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Easter Shopping is a Pain in the Brain

blue brain on lighting bolts (from

I thought my brain was going to EXPLODE!

Last night somthing happened that NEVER happens.

I got home from work and did not get on the internet!

I know!  Shocking.

I went shopping with my mother in law.  We had gone shopping the day before for new easter outfits for herself and for me. We both wanted something NEW this year cause we wear the same things every single year.

Well, we still had not found anything so we went shopping again.

I had a small headache, but I took some pills and thought it would be okay.

We went to a few more stores and continued to fail at finding Easter outfits.  And the more stores we went to the more my head hurt.

It got worse and worse and worse and worse!

Well, we went to marshalls and my MIL found a dress there she liked, but out of all the places we had went I could not find a dress that 1) I liked 2) fit me 3) didn’t cost $80 or MORE!

Well, at Marshalls I did find a top that I liked pretty good, but it needed a cami and I didn’t have a cami.  And there were no skirts there to go with it.  And my Mother in law and myself both still needed shoes.

So we went to Wal-mart.

By that point I thought my head was going to explode. Like I was surprised my brain wasn’t leaking out of the corner of my eyes or something.

I found a cami there that will hopefully work.  And I found some shoes that I wasn’t crazy about but they will work for this top and some of my other dresses.

Now I knew I had a black skirt at home, and I thought I would look for it last night.

My head wasn’t having it though.  I wanted to scream it hurt so bad!

My husband and son were watching In Search Of, and I took two BC powders then lay on the sofa and watched a little with them.

An hour later my head was still screaming at me.  I gave up and went to bed.

I didn’t think I was going to be able to sleep, but I did.  In fact, I sort of passed out I think.  I was vaguely aware of my husband in the room, then I was GONE.  I woke up around 2:30 and again at 4:30 and again at 7.  But when I was out I was out HARD.

And I woke up feeling better today than I have in a while.

I guess I just needed some sleep, and my head said, if you’re not gonna do it on your own I’ gonna force you to do it.