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My journey as a novelist, or I should say writing and self-publishing my first novel, started in 2003. I got an idea when I was cleaning out my keepsake trunk, and I started typing on my Word Processor the rough draft until I finished within a year. It went faster than I expected because I didn’t really feel the pressure. I just enjoyed my writing journey, or I should say my main character’s journey in the story. Then, I edited the novel, withing two to three years, while also designing the covers and promo materials. I also researched self-published sites until I decided to use lulu. Then, I went for it and self-published. I also used lulu’s online help with the site’s features, and it was helpful.

Then, after I self-published, it was all about promotions, all over the internet. I wrote lots of excerpts, especially on the lulu site and lulu order page, where you can buy a copy.

The Sand Dollar by Fifi Leigh is an adventure story, where the main character narrates her adventures as she moves forward in her life toward her destination. It is kind of like Devil Wears Prada because it is light reading and some areas in the story take place in fashion environments, but The Sand Dollar is more about business, life, growing up, learning, growing, and self-discovery.

The graphic novel that I am currently trying to work on will likely be a prequel to The Sand Dollar, and it will take place right after the main character graduates from college, and a year or two before The Sand Dollar story starts. So, the graphic novel will be about the main character’s inexperienced and naive years, which might make her appear to have been too sheltered. I plan to draw dark content in the graphic novel, which will display how this naive girl learned a lot of stuff fast in order to survive, grow, and mature.

The Sand Dollar by Fifi Leigh

The Sand Dollar by Fifi Leigh

The girl on this promo postcard that I drew is the main character for The Sand Dollar as well as the future graphic novel. Her name is Fiona.

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