Climate Change: Were the Wealthiest 1% Planning Ahead?

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We can now see what progressives and environmentalists warned us of. The southern states have snow and ice, the northern states have accumulated several years worth of snow and California’s drought may turn much of that state into desert, before this decade ends.’s article, Greenland Reels: Climate Disrupting Feedbacks Have Begunshould shake climate change deniers to their miserly cores, and make climate scientists scream panic. They did not consider how fast the ice, at sites beyond the polar ice caps, might melt. Ocean levels may rise much faster, and sooner, than scientists first thought.

While citizens, at home and watching sitcoms, let this happen. I have a feeling that the top 1 percent enacted a plan as soon as trickle-down economics padded their bank accounts. While I am not one for wild conspiracy theories, I have a feeling that the wealthy have already decided how they will deal with climate change. Those plans explain why they wanted to accumulate so much  money.

How many weeds can you eat?

How many North American plants can adapt to a 10 degree rise in temperatures, coupled with drought? How many crops? While some crops will grow more quickly in warmer temperatures, their yield might fall, since weeds adapt to warmer temperatures more easily. Pests thrive in warmer temperatures, but what about livestock and fisheries?

Life Under Glass

I think the wealthiest people, and corporations, don’t really care about climate change, because they already have products designed to “help” people adapt. Why would oil companies want us switching to solar energy when they can build domed cities? Yes, I think that’s the plan. Once we are forced indoors by poor air quality with extreme temperature and weather changes, They can control access to air, water…and sunlight. With enough money, the wealthy needn’t fear that control and, since many of them own, or sit on the boards of, those big corporations. they can make even more money from the efforts of those harmed most by climate change: us.

Sound wild?

James Lovelock, who first detected CFCs in the atmosphere and proposed the Gaia hypotheses, claims society should retreat to ‘climate-controlled cities’ and give up on large expanses of land which will become uninhabitable.  – from The Telegraph


Dubai To Build The World’s First Climate-Controlled City:

The United Arab Emirates has announced its plan to build a “pedestrian city” — a gargantuan mall that will take up over 48 million square feet. Remarkably, the facility will feature a temperature-controlled domed retail street network that will extend for 4.3 miles (7 km).

There is very little reason for climate change deniers to change their position, because most of them will now be able to pay for housing in domed cities, or their very own domed property. Trickle down, a long term plan to hoard money, may have been an act of foresight by those who can pay for adaptations that may be necessary for survival.

Average People have Only One Choice

As things are, average families will never save enough money to build fulfilling lives in domed cities. Conservative politicians have secured protected congressional seats that will not change for at least a decade, unless average people, and their families take steps to thwart the plans that started with trickle down economics. We have one choice left; we must level the playing field, and deny the wealthy access to the money they have hoarded. Without that security they are as vulnerable as the rest of us. Without that vulnerability, they will continue to block development and implementation of clean energy policies. We are entering another presidential election cycle. Instead of listening to different speakers and their ideas about social issues, vote based on the environment. Vote for candidates that believe in funding clean energy development and implementation. All of those social issues mean nothing if we cannot live in a dome-free environment.


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