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Friday, December 11, 2015

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A glimpse at my home studio, where it is filled with my artwork, which includes photography, drawings, graphic design, and collages. And, recently, I have some rubber band loomed items as well as yarn loomed items.

I decided to add some art projects since the last year of college.

The first one is the chest collage, which is comprised of random stickers that I actually received free from certain local events.

The second one is a collage that I did at Platt College, where I got a certificate in Graphic Design. It is a collage of a movie, in which I had chosen Sleepless in Seattle. I had torn out picture from fashion magazine that reminded me of that movie and certain scenes.

The third one is my den, which has school textbooks from different colleges that I had kept for some reason. Some I wanted for reference, and some were too old and the school refused to buy it back.

The fourth one is my photograph that I took for an photography class at UC Irvine one summer, and I took this photograph at Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California. You can tell from the window display that this photograph took place during the Olympics when it was in LA. A reflection of my mother is in the window, as I took a photograph of this statues family, father, mother, son, and pet dog.

The fifth one is a metal bulletin board that I took from my brother long time ago, and I use it to post postcards, pictures, and photos with magnets. It is like a bulletin board picture collage.

The sixth one is my drawing of an old man who modeled for the art class that I took at UC Irvine. I think I got an A on this, and I remember the old man liked my drawing of him.

The seventh one is my final examination drawing for another art class I had to take during my last year, which I took during the summer, right after graduation. This drawing is from one of the rooms inside my townhouse, where I drew the window and what I saw in the window, which is the next door neighbor’s townhouse and windows. There was also a dove sitting on the edge of the window, and I wanted to draw him, but I was afraid that as soon as I started to draw him, he would fly away. Animals are unpredictable. So, I thought it would be safer not to draw him. The teacher liked this drawing, and she gave me a “B+” because it wasn’t clean. If I had sharpened my pencil a lot and drawn it very clean, then I would have gotten an “A.”


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I Loomed a Christmas Stocking

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

While browsing on youtube and checking out videos, I noticed a looming demo for making a Christmas stocking. I want to try to do this for fun, for this month’s holiday decoration, even though I have stockings that I put up in December for décor. I plan to use the leftovers of the chenille yarns, in which the sandy colored one goes on top, while the plum-berry colored yarn for the rest of the stocking. If I run out of the plum-berry yarn, then I can just attach the sandy colored yarn. I noticed from the video that the person used the smallest 24-peg round loom and the simple knit and purl stitch. I still have to go slowly because it is a little complicated. And, the chenille yarn has a pretty and velvety texture that this stocking would make a pretty décor item.

You can check out the above video for looming instruction and demonstration, for anyone who wants to try it out. It wasn’t hard, but it still require attention to detail. I think you can do it with round looms or crotchet needles as well as different types of yarn (The person in the video used regular yarn). I finished my Christmas stocking at 6pm, just in time for my vegan wrap dinner. It looks really cute, like a plush stocking.

All of the sudden, I noticed that it is 7:13pm, and there is a PiYo class at 7:30pm. I quickly changed my clothes, wore my Vibram shoes, and drove across the street to the UTC. The weather feels nice tonight because I forgot to wear my knit cap and mini infinity scarf around my neck. After one hour of PiYo class, I was sweaty, and I returned home and went straight to the shower.

I watch The Shining on cable, as I continue my blogging.

I didn’t take a snapshot yet, but I will probably do it later so I can upload it.

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