Earning while learning

Hello Bloggers,

Many of you are just starting and those who have been blogging for a while hello to everyone. I have been blogging since about 5 months but i’m not a regular blogger. I barely wrote 15 blogs in 5 months. What my blogs are about or will be? Well…. Usually my blogs are about how to do things, I mean tutorials are guides. Basically I write all things what I learn that way I can recall my memory and keep things fresh in my mind.

So far what I have learned about blogging is not that much there is still a lot to learn and a long way to go but I will be sharing all my new stuff with you guys, so keep visiting  me and keep encouraging me, thanks 🙂 .

First thing first, keep your head clear about things you want to do and things you don’t want to do. Clear your mind and think of an better idea then look for information. Write down everything you know about your idea and then look for more info. This way you will make a better blog very informative and also you will learn about that idea. You will have more knowledge about your own idea which means you will be learning new stuff while blogging.

I always think for at least 2 or 3 days before writing anything and make sure if I really can write about my idea etc. After having the idea, make a list of things you can add to your idea, thing which are relevant to your topic, gather all the info you can then start filtering your info. I know it is not the best way but It is my best way. This way I learn a lot about new things and also earn. Earning while learning.

This is not all, I will be back soon till than take care and goodbye.

Getting Started

hello bloggers,

This is not the post people usually post on their blogs but since I am new here and still learning how things work here so I am just trying to introduce myself in my very first blog post on this my own and very first blog site recently created.

I am a engineering student, doing double course: computer engineering and electronics telecommunications engineering. Cool right 🙂 . My name doesn’t really matter but you can call me Toshi.

I have been blogging on an other site I don’t know why but for some reason the have disabled my account and I have been sending them emails but they haven’t even answered my emails yet and I am still waiting. I have some money on there in my account I had requested and my order was confirmed but they didn’t deliver it and disabled my account so all my efforts and time hasn’t been paid yet. I was ranking 2nd at the moment when the disabled my account.

Let me show you as I have taken some screenshots.


I also have screenshot of account disabling. Here it is.

account disabled

I get it and I absolutely understand and agree about it that if someone is doing something wrong or illegal he or she should be banned. But I am assure of my activity on that site and I think everyone has the right to know about why his/her account is being disabled.  Sad thing is that, this hasn’t just happened to me there are many other user who are better blogger than me and have been blogging much longer than me. So it doesn’t seem nice to me that they disable their top users account and then just ignore their emails. If they don’t want us to write our blogs their just let us cash out what we have earned and we will not complain. At least I want my money.

Anyways I am really upset because of this insincerity and I advise you all to stay away from this kind of website. Now I will be posting my blogs here, usually my blogs are about blogging and how to do things because I write about what I learn. Here I am sharing the link of that site where I have been working and then robbed in a sense 🙁 .  https://www.bitlanders.com/

Thanks for reading I will see you guys soon with a better post till then take care and goodbye..