Guess what! I got a job! You have NO idea how happy I am right at this point! And me who thought I was never going to get one… It’s probably one of the best jobs I could ever think of too. It’s at this big photography archive or what I’m going to call it, where I sort out and pick the photos from huge photographers that are going to be printed in the local newspaper. It’s not the job I was hoping for, but it’s a good start, right? My first day is tomorrow at 10 o’clock and this is all I can think of right now. I should be off studying, but I guess that my brain won’t be able to concentrate because of what just happened. They told me that I was perfect for they job because they took a look at my portfolio and saw all the photographs I took a few years ago. As you know, I’m quite interested in photography too, not just writing and drawing. I have no idea what I’m going to do right now, I am very, very, VERY excited! The only downside to this is that I get even less free time that I can spend on this site. I will log in once a day or so to say hi though, but I’ll really miss talking to you because you’re all so supporting and kind! It will be good to do something else all day than just sitting beside the computer and be bored though. This means that I can finally rent my own apartment too! Also, I’ll blog on here just for the sake of the fun, not the money, I won’t be needing that anymore since I’ve got a well paid job. I need to find something to do throughout the day so I get my thoughts on other things than the day tomorrow!

Eyes like blue skies

I think I’m in love. No, you’re didn’t read that wrong. I’m in love. Me, of all people. It’s weird feeling like this because I’ve only felt this once before. It’s scary too, thinking about how it ended the last time.

He’s sweet. It feels like I’ve known him forever even though I’ve only known him for a year. He looks at me like I’m the only person in the whole world. Like I’m the only one he’s ever loved and the only one he will always love. Forever. God, I’m so happy! Every time we talk and I’m the one talking, he looks at me with that cute, innocent smile and it drives me crazy. His breath smells like vanilla and his laugh is to die for. He has this weird thing where he always seems to kiss my forehead and he doesn’t even realize it, but it doesn’t bother me. It’s weird, but it’s the most adorable thing in the whole world. He’s tall, blonde hair, blue eyes (not just regular blue eyes, but the kind you just want to stare in forever), he’s tan and muscular. He’s not only handsome, but he has the most amazing personality.

Every time we drink together, when we’re at a party together and someone else flirts with me, he looks at the guy and his facial expression glows with hate. I never flirt back, I’m not one bit interested in that because I’ve got him. He once said to me, taken straight out from a Slum Village song (one of my favourite groups), “I want you to myself, I can’t help it”. My heart melted. I knew from that moment that this was a guy I had to keep.

Every time I wake up in his bed, in his apartment, and he’s not in bed, I get up, put on one of his tshirts and go look for him. There hasn’t been one time I haven’t found him standing in the kitchen making breakfast. The first time he made me breakfast he said “I don’t mind your ribs showing, I don’t mind that your thighs aren’t touching, but for your healths sake and only for that, I beg you to eat as much as you can”. He knows I can’t always afford food and he doesn’t mind me being so thin. Who is this guy?! I bet he’s fallen straight from heaven. I catched him and I’m the luckiest girl in the whole universe.

I’m in love, guys. And it feels so incredibly good.

Back on track

I’m very on and off about the whole exercisingthingy, but today I took measurements and stepped on the scale, it surprised me! This time I’m determined to keep going. Losing weight isn’t my goal, but gaining weight is. I’ve always been underweight and it is frustrating. No matter how much I eat, I lose weight and that is NOT what I want. It’s almost the exactly same thing as overweight people wanting to lose weight but their body just won’t cooperate. But guess what?! When I stepped on the scale today, it showed 99 pounds and that means that I’ve gained 4 pounds! I was over the top and made a huge breakfast that I devoured in 10 minutes. Dancing around and singing has been what I’ve mostly done today because I’m so happy. It feels so incredibly good to finally accomplish something that I’ve struggled with for so long. There doesn’t exist any words for how happy I am right now. Now I can hear food scream my name from the refridgerator and, this may seem weird, but I can’t wait to gain more weight 😀

A Whole New Chapter

I am so excited! You’re probably wondering why and I’ll tell you exactly why I’m excited. I’m excited because in a few days (10 days precisely) a whole new chapter of my life is starting. I’ve been planning this for a long time and now it’s time to start doing something about it. I’m moving to another country! I’m more motivated than ever to start saving up money. Just the thought of getting my own apartment with my own cat, waking up to early mornings and look at the sunrise all alone with a cup of coffee in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Turning up the music and listening to whatever I want to when I’m cooking, cleaning, you name it. Walking alone in a city I don’t know, getting to know new people, a new culture, this will be the best thing that will ever happen in my life.

Oh, I haven’t told you what country I’ve planned moving to. It’s my favourite country of all time. Anyone guessing what it is? South Africa! I am the happiest girl alive right now. I know some afrikaans, but now much. They speak english there of course, but it would be extremely fun to actually know the language so I’m taking some lessons online. To be honest, I’m getting pretty good at it! I don’t think I’m able to write anything more right now because I am so extremely excited, my hands are shaking.