The Sand Dollar

In September 2006, I self-published The Sand Dollar at the lulu site. It is a novel about the main character, who is a recent college graduate, starting her life out after college, and she doesn’t know what to do because she doesn’t know many people. But she ends up doing small jobs, which lead her on an adventure that actually takes nine years. I wasn’t planning on making her adventure take nine years to complete. I was actually planning for a one-year adventure for my main character. But I got into the story, my characters, and everything flowed out fast. I kept writing every day until I finished within a year’s period.

I drew the covers of the novel on Illustrator, as well as I did two promo postcards, one on Illustrator and one on Photoshop. I also did some business cards for the novel. Then, I marketed my novel all over the internet.

I added two promo postcards for my first novel as well as the bookcovers. The main character of the novel is also named Fifi Leigh, which is confusing because she isn’t me and I am not her. But the book is her story, and I wanted the book to be her story, but I am actually her ghostwriter, and we just happen to have the same name. So, I wrote the book for my fictional main character, and the story is kind of like an autobiography, but she only briefly summarizes her childhood. The story actually starts after college graduation.

The drawing of this girl on this promo postcard is Fiona, the main character, but she goes by Fifi as a nickname.

The black and white promo postcard has an old photo of me when I was 24, although the main character has lighter hair and eyes than me. I didn’t know whose photo to use.

The Sand Dollar by Fifi Leigh

The Sand Dollar by Fifi Leigh

promopostcard1 novel front cover backcover of novel

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The Art of Flowers & Nature for Home Decor

The last art gallery reception that I attended was at the Showcase Gallery in Santa Ana, CA. The theme was about flowers, nature scenes and orchids, and there was also an orchid show in the courtyard area of the mini mall.

I recorded a video of the artworks on display, which included paintings, mixed media, sculptures, photographs, and other forms of art. As I checked out each art piece, I realized that these floral artworks would make great home decor pieces for a room, especially for people who don’t have a green thumb. You can just add a lovely photograph or painting of a flowers, nature scene, and landscape scene that make a statement for a particular room, bringing out certain main colors but still blending with the whole room ambiance.

I added a nineteen-minute video that I recorded of these artworks. In this art reception, the featured artists are Vietnamese artists, but there are also other artists displaying their work. You can check out these artworks on this following video:

I added a jazz & blues music in the beginning of the video, which only lasted for four minutes because I couldn’t find a longer music for the full video. So, the rest of the video is silent. But it is still interesting to check out the ambiance and people inside the art gallery, as you check out each artwork on display.

This art reception was in September 2015. As I check out the artworks again, I notice that some art looks modern, some traditional, some edgy, and some are bold and colorful. And, each artwork would fit in a particular style of room, whether chosen for color coordination or theme.

Grab some hors d’oeuvres, a glass of wine, relax on your chair, and enjoy this art gallery tour of flowers and nature!


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