Cinnamon toast crunch selfie spoon

Scenario: Still groggy from a night of partying with the cinnamon toast crunch executives, you feel a sharp throbbing pain right behind your eyes. A massive migraine was coming on, you’d better prepare. Popping a couple aspirin, you take a shower and dress. Feeling a bit peckish you decide to grab a bowl of cereal. All you have is cinnamon toast crunch, as the executives of the company make all the employees eat it for breakfast. You consider eating something else until you remember what happened last time. Swanson had stuck you in customer service, fielding complaints from dissatisfied customers.

Sighing you you slowly start preparing your meal. As you taste the explosion of sugary disgusting, your eyes tear up. Determined to make it through, you persevere. Making it halfway through the bowl, you remember you need proof or your ordeal was for naught. Turning your spoon around, you take out your phone and set the timer for your camera. Placing your phone snugly at the end of your selfie stick spoon, you take another bite just as the camera snaps. You don’t look particularly happy, but it will have to do. Not the best picture you’ve taken but it’ll keep Swanson happy.( I figured a silly invention deserves an equally silly scenario.)


Yes cinnamon toast crunch has released a selfie stick so you can take pictures with your cereal. It comes with a remote has well. Um, I don’t know why though. No one exactly needed this. It is currently sold out. So plenty of people have bought this. But it’s still good to have the website on hand just in case they’re stocked again. Here ya go:


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