Illness debt And Editorial Bias – The Last few Months

Illness debt And Editorial Bias – The Last few Months


July & August 2015 have been rough on me. I am still suffering the ravages of laryngitis which is much more painful than I ever imagined they could be. The worst part is how everyone reacts round me to every cough and sneeze. “Ooh, you ought to see the doctor about that.

My response. “Already seen him.”

Everyone. What did he say?”

Me – “I just have to take aspirin and throat soothers as Laryngitis does not respond to antibiotics.”

Everyone – “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Tell him you want antibiotics.”

I even met ne lady who told me she had worked as a doctor’s receptionist and therefore knew I need antibiotics. As my doctor and many medical textbooks and websites agree that antibiotics are useless, I’m holding out with my doctor’s view but it’s like being under siege. I hate how being ill makes everyone treat me like a goldfish in a bowl and gives me advice that’s utterly useless.

I am expected to avoid talking as much as possible so everyone engages me in long conversations, and even phone interviews for jobs. It’s a nightmare.

Financially I’m in a crisis with a big computer bill looming that I might not be able to meet. I could lose my website by mid-September if things don’t pick up.

A free magazine I write pub-histories and reviews for has an editor who rewrote a recent article of mine right out of recognition, along with other author contributions. I was offended to see my name still attached to the work as if I wrote it. He is totally unrepentant and unable to explain or justify his behaviour. He steps down as the editor after the next issue of the magazine.

I’m meeting good friends for a drink on Saturday (tomorrow) which is something to look forward to. Here’s hoping things are a little better for you.

Arthur Chappell




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