Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil conditioner review

Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil conditioner
Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil conditioner

My hair is thin and can be quite brittle. Sometimes, I may find it sticky and dry especially if I am in a humid or tropical country. Because of this, I tend to keep my hair short and try my best to keep it moisturized.
As part of my daily bath routine, I wash my hair regularly. There are times, especially if I am in a hurry, that I simply use a hair conditioner and don’t wash my hair using a shampoo. Because of this, buying a good quality hair conditioner is a must for me.
Loreal is a common brand we use at home. They have a wide range of products that are reasonably priced that I find effective. I usually go for this brand especially when it comes to beauty products – with hair care being one of them.
Loreal’s Elvive Extraordinary Oil is a hair conditioner that I recently tried from them. It is rich and thick which is something I like when it comes to hair conditioners. It is also pleasantly scented and lives my hair smelling fresh and luxurious. Because I have thin hair strands and short hair, I only need to apply a pea-sized portion when I use it. To apply, I just massage it gently into my scalp and leave it there as I wash my body with soap. So that’s a good 2-3 minutes, I’d say. Afterwards, I rinse it off with some water and my hair feels soft to touch.
So far, I don’t have any allergic reactions to the product. Because of this, I can use it every day! It is also an added bonus I managed to buy the product while on sale. That makes it a really, really good value for money. Overall, I can say I am really pleased with the product and have bought it twice in a row!

Café Direct Machu Picchu organic coffee beans review

Café Direct Machu Picchu organic coffee beans
Café Direct Machu Picchu organic coffee beans

We are down to our last bag of our first coffee bean order from Amazon and it was the bag we bought on sale. I consider it as the “shipping fee” bag because I ordered it just to avoid paying for shipping charges. It was Café Direct Machu Picchu organic coffee beans. The Amazon description indicates that these were hand-picked beans with a nutty flavor and dark chocolate overtones. The bag was sold at half the price and I consider it a great deal since the money to pay for shipping was placed in these bag of coffee beans instead.
It arrived packed in two bags with 227g each. It is 100% Arabica beans which I prefer over Robusta blends. The label indicates that it was a “strong” coffee but I can say it was not as strong as the first two bags we opened. I actually enjoy my cup of coffee with this one since it really suits my taste buds. The coffee was smooth and creamy. I can also taste the chocolate notes that makes it a real pleasure to drink. Although I am not sure if I “get” the nutty flavors or it got blended with the chocolatey taste? Even if I am not an espresso drinker and prefer to have my coffee with milk, I think I can drink this in an espresso.
Another great thing about buying this in a deal was that the beans are Fairtrade making them a 100% organic. Now, I am not really into the organic bandwagon but catching on deals like this is a huge plus since we all know that anything organic is equivalent to expensive!
Overall, I really love this bag of coffee beans and would consider buying it again if it goes on sale! So I am crossing my fingers for that.

Missha’s Super Aqua Cleansing foam review

Missha’s Super Aqua Cleansing foam
Missha’s Super Aqua Cleansing foam

I recently posted about my recent addiction to Korean cosmetics and managed to stock quite a few products within the month. My resources are not limited to one online shop, though. I bought a couple from online stores like Jolse and RoseRoseShop and purchased a few items from eBay as well. One of the things I love about buying Korean cosmetics online is the fact that some sellers are generous to share the free samples as a giveaway! So it is a nice way to try another product and you might even be lucky enough to find something that you have been keeping an eye on!
One of the products I received from my Jolse cosmetics haul is Missha’s Super Aqua Cleansing foam. I was intrigued to try it out so I didn’t wait too long to open and give it a try! I go out during the weekend and use makeup on those days. So after using my oil-based makeup remover, splashed water on my face, I opened the sample sachet and squeezed about a pea-sized amount of the cleanser. It was a powdery-blue-white color and I took a few sniffs to smell it but was surprised that I can’t smell anything! I thought it was totally unscented but when I applied it on my face, I realized it was very faintly scented. It reminded me of a very subtle powdery and floral scent. I wasn’t bothered and actually liked the fact that it doesn’t have too strong scents so I know or at least have an impression it is almost “natural”.
I massaged the cream on my face, avoiding my eyes and mouth and waited for it to lather. Being used to cleansing foams from the Philippines, I thought it would lather but it didn’t as much as I expect it to! Although I think my skin benefited from it a lot as the moisturizing element of the cream was well absorbed by my skin after massaging it for about 2 minutes! I rinsed it with warm water and can feel my skin supple and plump! Even so, I applied my facial night oil as my final beauty step. So far, I don’t think I had any allergic reactions to the sample product and I might buy it in the future. I just need to have enough patience not to buy it now, though and finish my stock first!

Jacob’s Sesame Crispbread review

Jacob's Sesame Crisbread
Jacob’s Sesame Crisbread

Crackers are a common food staple at home. It is bland and it is easy to pair it up with anything. Regardless if it was eaten with a piece of cheese or a slice of smoked salmon or a can of tuna or just eat it by itself, it is something that can surely satisfy and ease hunger pangs. Because it is so versatile, I tend to keep a few packets of it at home. I make sure to have about 2 packets of it and make a good snack alternative either at home or on the go.
Jacob’s is a pretty common brand when it comes to crackers and biscuits here. I don’t buy it too often because of the cheaper alternative offered by Tesco’s but buy it from time to time. One day while doing the groceries, I noticed that this particular item is on sale. The label indicated it as sesame “crispbreads” and I immediately assumed it is similar to the regular water crackers. So I grabbed a pack to give a shot.
I opened the pack and was really pleased that it very neatly packaged. Each clear plastic has 4 thick “crispbreads” in it. It is good to pack it that way as it prevents the other ones to lose its freshness once opened. I took a pack and opened to snack right away and was surprised at the amount of crumbs in it. It was very untidy! The worktop soon got covered with fine breadcrumbs and had to deal with those after eating my snack.
Despite that, I like the crispbread. It is like a hybrid of the regular crackers and the rice cakes. I find it is also “heavier” and keeps me fuller for longer. I only managed to finish 2 pieces of the crispbreads and had to keep the rest inside an airtight container.
Except for the very untidy mess opening up a packet left me with, I am quite satisfied with this product. I love the fresh crispbreads I get every time and the filling snack I get every time.

Glam works Charcoal nose pore strip review

Glam works charcoal nose pore strip
Glam works charcoal nose pore strip

Blackheads, ugh. I remember the days when I used to own a “blackhead remover” stick that is basically a pointed tool that I use to “prick” on my skin to pop the blackheads and press it with. I rarely used it back then, though. But I remembered that I gave it a try and attempted to remove a couple of blackheads with it and I ended up with a very red nose, almost teary eyes, and un-popped blackheads. Not fun.
Before buying that stick, I already knew of the nose strips that are easily available in most pharmacies but rarely buy it back then. Because it was still fairly “new”, it was a bit expensive and at the time, I was still a student so I didn’t want to use my allowance to buy on things that are overly priced (in my opinion).
Fortunately over time, the prices for this dropped and there are cheaper (and effective) alternative around. One of which is called Glam works charcoal pore strips. It costs a fraction of the price in comparison to Biore (which is super expensive, in my opinion!) but works as well. I apply it the same way as I would with other nose pore strips by wetting my nose, peeling off the pore strip, and sticking the strip on top of my wet nose. I then have to wait for about 10-15minutes for the product to dry thoroughly. And then, I can slowly peel it off and see the tiny bits of “oil” gathered from my nose!
The only drawback I have with this product is that because it is charcoal-based, it tends to leave a few residues on my nose, so I need to remember to wash the area with water or facial toner to remove.  But because it is so cheap and effective, that is a very small “inconvenience” for the price I pay for it. Overall, I am super satisfied and keep a few boxes in stock for when I need it.

Pesto-flavored Linguine by Morelli review

pesto-flavored Linguine by Morelli
pesto-flavored Linguine by Morelli

When we went to Rome for Christmas, we bought a couple of pasta to bring home with us. It is not that we didn’t have flavored pasta over here but it is slightly cheaper in comparison to the prices if we buy it there. One of the flavored pasta we bought from our Christmas trip to Rome was a bag of pesto-flavored Linguine by Morelli. As I write this post, this bag of pasta is the last “Rome trip stash” we have left!
Typical with other pasta packets we bought from Rome; it didn’t have an English cooking instruction written in the packet so I just tried to look for a number and assumed it is the cooking time for it, LOL! Probably not the most effective way but so far, it worked! The pasta is really nice and thick and I caught a whiff of the fragrance of the Basil just by opening the packet. The packaging is not flimsy so it really kept the pasta fresh.
Unlike other dried flavored pasta I have bought in the past (typically the squid ink variant); I find that the pesto flavoring for this really stands out and you can definitely taste it with every bite. The “coloring” did not dissolve in pasta water so I guess it helped keep the flavor intact. I am so pleased since I knew that the additional amount I paid for the flavoring to infuse with the dish makes it worthwhile! Plus, the cooking instruction was perfect and I ended up with al dente pasta when I followed the cooking time indicated.
Overall, I am really happy with this purchase and would love to try out Morelli’s other flavored pasta variants (if they have!). I guess I’ll try my luck and look for it here since I don’t think we will go visit Rome anytime soon!

Tesco Chocolate Chip Brioche review

Tesco Chocolate Chip Brioche
Tesco Chocolate Chip Brioche

Brioche is something that I love to eat as a snack. I love the soft and semisweet buns I get from each bite. I find it is an almost comparable treat to a type of bread I grew up eating called locally as mamon. The only difference is that the brioche’s outer “skin” is tougher in comparison to the light and fluffy exterior of the mamon.
Anyway, my husband and I decided to tighten our belt a little bit when it comes to our personal expenses for the coming months. We are still trying to recover from our shopping spree last holiday season so we decided to reduce the amount of money we spend eating out. Long story short, we decided that instead of eating out, we bring some and eat as we commute.
For this, I bought a pack of Tesco’s chocolate chip brioche buns. My husband suggested that I buy a pack of croissant but decided against it at the last minute because of the flakes and crumbs. Especially if we end up eating it while aboard a train, I am pretty sure the cleaner will not be happy with us!
So one weekend we were out, I bought the whole pack in case we end up getting too hungry and needed to eat a lot of it. It was particularly cold that day (freezing even) and the brioche turned cold and a little bit hard, too! I was a bit disappointed to eat the brioche in that state but with the freezing weather conditions, everything froze.
Despite that, I love that each piece of bread is baked with lots of chocolate chips in it. It was not too sweet which makes it a delight to bite. I have eaten this bread a number of times already so I knew that the bread is soft if eaten at room temperature! The only drawback for me is that the bread quickly loses its freshness once opened. But if eaten within a week (or a couple of days), the remaining bread will taste as good as the first time.

Bobbie’s Cuticle Remover review

Bobbie's Cuticle Remover
Bobbie’s Cuticle Remover

I have made some salon appointments here and was surprised that some nail salons use oil or cream instead to clean the nails! I find this as something new to me because cuticle removers are the common things used in nail salons in my home country. To be honest, I like the idea of having to use a less smelly product to clean my nails but I find that it is not as good when it comes to removing dried skin around the nail area. So even if the product does not smell as nice, I stick with this because it is effective.
When I clean/scrub my nails at home, I use Bobbie’s Cuticle Remover. This product is not something commonly used here and I actually have to buy it when I went to my home country for a visit. To be honest, this product is quite smelly and I usually have to wash my toes and hands with soap and water after I use it just so I don’t get bothered by its smell. Despite saying that, I continuously use this product because I find it is a lot more effective when it comes to dealing with dry skin around the nails. It is very effective to soften the skin around my nails allowing me to remove it effectively. Not to mention softening the cuticles so I can tidy the area.
Overall, I am really happy using this product. It is quite cheap and lasts a long time. I only needed a small amount to clean each finger/toe nail and it does the trick for me! I just hope they company release an unscented (or less odour) version of this. If they do, I’d be happy to buy it even if it ends up costing a little bit more than usual.

Holika Holika Jewel-light Waterproof Eyeliner 1 Carat Diamond review

Holika Holika Jewel-light 1 Carat Diamond
Holika Holika Jewel-light 1 Carat Diamond

I love makeup and this blog is starting to reflect how much of these cosmetic items I have tried! In my defense, I very rarely buy new makeup and I still have my old cosmetics in use even after having it for more than 5 years or longer! Since I stopped going to the office for work, it is only during weekends that I get to use my makeup so it lasts for a long time with me.
I recently became interested in Korean cosmetics and that’s when I learn of brands like Holika Holika. I also found out about highly-reputable online Korean cosmetics seller like Jolse and that’s where I purchased Holika Holika Jewel-light Waterproof Eyeliner in 1 Carat Diamond.
Spring is fast approaching so I am trying to have a few cosmetics that are apt for the weather (if it will get sunny). I thought that having a white/silver glitter eyeliner will be a new look for me, especially with the success of the pink eyeliner recently!
I was so excited to try it out and wanted it specifically applied to my under eye area. I applied it really lightly on my skin and noticed that it glides perfectly. It was a glittery and sparkly eyeliner but I didn’t mind it since I am mindful not to put too much of it anyway! It was very easy to apply and it is good I applied it lightly since it is richly pigmented so just a little makes a lot!

Holika Holika Jewel-light 1 Carat Diamond
my glittery under eye..i look like a pop star! LOL!

The packaging is really nice and cute. It is my first to try a gel eyeliner in pencil form and so far, my experience is good so I have no regrets!
Overall, I am so happy with this product and can’t wait to blend or pair it with my other spring/summer cosmetics in the coming weeks!

Bis chocolate review

Bis Chocolate
Bis Chocolate

Our son’s nanny is Brazilian and I am always blogging about how lucky we are to have her. She is gentle and I can genuinely feel she cares for my son’s welfare. I know a lot of people end up working as nannies because they don’t have a choice and I actually experienced hiring somebody like that, but with our current nanny, I never felt anything like it.
I usually make it a point to give a small token for Christmas or birthdays as a simple sign of thanks for her hard work and patience to my son. Even if I do that, I don’t expect anything in return as I know how hard it must’ve been for her to do something such as this even if she graduated with a diploma back in Brazil (she is an accountant). But one day, I was surprised to receive a pack of chocolates from her. She said it is a favorite from Brazil that her Mom sent her thru a friend visiting her for a month. Even if it was only a couple of pieces, I was so touched by her action. I was not craving for Brazilian chocolates anyway (maybe Brazilian steak, please!) but was so moved when she gave me Bis.
I opened piece and noticed that it was a white chocolate wafer treat. Luckily, I love white chocolate so it is a no-brainer that I ate a couple of these immediately! The treat reminded me so much about KitKat and she later told me it was also manufactured by Nestle.
The thing I like most about this is that it comes in bite-sized pieces. So if you are looking for a simple treat after a meal, Bis can satisfy your sweet tooth craving. Overall, I love it and the fact it was given to me is an added bonus, too!