Organizations are very facet of our live, whether we like it or not, it is to propose any negative response to a structure, in reality organizations organize our lives.
Organizational Behavior draws on psychology, anthropology and sociology to gain insight into the behavior of individuals settings.

In this studied include, perception, cognition, learning personality and motivation, leadership, power, conformity, communication and decision-making
As a future businesswoman is it important for me to know first the organizational structure to achieve organizational goals of my business how people arranged so as to produce with the organization produces, task identification and division of labor, departamentation, coordination and control mechanisms, process and procedures such as promotion, hiring, policies and compensation, size and centralization of decision-making.

However employee behaviors are based on perception, not reality. Meeting with and taking to the employee would be an ideal time to help reinforce the certain behaviors that would be helpful.

To know the major needs of employees, first is need for achievement as drive to excel and succeed to do things better to others. Second, need power, desire to have an effect others to be influential and lastly need for affiliation desire for closes personal, friendly relationships.

And we understand how to handle what is called work life balance,”never confuse having a career with having a life” with that in mind we look at the demographics of our employees and found that acknowledging people’s need outside of work is one of the key drivers of employee commitment.