Japans chair-umbrella




Imagine this: It’s pouring outside. Holding your umbrella tightly in your hand, you hurry to the bus stop. Frustrated, you find that there is no place to sit or stand in the crowded little shelter the stop offers. Frantically you look for shelter from the cold rain. Spotting a secluded store opening you head over. As there is no place to sit, you stand the tip of your umbrella on the ground and unfold the bottom into a chair. After about 10 minutes you see the bus approaching slowly from the haze of the heavy rain. You hurriedly try and stand, but forgetting you’re sitting on the point of an umbrella, you make a spectacular fall. Much to the amusement of passerby and bystanders. It’s been three years and you can still hear their vicious laughter when you go to sleep at night.

This scenario is what I thought of when Japan recently unveiled its latest umbrella tech. As both the title and the little scenario I wrote above suggest, this is both an umbrella and a chair. While similar products do exist, Japan’s is by far the silliest. Many of the people who have tried it said it was a bit heavier than a regular umbrella, a little awkward, and slightly embarrassing. I personally cannot see any use of it. I would say it would be good support for the elderly, but it looks as if you have more of a chance of falling sitting on it. In case you are wondering what is going on with some of the stuff coming out of Japan, they are addressing the issue of their aging population. By 2030 2 out of every 5 people will be a senior citizen. You can get one here for $74 dollars. Plus shipping and handling of course.

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