I deleted the entire photo stream on my iPhone. That seemed to do the trick, and I was able to record a fourteen-minute long video of all the artwork on display, which includes ceramic sculptures, paintings, photos, and mixed media.

The art reception actually started at 5pm, and the theme is called Love Letters. While browsing the artwork, I noticed poetic calligraphy, colorful flowers, love letter scenes, sweet and playful animals, ceramics, traveling scenes, and romantic destinations.

Moreover, the refreshments fit the romantic love letters theme, which included an assortment of red wine and white wine, cheese and crackers, cookies, chocolate candies, hors d’oeuvres, mini cupcakes with pink, white and red icing as well as red sprinkles, purple grapes, and triangular pastries that have cheese and spinach.

As I drove back home, I noticed that the moon looked beautiful, almost picturesque, because it was very round, and hiding behind gray clouds, like in a dark and gloomy scene, but it still appeared full of hope. When I arrived home, I noticed that the round moon was very clear, vivid, bright, and glowing, especially against the dark sky filled with twinkling stars.

I googled the full moon on January 23rd, and I found a youtube video explaining that tonight’s full moon is in Leo, and it focuses on the true power behind one’s creativity and transformation, which is love. You can check out this very short full moon meditation video for January 23, 2016. I also went outside, at around 8:30pm, and I took a snapshot of this beautiful full moon. I wish I could have taken a snapshot of the full moon by the art gallery because it looked different in that area, but I was driving and I didn’t want to stop. Actually, the streets were really busy this evening, all the way from Santa Ana to Costa Mesa to Irvine.

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My Top 10 Videos

Sunday, January 17, 2016

I decided to list my most popular videos that I created, for fun. My top ten videos are my videos that received the most views. All my videos are based on local events or just promoting my own creative artwork. These views are between 100 and 300, which isn’t really too much, but it is a lot for a non-performer and non-ranter on youtube.

1. Sufis Protest Robert Cavalli logo, Just Cavalli
2. Spectrum Center Lights Up for Holidays 2014
3. Noruz 2014 at Mason Park
4. Jessica and Ashlee Simpson at Macys, South Coast Plaza
5. Noruz 2015 DJ Dance Party at Mason Park
6. Step-by-Step Guide to Stovetop Cappuccino
7. The OC Illuminati Party 2012
8. Noruz 2015 Dance Party at Mason Park
9. Noruz 2014 dancy party
10. Irvine 4th Korean festival 2013

After the top ten, I also noticed my runner-up videos, which got OK views, and had similar themes, and these videos got average views, between 47 and 69 views.

11. My Selfie Fashion Photo Shoot for Fall/Winter 2014
12. It’s a Small World December 2015
13. The Art of Romance, Love and Passionate Sex
14. Noruz 2015 Sidewalk Runway Fashions at Mason Park
15. OC Fashion Week 2015, Teen Fashions
16. Irvine 4th Korean festival fashion show
17. Sufi Muslims Protest the Just Cavalli Logo
18. Southern California Winters
19. Celebrate UCI 2015
20. OC Fashion Week 2015: Spectrum Collections Fall Fashions 2015

You will notice that my older videos tend to have blurry scenes or unclear photos, which is because I made these videos on my old cell phone—a 2008 LG. My clearer videos, with more professional scenes, are on my new iPhone 6. Plus, I am a natural photographer, and I have been taking photos since the 80s, mostly parties and weddings. Later, I got into doing my own artistic expression photography by doing mannequin surreal photography. I am not sure why photographers have some obsession or interest in mannequins.


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Analyzing My Videos Progress

Sunday, January 17, 2016

It is 4:36pm on a Sunday afternoon, and I realized that I spent my day checking out various youtube videos, which include my own videos that I uploaded. I notice that the sun is going down outside, and the sky looks slightly cloudy. But that is a typical Sunday, spent mostly relaxing, meditating on something, and getting ready for the rest of the week. My week will mostly involve working on current projects as well as whatever comes along here and there. I might suddenly get an inspiration for a future video, in which I haven’t done in a while because I haven’t attended an interesting event lately.
This week, I plan to finish up my weekly vegan detox food that I bought last week. And, I will do my grocery shopping by next Sunday.

As I skimmed my youtube uploaded videos page, I noticed that my videos, which received the most views, had to do with a local protest, local events, and a very short instructional video, and such videos received a good amount of views, between 100 to 300 views. I am not a performer as well as I am not working for anyone, promoting their shit. So, I don’t expect to receive millions of views on my videos.

I did one Illuminati related video, based on scenes from a local Halloween party, and it got average amount of views. I have no interest in ranting in videos because I think it is annoying and I can’t even watch anybody’s ranting video for too long. I usually watch around one minute and move on to more interesting or entertaining videos. (The ranting videos are very draining to watch, and I think that most people who watch such videos are lonely and they just need some interaction with another human, in which such videos can be similar to interpersonal communications via the internet).

So, I guess today was really spent on youtube, checking for video making growth and progress.

This very short video answers my question that I had earlier, in which I was wondering about who the third celebrity do die in this illuminati ritual. It might be Rene Angelil, who is Celine Dion’s husband. All three men, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, and Rene Angelil, died around the same time during the first month of 2016. This video notes that they each died within a two-week time frame in January 2016. And, the Illuminati tend to perform their ritualistic sacrifices in threes in order to get whatever they want from Baphomet.

This short video also notes previous Illuminati sacrifices, which include Michael Jackson, Farrah Faucet, and Ed McMahon, and these three celebrities had died within the same week.

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