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Anybody Any Minute

Anybody Any Minute by Julie MarsTonight I set aside the book I’ve been trying to struggle through (Wreck and Order) and picked up one of my recent library check outs.

This book, called Anybody Any Minute, is about a woman who impulsively buys an old run down farm house (on a credit card!).  She tells her husband she is going to spend the summer there.

So far she has moved into the farm house and has had a whole chain of bad things happening.  Not BAD bad, but the sort of bad things you would expect from a farmhouse that has sat empty for 7 years.  Including leaky roofs and resident bats.

She has lived in New York for all of her adult live, and thrived off the hustle and bustle of the city.  Her first weekend at her new house she has no electricity, no phone (set in the early 90s, cell phones were not a prevalent thing), no running water.  She can’t even just use the toilet!  And her husband, a man of routine, isn’t answering his phone!

From the characters I’ve met so far in this book I think I’m going to like it a lot.

I like “fix it” stories.  And this one sort of runs parallel to what i want in my life right now.  A farmhouse and some land, leaving the city behind, leaving my life, as it currently is, behind.

Since I just started reading I’m not sure how this tale will end.  Will she go home to her husband and the city?  Will her husband come to live with her at her new farm house?  Will the couple end up splitting up amicably?

Clearly she needed some distance from her husband, though they love each other.  They have had a rocky marriage, but have made it work for so long, will it really just fizzle out?

I’m kind of hoping he will end up shrugging off his own city life and coming to love her new home and coming to live with her.

But until I find out I’m looking forward to watching this city girl find her way in this small town, with its local inhabitants, as she tries to find her place in the town, and in the world.