Biopod: The Worlds First Microhabitat

Do you have an iguana or gerbil? Hamster or Rabbit? Teacher or professor? Scientist or Zookeeper? Or maybe you want to grow year round herbs and plants?

Why am I asking? Because this invention can help with raising and caring for your pet. It also helps provide a more natural environment and you can even use it to teach, grow year round herbs,spices and plants. Meet Biopod. The world’s first microhabitat.

Biopod is an app controlled microhabitat. It can monitor ventilation, rainfall,temperature,humidity, and light. For your high maintenance pets this is a godsend. For both them and you. It gives your pet a home with a far more natural feel, making them feel right at home.

If you want to grow year round vegetables or flowers that’s no problem. Biopod will monitor the soil and give you the perfect time to harvest, maximizing the production and minimizing the amount of time you spend tending them.

Aside from the fact that you can decorate your home in a whole new way, Biopod provides a new way to teach as well. You can monitor gas levels,moisture, and soil conditions in real time. After that you can share your data to any classroom around the world. Wifi is really only needed to program the device. If say,for example, your WiFi stopped working, the Biopod will keep going. Providing the scheduled moisture, soil,and humidity settings.

Their mission is to bring both pet lovers and plant lovers together. They also want to show the ways you can help the environment. While recycling and buying locally is good, it doesn’t really show your contribution. With this, every time you look at it you’ll have a friendly reminder that you’re helping the world become a better place.


I personally cannot wait for this to hit the market. My hamster will be so happy. Right now they are in their kickstarter stage. Go fund them here

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