The dark side of social networking. Threats and Consequences

Social networks have certainly managed to link people more effectively in the network, with the number of positive elements involved that: thanks to Facebook we have managed to get in touch with our former classmates who had lost the contact, thanks to Twitter we have been closer to those whom we admire and today we have Linkedin a great tool for networking or locating relevant people within a corporation.

Unfortunately and like everything in life, where there is a great common good and progress for society there is also a dark side that overshadows and produces a range of threats and consequences that must be addressed not to cause higher damage. In this respect, social networks themselves are not the problem, but if its used for harmful purposes undeserving or for a third user.


Now that we have some perspective on the impact that have social networks, we can determine a whole series of points with which we should all reflect to see how we can cope:

  • Loss of privacy: in this segment have two points to comment:
    1. Phishing: online identity theft or stealing passwords to manipulate data and spy on people.
    2.  Spying on a large scale: As an example we have case of “Snowden.”
  • Addiction to social media ecosystem: the fact of being connected all the time that many do not know how live without knowing how many followers they have, if someone commented on their photos or if an post has received more visits. These cases especially are found in in the younger population, “digital natives”.
  • Harassment like cyberbullying and/or cybergrooming.
  • Inappropriate content
  • Speedy life, more and more events and less time causes more stress.

One of the most important consequences is that we all are giving too much power to companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter … and privacy policies increasingly have to be more important as we spent much time in them and we pour a lot of personal information.

What is for you the main threat of social networks?