Demonology- The Shadow People

What are shadow people?

They come in many forms and types. We may never know exactly who, what, or where these these entities are from. People are seeing shadow beings all over the world with increasing interest in the subject. Some people feel that they come from inter-dimensional worlds, others think that they are ghosts, and some other people see them as demons.

Although they are mostly deemed evil, however, this is not entirely true. Shadow beings are mostly curious in nature, and are perhaps observing us. I have personally interviewed people about what they had witnessed, and I get many answers as to what these beings really are. Aliens, ghosts, demons, disembodied spirits; are usually answers that are given to me by many of the people I have spoken too about these mysterious beings.

I too have been a witness to a shadow person. I had the treat to meet the hat man/hooded man in the middle of the night about six years ago. Although the meeting was brief, I had learned a lot about this entity; as three days later my ill grandmother had passed away.

Although there isn’t much information about shadow people, here is a list of what has been discovered; probably among many other types that are yet to be discovered. And I am willing to further investigate about this subject.

Human Shaped Shadow People

The  most common type of shadow being is the human figure. These entities are described as generally humanoid in shape and size.. When asked, witnesses usually state they see a male shape of characteristic features. The shadow form is semi- transparent and dark. The duration of the sighting of this
type of shadow person varies among reports but is usually stated as just a glimpse.  In many cases people have describe the sense of being watched, looking up to see if someone is in the room and discovering the shadow
person observing them. Once noticed, the shadow person seems to flee quite rapidly, sometimes traveling through walls or closed doors.

– This type of shadow being is more or so curious and watchful, observing our daily lives. They are the non direct threatening type.

Black Smoke or Mist Shadow People

Another kind of shadow being is seen as a black smoke-like or black mist. At first, it may seem odd to label these entities as “people” but they indeed are. Strangely, many of the encounters with the black smoke shadow beings have been associated with overwhelming feelings of dread and at times paralysis.

– These are the types of beings that will haunt you in your bedroom, or can be manifesting in haunted areas of a tragic event.

Hat Man/ Hooded/Cloaked Shadow

The Hat Man is an interesting human-like being described earlier. While the experiences and description of this type of entity closely matches that of the plain shadow person, there are noticeable differences. The most notable and obvious being the inclusion of a wide brimmed hat as witnessed, or the being will be wearing a hood.   The Hat Man seems to exhibit a certain degree of curiosity towards the witnesses involved in sighting it. There have been occasional reports of dread and paralysis associated with this guy, but to a much lesser degree than the black smoke shadow being. I had the treat to experience the paralysis associated with this so called entity, as he stood at the side of my bed. This shadow being is usually spotted across your bedroom or at the foot of your bed, and in rare cases, next to you by your bed side. I was thrilled to know I got the rarity of this sort of experience; despite my fear!

-These guys are messanges of death or severe illness. If you see one, expect to hear some bad news about someone close to you, especially family.

Shadow Animals

This type of shadow creature is much less common than the human shaped or smoke variety. Sightings of these creatures have described as animal like and dark with semi transparent appearance. It has been reported that these beings are small in size; roughly about the size of a cat.  These creatures have been witnessed to have unnatural speed and are harder to spot.

– Not much is known about this being.

Peeking Shadow People

This phenomena has been described as a child sized, shadowy, human form which appears to peek around corners and quickly vanishes when noticed. Many who have witnessed these mysterious shadow forms describe seeing them through peripheral vision,/out of the corner of the eye.

– These guys are the Scouts of the shadow realm. They are looking for people who are in emotional distress, have gone through some sort of trauma, or having a really hard time in life such as abusing drugs and alcohol. It is believed that once this type of being sees a target, they go back to report to higher ranking shadow beings who will then torment you throughout the nights.

Red Eyed Shadow People

Perhaps the most frightening of all shadow people experiences is that of the red eyed entity. This  shadow person is described as having glowing red eyes which cause the viewer to feel paralysis and extreme terror. They have been described as the embodiment of pure evil.

These guys are often found in a place where a tragic death had occured. Or attach themselves to someone who is having reoccuring trauma, such as abuse, drugs, alcohol, murder, rape, the sorts. It has been reported that these guys are to blame for SUNDS (Sudden Unexpected Nocturnal Death Syndrome). Alot of these beings tend to feed upon negative energies within the home. It has also been known that they follow people for a few days up to several years!


How to deal with Shadow People


You will feel paralysis when a shadow being is present. They normally appear in the bedroom at night while you are asleep. But upon waking, and if you see one, here is a list of things you can and cannot do when there is a shadow person in the room with you.

– Feel free to say the Lord’s prayer. If you can speak, all the better, but most likely you may not be able too. If unable to speak aloud, say it within your mind. A very powerful tool to banish the shadow being.

– If you do not know the Lord’s prayer, pray to Mother Mary, better yet, say ”Jesus Christ” over and over within your mind, until the being is repelled.

– Do not yell, threaten, or throw things at it; although at times it MAY scare them off, but this will provoke more nightly attacks!

Here is a video on Shadow people. I do not claim this video as mine; I located it on Youtube!

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