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How to Make My Yard more Friendly?

I wish I could win a back yard makeover.

Not that my back yard is horrible.  Not exactly anyway.  It has a lot of room, which isn’t always the case when you live in suburbia.  It is fenced in securily so we don’t have to worry about the dogs, or the kids, getting out or something else getting in.


Our yard is not the most inviting place, to me.  I have no porch.  We have no lawn to speak of.  Most of the yard is in the shade all of the time, and the bugs (spiders and mosquitoes) have overrun the place.

I see potential when I go out there, but I also see my complete lack of funds to do anything about it.

Here is the left corner of my yard:


And here is the right corner of my yard:


Those dark areas, in the shade, might as well be the Hyena infested areas of the Pride-lands, because no light ever touches it.  The only thing that grows there are bugs and baby trees, that always die as seedlings.

Meanwhile in the center back is the Storage Shed of Doom, which you can see some of in each picture.

Now, despite the fact that I kill green things (I have a black thumb) I LOVE nature.  I would love to take my novel or notebooks outside and sit in a swing while my boys play.  But I have no swing.  And my boys don’t want to play in spooky bug infested dark corners.

Now, I’ve thought of putting some kind of filler in those corners, stone or mulch or something.  BUT… can’t afford it.  Just like I can’t afford anyone to come in and trim the trees to make it slightly brighter and more habitable.

So, I guess what I’m looking for her are some free or cheap (really, really, REALLY cheap) things I can do to make my yard feel more like a garden that I want to spend time in.

Any Suggestions?

Battling the Block

Sitting down, at the keyboard. I open my blogging program and…

blink …. blink …. blink

My cursor sits on a blank page.  It urges me to write.  It also teases and taunts me.

I can go for hours, hours at a time with that blank page, that blinking cursor, and have no clue what to write.


When i was younger I used to write, using notebooks and pens. I never seemed to run out of things to write about.

As fellow writers I’m sure you feel my pain.  We have all suffered the writers block from time to time.

Some people are able to work through the block.  They can reach out into the world wide web, or even into their own brains, and pluck out an idea, like plucking an apple off of a tree.

The internet is amazing that way, but it is also an amazing source of procrastination.

I will go away from my blank blog page, my blinking cursor, and I’ll find myself playing Happy Acres instead of looking at new sites and trending topics.

I’ve been tempted to close my facebook account more than once.  But, by being a blogger, I need my facebook account to promote my blogs when I do manage to sit down and make my brain work long enough to write about something.

If you can tell by the fact that my last post here was 11 days ago, on the 1st, I’m in the middle of a very long case of Writers Block.  I have a mental wall up that is as daunting to conquer as the Great Wall of China.

Will I overcome it?  I’m sure I will.

At the same time I start to wonder, is it WORTH trying to conquer it?  I put almost all of my free time into blogging, and I’ve not earned one spendable penny from it in over a year now.

What should I do?

(Image Credit: Morguefile)

Happy October!

Truck full of pumpkins

Its October 1st! Time for a truckload of fall fun!


A new month has rolled up on us!  It is October.  It is the month of Spooky thrills and chills.  Even though Halloween isn’t until the very last day of the month you can feel it in the air, building up.  Becoming more and more exciting!

Halloween used to be my favorite holiday.  I mean, as a child who wouldn’t love a day to go from door to door and beg for candy, and it was what you were SUPPOSED to do!

And my dad NEVER checked my candy.  He didn’t dole it out a little at the time.  Once I got that candy it was ALL MINE to hoard or eat or whatever.  It was amazing.

I miss being a kid….

I loved getting to dress up.  So what if I was a vampire pretty much every year. Yeah, I had a vampire obsession when I was younger, similar to my current zombie obsession.

And speaking of zombie obsessions, you know what October brings every year now?


That’s right.  In just a couple of weeks I get to re-join Daryl and Michone.  Oh, and all those other people too!  I’ve been a walking dead fan since the start.  I keep pestering my husband to buy me the comics.  I never did read them.  I’m not a comic reading person.  But for the Walking Dead I’ll make an exception.

I’m not sure if he’s going to buy me the comics, but I’m pretty sure he’s going to get me this:

Oh Yeah!  An official AMC The Walking Dead – Daryl Dixon Ornament 2015 Hallmark!

I told him he would have to get me a zombie ornament to go with him though.  He’s gotta have something to shoot at with that crossbow.  Am I right?

Yeah, I’m the stereotypical “Team Daryl” fangirl.  But I’m okay with that.  At least he is still sane.  I’m pretty sure Rick has gone off the deep end again.

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