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The Joy of Cold

snowy road in the woodsIt does not snow here, and it rarely gets cold by other peoples standards.

This morning there was ice on the cars and ice on the grass.  Ice on the roofs of houses.

I enjoy the cold, and I sometimes wish I could live somewhere that it actually snowed.  Though I am often told by people who live in the cold places that live in the snowy places that I will soon tire of it if I did live in a colder pace.  Snow becomes a nuisance, not something beautiful to look at.

I think It would be lovely to wake up to a white world.

Not a slushy, mushy, slur on a city streat kind of snowy day, but to live off the beaten path and to wake up with a white field, a cold blanket and snow covered trees.

I could see myself suiting up and walking a snow lined path in the woods.  My cheeks and nose would turn red, I would puff out clouds of steam with every breath.

When I got tired of walking I would retreat to my house, where I would have a fire to warm myself by.  A hot cup of coffee to warm my hands, a cat to warm my lap.

I sleep better in the cold, and look forward to winter every year.  Summer leaves me awake for long sweaty hours, even with AC on I can never get cool enough to sleep.

It may be in the lower 30s around here, but I will sleep with a fan blowing on me, bundled under blankets, and I will sleep the deepest, nicest sleep of the year.

That is, if the boys don’t wake up.

My sons do not share my love of the cold.  If they wake up uncovered, which happens often with the little one, they will cry out for me to come cover them, to warm them.

It snowed here the year my oldest was born.  6 years ago.  Just a light dusting.

It would be nice to have it again.

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A Time to Purge

A mattress cast aside. (morguefile)

Throwing out my old mattress and box spring put me in the mood to purge.

Today I am supposed to be getting a new mattress and box spring.

This makes me happy because I have been sleeping in a hole.  Literally.  There is a sag in my mattress AND in my box spring.  A hole where I sleep on my mattress.

So we broke out the credit card and added a little more debt to our lives to order a new pair.  I will be happy when they get here.

I’ve washed my sheets, and took off my old mattress and box spring, and vacuumed under and behind my bed.  Right now my toddler is running around on the platform of my mattress-less bed, having the time of his life.  Who needs a playground when you have a bed without a mattress?

Meanwhile, this large bare space in my room has put me in the mood to purge.

I have not reached full fledged Hoarder status yet, but I am admittedly a pack rat.  I am hesitant to part with any craft supplies, and since the art I like to create is mixed media, then pretty much EVERYTHING constitutes as a craft supply.

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up has taken the de-cluttering fad to a new level.

A short while back a friend gave me a copy of “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up“.  Marie Kondo’s idea of tidying up is to toss out everything that does not make you happy.

Well, I’d not have a house left to live in if I tidied up that much.

While I would like a little bit less clutter in my life, I am not what anyone would consider a minimilist.

Still, I know that something, somewhere, has got to give a little.  I’ve talked about how my workspace is one corner in a busy part of my house.  My Bedroom is wall to wall shelves and bed, so that I have to turn sideways to even get into my bed on either side.

I have books, upon books, upon books.  And notebooks full of my own writing that I can’t bare to part with.  I have blank journals and sketchbooks galore.  Scrapbooking paper, ephemera, magazines and useful “trash.”

Today, while waiting on my new mattress to be delivered to me, I think I might start with my dresser.  My clothes need to be gone through for sure.

So how are YOU spending this Wednesday my friends?